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Twitter is a free microblogging platform that allows you to publish Tweets that are 140 characters or less. Twitter followers are the platforms equivalent of “Facebook Fans” and “YouTube Subscribers”. Gaining real and genuine Twitter followers enables you to become an influencer in your niche, build relationships and drive website traffic and sales on demand.

Why Twitter?

Open Community: You can connect to everybody, people you do not know or potential customers. People that has same interest as you do and build relationship with influencers. This is much easier than Facebook and LinkedIn.
Twitter search: News breaks faster on Twitter than anywhere else. Find news or links to industry-related articles, identify trending topics and use twitter search to tap into millions of opinions when creating new content.

How Twitter Works?

Twitter is not as intuitive to use as Facebook. However, the complexity of platform is a good thing: it keeps many marketers out who don’t take 10 mins to figure it out. Here’s an overview of 5 key features:

  1. Twitter 140 character limit: Great for both audience and brand forces concise communication. Use URL shortening tools like Bitly to help tidy up your tweets.
  2. Real-time News Feed: Your Twitter newsfeed is primarily sorted by chronological in order to enable real time conversation about a topic. A tweet you send will show up in all your followers’ accounts stream but only until it’s replaced by fresh content. Therefore, the real filtering system is time and not the “post you are likely to care about” like on Facebook. What this means is that you have permission to tweet a lot. You could send 17 tweets a day and tweet the same thing multiple times without overloading your followers
  3. @mentions: A mention is a Tweet that contains another user’s @username anywhere in the body of the Tweet. If you include multiple @usernames in your Tweet, all of those people will see your Tweet in their Notifications tab.
  4. @replies: Send an at-reply to another Twitter user by hitting the Reply button on any tweet. Type your message into the box that pops up and click Tweet. Your at-reply will show up in this person’s Interactions stream, which means it is more likely to be seen than a regular tweet.
  5. Direct messages (DM’s): If you don’t want anybody but the intended recipient to see your tweet, use a direct message. Click on the message tabs at the top of your Twitter profile and create a new message. Once you submit it, it will appear in the recipient’s inbox.

What Not to Do Buying Twitter Followers

  • Numbers aren’t everything. What’s more important, 10,000 fans or followers, or 100 who will actually engage with you?
  • Using Twitter Bots for Automated Follows & Direct Messages. Focus on having real conversations instead.

10 ways to increase your Twitter followers

p.s. This list was inspired by Kevin Rose’s 2009 article.

  1. Get More Retweets Encourage your followers to retweet your posts. Retweeting is what pushes your @username into foreign social graphs (like a Facebook share), resulting in clicks back to your profile.
  2. Optimize Your Profile All Twitter accounts are created equal. There’s no difference between personal or professional account in terms extra features or functionality like on Facebook. Therefore, if you are the driving force of your business, you can use your personal profile. This makes it easier to promote your business is a human and approachable way without having to manage two accounts.
  3. Promote Your Twitter Link It Up! Leverage existing online profiles (big or small) to springboard into Twitter.
  4. Use Hashtags For Discoverability
    • Overall a great strategy. Add hashtags (keywords) in the copy of your tweets to increase the discoverability. Find trending hashtags on the left hand side of your computer Twitter feed or use Rite tag to see hashtag stats.
    • Use a maximum of two hashtags per tweet. Hashtags are a useful way to get your tweet out to people who are actually interested in its main subject, but too many hashtags in a single post can be overwhelming.
    • Use Twitter symbols to make tweets even more eye-catching.
  5. Follow Top Twitter Use
    • Follow your niche influencers and watch what they tweet.Pay attention to the type of content they sent out and how they address their audiences.
    • Use Twitter Lists to influencers, customers or competitors into list so you can keep and eye on their content.
  6. Poster Boy Formula
    • Mention other people. Remember, if you include @usernames in your Tweet, people will see your Tweet in their Notifications tab. This helps to extend the shelf life and exposure your tweets.
    • Use the “Poster Boy Formula” to Supercharge your Retweets. Get the attention of influential people and Twitter accounts by mentioning them in Tweets. Show them the results you’ve gotten by reading their blog / taking their course / using their service etc. Everyone will retweet this “mini testimonial” because it makes them look good to their audience.
  7. Join a Trending Conversation
    • This one is also a no-brainer, yet seldom executed. Also, it’s a very effective way to deepen the connection with existing followers and generate additional high-quality followers.
    • Reply to/get involved in trending conversations. Use Twitter Advanced Search to look for the #hash topics and jump in on the conversation. Example of this strategy in action.
  8. Ask Questions
    • Twitter is GREAT for getting opinions. Asking a question engages your Twitter followers and solicits their experience.
    • Don’t Just Dump a Link. Ask a question instead. For example, “Do you think banner ads are dead?” followed by a link to your site is much more appealing than posting to Twitter, “Banner Ads Are Not Dead.”
  9. Bring Twitter Into the Physical World
    • @KevinRose: “Every time I give a talk, speak on a panel, shoot a podcast, present slides, or hand out business cards, I figure out a way to broadcast or display my twitter account.”
  10. Track Results
    • Measure and boost your impact on Twitter. Twitter Analytics will show you how many followers you’ve added, impressions, top mentions, top followers & more.

How to get 1000 likes without Facebook Ads

Why Facebook?

Your Page establishes your business’ presence on Facebook, so people can find out about you and connect with you. We all know that Facebook is the number 1 social media in the world. Over 1.5 billion users around the globe spending their time in sharing the most important parts of their lives. This is where business can engage conversation. There are at least an average of 200 friends a single Facebook user has. And with this social network connection enables the costumer to see the product more than a traditional marketing style. And aside from that, through Facebook, you can gather and dig deep information of your target costumer and see how wide your market could be.

Facebook Post Formulas

Before I give you the formulas and methods of getting organic likes, I want you to put in mind 2 things:

  • Give people a reason to like your page. Show the value and type of posts they can expect to receive in future.
  • Supercharge your brand’s social word-of-mouth. Every comment, “Like,” and share you receive is another opportunity to reach a new audience.

9 Proven Facebook Posts Formulas That Will Drive Engagement

  1. Caption This

    This is one the easiest since all you have to do is to get pictures that could relate to what you your business is all about and simple put on the above photo “caption this”. You can search pictures in Facebook or in .

    There are a lot of pictures to see and there are so many choices. But do not forget, Social media should be a conversation. Aim to engage and not broadcast. If your posts and content don’t start conversations or at a minimum, add to conversations, then you’re doing it wrong.


    People love to share & Like quotes — especially whimsical or motivational quotes. Post a quote as text or as a photo update. Find quotes photos quotes to share on  or create your own branded post using

    The quotes that you should share must be interesting and connects to the subject that you wanted to spread to you audience.

  3. Native Video

    Have you notice that you newsfeed has a lot of video?Like every three post there is a video followed. Facebook loves video, especially when it’s uploaded directly to Facebook (rather than a link to YouTube or Vimeo) or even better Facebook Live. Use video to discuss new topics, summarize a blog post or welcome people to your page. Reiterate call to actions in the post text.

    The video that you will be posting should be clear enough even if there is no sound since all the video in Facebook needs to be clicked to have sound. Most viewers watch it through their newsfeed and only some bothers to click the volume to listen.

  4. Facebook Contest

    This is also very easy. Giving people incentive to like and share your page. You can use a Facebook contest app such as Gleam or Wishpond or simply cost of levitra without insurance ask people to compete an action a post. Examples: “like and share to win” or “caption to win”. Be sure to include details about the prize and closing date!

    The prize of the gift or award must be based on the numbers of people that interact with you.

  5. Questions

    Questions are a great way to spark dialogue with fans. It is probably the easiest way and one of the best methods to get people to respond to your posts.

    Example questions:

    • Who is attending? [event] 
    • True or False: [fact] 
    • Today is…[event].
    • How are you celebrating[event]
    • What is for favourite..? [personal]

    Be sure to reply!

  6. Fill-in-the-Blank

    Remember that in getting fans, your aim should be to engage and not broadcast. Your posts and content should be a tool to start a conversation. So, with this fill-in-the-blank formula, you are creating a small talk by starting it and make the audience to be interested and will eventually interact with you by filling in the blank.

    e.g. “If I had an unlimited marketing budget, I would ________”.

    To make it easier, combine it with a picture.

    Hi, I’m Steve Jobs. You may remember me through _______and _____.

  7. Crowd source For Answers.

    Rather than answering questions by yourself, why not get your fans to help others who are in need of tips and advice. Simply, update your page with questions from fans.

  8. Remember when [old fad/tradition]?

    Nostalgia is a great way to engage people. Use simple texts posts or images to give people an opportunity to comment about their memories from that time period or how thankful they are now that a certain fashion has gone out of style. Page mentioned: Do You Remember?

  9. Repost Your Popular Content.

    Share your Blog posts, YouTube Videos, Quora Answers, Instagram pics etc. that have already been successful on other platforms.

Bonus Tips

  • Like Similar Pages. Fill your newsfeed with competitor’s posts so you can see what types of post are getting engagement.
  • Pin Posts. Give important posts more exposure. It’s great for competitions or posts you want many people to see.
  • Best Time to Post. After you have made several posts, review Facebook insights to see the best time to post to maximize engagement.

Best and worst time to post in Facebook


Any Day 1-4am 1-4pm 1-4pm


Wednesday 3am 3pm 3pm


Weekend Before 8am & After 8pm

Facebook Organic Likes

There are two types of “likes”

  • Non – organic or what we called paid “likes”

    Paying Facebook to boost and advertise to earn “likes” on your page

  • Organic likes

    To build a foundation of genuine and relevant “likes”.

10 Tactic in getting Organic Likes in Facebook

  1. Invite your Facebook friends

    As what I have mentioned that each Facebook user has at least 200 friends try so you will have to invite your friends to like your business page.

  2. Add business page as a workplace

    On your personal profile you have to add the name of the business page as you workplace. All you need to do is to go to about in your profile and add work place. Even if you are employed in other company. You can always add a new workplace. It helps the people to think that the page they are liking is authentic and not SPAM.

  3. Ask employees to add business page as a workplace.

    Once you have put already your page as your workplace. You can also ask your employees or the people that is working with and helping you in creating the company. It will appears in their newsfeed and people will be engaged in your page and will have a reason to have likes from the friends list of your colleague.

  4. Share page on your personal profile

    You can always share anything on you profile and it is your chance to share your page and ask your friends to like and share it. Caption it like:”hey Friends I have created a new page and I would appreciate it if you will like and most especially share it! Thanks a lot”

  5. Add a link to email signatures

    The average person send over 4.6k emails per year. Take advantage of this prime real estate. Put a signature every time you send an email. Simply go to the setting of your mail and add signature.

    And put a highlight to you signature like “Join me in Facebook for more post and information” and add the link of your Facebook link.

  6. Invite Gmail contacts

    After you add your signature to you email. You can personally send emails and ask your contacts to like your page. Send them a personal email and it will help you to gain more likes aside from your friends in facebook.

  7. Invite Linkedin contacts

    Similar to Gmail contacts you can invite your connections in linkedin to like your page. You simply export your connections and get the emails and export it to find the contacts. You can send a group message or individual.It is all up to you.

  8. Invite email subscribers

    Through your Mailchimp, you can also send invites to your email list.

  9. Use Facebook Groups to get likes

    Join 5 relevant groups. Comment as your personal profile. Like and comment on big threads and share links to your relevant business Facebook posts.It helps you gain more likes. Make sure the the group you are joining has a connection to what you are trying to promote.

  10. Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Website.

    • First, you need to get you url here
    • All you have to do is to open this link and paste your Facebook URL.
    • After pasting your Facebook URL, you scroll down and click get code. Before you get the code you can see the preview of what it looks like.
    • Go back to you website and add to your widget.