10 Incredibly Effective Ways To Make Your Business More Productive with Automation

November 27, 2021

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It’s an enormous number of smaller tasks and responsibilities that make up a business. To develop a successful company, you must excel at the majority of the small tasks and duties to develop it. Given the wide range of responsibilities of running a company, it may be pretty tricky for some business owners.

Although automation has revolutionized the way businesses operate today, many entrepreneurs still prefer to conduct their business activities the same old way. They’d instead handle manual invoices than attempt to utilize technology and automation.

They’ll have to enter each item individually if they use a computer, even though they could automate it through technology. Instead of generating hundreds of pages and going through them to gain insights, why not take advantage of business automation to good use and save time and money?

Although automation can simplify many tasks, this blog post will focus more on the effective ways to make your business more productive with automation and some aspects of running a company that can benefit from automation.

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Process automation

Process automation uses digital technology to conduct activities automatically, often using a computer rather than a human. The objective is to eliminate manual labor that can be completed more efficiently by a computer. You should know that there are many branches in automation when it comes to developing the ideal strategy for your business.

For maximum results, various automated tools are frequently used together. RPA and BPA are the two types of process automation software. Robotic process automation (RPA) or business process automation (BPA) are two types of process automation software.

Each system automates activities in its unique way. BPA (business process automation) completes an entire, executing numerous operations until the whole process is finished. Robotic process automation (RPA) can meet many different activities, including email outreach to leads and customers.

Decide where to implement automation to your business

It’s essential to understand the outcomes you want from using automation before you get started. To remain agile and efficient, this helps you target your approach to add automation where it will be the most effective.

“High-volume, rules-based procedures” with “moderate automation” offer the most potential for labor reduction, according to Bain & Company’s research. Look for methods to implement processes that may lighten your team’s workflow, encourage creativity, and save money while automating your company.

Pinpoint complicated or time-consuming workflow: What activities do most of your employees spend most of their time on? What activities do you perform regularly? They are perfect for being automated. Likely, your employees will already know what these activities are because they are typically the most tiring and inconvenient.

Automation is a good option for any place where an individual acts as a link between software platforms.

Recognize what software applications are being utilized and how they interact with one another: Automation is a good option for any place where an individual acts as a link between software platforms. There’s no need for your employee to act as intermediaries for these apps: allow them to interact directly with one another.

Examine how individuals and departments interact: Is it necessary for departments to communicate frequently or access the same sources? Automation may help share and transmit knowledge more efficiently.

Identify new possibilities for development: Identify aspects where you want to see growth and innovation and inspire the teams working on those projects to develop new and creative tools with automation. When your current apps cannot reach their full potential, you may use automation to generate and evaluate data, suggest innovations, and even create new solutions.

However, below are a few places to look at as you get started with the automation process:

  • Manage notifications with automation, which frees workers from being distracted by eliminating superfluous alerts and gathers important information in one location
  • Automation may assist you with file management by backing up data, creating folders and documents from templates when a new project begins or downloading and organizing email attachments as you go
  • Task management—adding items to to-do lists and keeping team members informed on projects are examples of simple ways to implement automation.
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Benefits of process automation for your business

There are several benefits to automating business processes. Many of those benefits apply to companies of all sizes, while others focus on a particular industry. However, the following are the top seven benefits of automation for companies of all sizes:

Reduces Human Errors

It’s impossible to avoid all mistakes. But automation helps you reduce the number of errors. When computers process orders, record data and save files, there is less human error. Because computers are programmed to follow specific procedures, they adhere to them.

When human stops paying attention to their high-volume, repeated activities, they become bored and make careless errors. Computers are consistent in the way that they execute repetitive activities, and Cross-referencing may help identify misinformation.

If something isn’t right, cross-referencing allows the software to validate the data, scan for possible inconsistencies in other files, and notify users if an error is found. Back-ups are another automation feature that all companies should use.

90% of companies fail to recover after severe data loss. You may feel secure knowing your documents are safe if you use a program (like automated data backup) to automatically backup your data.

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Automation minimizes the amount of time it takes to complete tasks by speeding up the processes of these activities. It also prevents tedious labor, such as rekeying data. Also, it can significantly boost productivity in every area of your company, including sales, marketing, payroll, accounting, logistics management, and payment processing.


When data is shared across systems, it’s easier to monitor firm processes because it automatically cascades throughout the organization. Also, it aids in the analysis of issues and the improvement of processes.

Improved data analysis

Automating your processes allows you to discover more information and analyze more data than manually tracking your company’s performance. For example, you can watch how long it takes for your maintenance or installation employees to complete their tasks.

Before a new shipment of goods arrives, you may anticipate whether or not you’ll sell out of a product. You may also track trends that will improve your earnings, whether it’s by switching vendors or increasing prices.


Automation may keep track of sales or a project’s progress, notify the staff about changes, and send essential reminders and prompts to consumers and employees. This makes you keep track of your business operations, making running and developing your company less complicated.

For example, the software application can regularly generate milestones and progress reports according to the organization’s preferences. Sales calls may be scheduled automatically, suppliers informed of purchasing rules changes, and customers’ data shared across departments.

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Reduced payroll costs

Automating activities releases employees’ time, allowing businesses to increase workflow output without hiring additional employees or paying overtime. Also, automation technology will enable enterprises to eliminate payroll expenses while still achieving the same level of production and efficiency as before.

Operational efficiency

According to Forrester, automation may save businesses 90% on operational costs. Beyond saving money, automation can provide you with peace of mind by assuring that your business complies with legislation and rules, resulting in far fewer mistakes and little to no missed opportunities.

Thus, employees can now have a more effective work-life balance since automation tool allows them to get their work done faster.

Top 10 ways to use automation to support your business for more productivity

When you already know what you want to achieve and where automation will be the most beneficial to your company, you can start developing custom workflows. Every department may implement the same software applications in unique ways, depending on its demands and difficulties. The following are the ten practical ways you can use automation to support your business for more productivity:

1. Social media

Companies can benefit significantly from social media platforms, and they’re a source of free marketing that can be leveraged for the company’s benefit. A company that consistently posts high-quality, consistent social media content will attract attention and accumulate a large following, directly to sales.

The most important key element is quality and consistency, but regularly updating your social media accounts with content can be stressful and time-consuming. You may use social media automation software to generate and publish your social media postings on a timetable in a lot less time.

This is quite essential since it enables you to set aside a specific slot for producing high-quality content and then forget about them as they’re automatically published. Of course, it’s also a good idea to keep track of performance and customer interaction, and future post-optimization.

You can use automation to eliminate the social media burden from your marketing team. They can use a parsing tool to keep track of your mentions, your goods, and any critical keywords for your firm. You have successfully broadened your brand’s perception.

Also, automation allows you to schedule postings and set up automated responses. As a result, your team will have more time to research the appropriate tags, communities, and audiences for marketing.

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2. Accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping, more than other departments in an organization, need repetition and accuracy. According to a Gartner poll, 30% of a full-time accounting employee’s time may be saved if automation eliminates avoidable rework.

In the long run, more accuracy in less time appears to be a worthy goal. According to Kelly Goss and Rowan Van Tromp, the two qualified professionals said: “the first step in determining your most common workflows is to draw out your most frequent procedures.”

Once you’ve a good understanding of your processes, lay the groundwork for effective bookkeeping automation by starting with the accounting software you are already using. Create a central location for your data linked to every part of the business you’re tracking; from there, automate the transmission of information in and out of this main center.

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3. Sentiment analysis

Encouraging brand advocacy and excellent evaluations is another approach to assist your business development. A powerful form of marketing utilizing word of mouth is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways you can use to automate your customer database.

Throughout the customer journey, you’ll make frequent use of a variety of tools. From supply chain management tools to staple customer contact channels such as live chat and email marketing. All of these tools are in place to provide a pleasant and satisfying customer experience.

After all, it is all about the great experience you provide that inspires your customers to discuss your business with others. This can be aided with automated sentiment analysis. You may receive notifications alerting you to extremely joyful and loyal consumers.

Customer service interactions can be processed by automation for positive sentiment. You may then decide to send an email to your client requesting a review or case study. You could also send a “greeting email or an offer” to your leads which might get them talking about you.

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4. Increased focus

Hard work and focus are the major critical components of any company’s success. Unfortunately, admin and low return on investment activities take up time that staff should be spending on more productive activities. This is the technique for which automation tool is most recognized.

Your team’s focus is no longer wasted on menial tasks by automating the repetitive processes that get in the way. Your team’s focus and resources are no longer wasted on menial chores due to automating the time-consuming operations that obtain in the way.

Instead, you free them to invest in growing your company, developing ideas, communicating, and making decisions. Those are, of course, tasks that help you build your business operations.

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5. Track your competitors

Understanding what your competition is up to is a great technique to ensure you don’t miss out on business growth possibilities. You’ll be able to understand what factors that work (and which don’t) for businesses similar to yours.

This is another aspect where you may benefit from automation to assist your team’s growth efforts. For example, you may process an automation tool to watch competitor websites and look for brand names or mentions online. Then it can let you know when there are potential possibilities, such as a price change or a bad review.

With this automated notification, you may benefit from hidden opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. You might, for example, release a favorable case study as part of a planned marketing automation campaign. Or you could modify a scheduled ad campaign by adding a successful component, among other things.

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6. Customer service chat

Successful companies create the impression that their customers are members of an extended family by providing exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, because of scheduling difficulties, you are sometimes unable to respond to customers, and this is why companies should utilize online chatbots.

A chatbot is a type of AI-powered digital assistant that may be made available on your website. Live chatbots use machine learning and keyword analysis to produce a personalized response based on the client’s entered query.

This is a beautiful tool since it’s available 24/7 and may be used as your customer’s first point of contact, freeing up time for your customer service personnel to deal with more complicated issues.

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Office management software helps a firm record all activities that need to be completed in the production process.

7. Office management

You should not only pay attention to improving productivity but also consider increasing in-office procedures. Office management software helps a firm record all activities that need to be completed in the production process.

This fantastic management tool ensures every employee is aware of their jobs and those of their coworkers. The most relevant advantage of this is that it fosters transparency, and this provides you with more insight into how your employees perform and allows you to identify potential bottlenecks. Also, office management software automates the paperwork process since it operates digitally.

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8. Lead nurturing

Consider this situation, suppose you are a company that develops accounting software and is one of several small firms offering Quickbooks alternatives. A lead (potential customer) has expressed an interest in your product by subscribing to your newsletter.

Unfortunately, you’re swamped with tasks and don’t send a welcome note to your new leads. In this situation, the chances of converting the lead are low. Email automation solutions are essential for both marketing and sales. They enable you to automatically send well-timed emails to your information and customers at specific points in the sales pipeline, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

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9. Feedback

The best way for a firm to improve is by listening to feedback. Customer feedback may be highly beneficial since it can tell you precisely what you should change. However, if there is no systematic method for receiving feedback, business enterprises may continue with their poor procedures without knowing.

Automating feedback gathering using tools such as post-transaction surveys or mobile phone questionnaires might help you get relevant information or data that will benefit your company’s growth in the long term.

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10. Integration with your other growth tools

Efficiency is an essential key component of enhancing business development, and a lack of system integration is a typical impediment to efficiency. Another example of how automation can aid your company’s growth is by assisting you in system integration.

When your business development methods don’t operate together, it creates possibilities for distraction. It makes it difficult for your team to compete with program hopping and wholesale copying, which slows everything down.

Automation software may communicate with various systems and APIs such as email boxes, web forms, databases, and many more. Therefore, automation may be used as an IT bridge, allowing your employees to access their required information.

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Business Process Improvements

The majority of current companies are known to have a standard procedure for day-to-day business operations. However, if an organization cannot adapt to changing market conditions, it may reduce growth potential.

For example, a well-designed automation plan may help employees work more efficiently during the day and improve productivity. This is accomplished through task scheduling and managing employee, which guarantees that each employee’s billable hours are put to best use, resulting in improved results.

The late adopters are becoming increasingly isolated as more companies move online. Their capabilities are restricted by their workforce and geographical presence in the markets. Automation is a game-changer for companies around the globe.

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Automation should include all of the points mentioned earlier. This implies combining automated processes with AI (artificial intelligence) and data collection automation, called hyper-automation. However, companies looking to survive and succeed in their field should keep experimenting with the latest trends in technology to enhance their operations.

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