5 Ways to Create an Innovative Android Development Company

September 25, 2020

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If you’re planning to build your own Android development company, there are several things you need to consider. An app development business is not just about knowing how to create applications; it is also about building a unique, innovative company that can stand out in an overcrowded market.

Regardless of what kind of business you want to establish, it is important to consider what will make you different from your competitors. What will consumers find in your Android development company that they won’t find in other app development businesses? What makes your organization outstanding? The answer to these questions is INNOVATION. How innovative do you plan your business to be? What kind of advances will your company embrace and display? These are vital factors that you need to consider before finalizing your plan on the drawing board.

What Does Innovation Mean?

Innovation is all about new methods, ideas, or products. It is about creating a concept or idea, and using this to add value and satisfy consumers.

There are four types of innovation, and each one can be applied to tech or IT-related businesses.

Incremental innovation

Incremental innovation is when a company uses its existing products and services to drive changes. The most common process is to upgrade features and functionalities. Majority of businesses, whether an Android development company or not, adopt incremental innovation more than once. One example of this is the regular OS updates on your Android smartphone.

Stealth or disruptive innovation

Stealth or disruptive innovation, on the other hand, is when companies apply new, fresh processes or technologies to a product or to the company’s existing market, such as the mobile phone market. When touch screen devices were introduced, it created a global consumer excitement like no other, and the industry was forever changed.

Architectural innovation

In architectural innovation, companies present products in a new perspective, or for purposes different from the one for which they were created. For example, a foam that was initially introduced as a sport equipment eventually found a new use – for mattresses and later on, for aircraft cushions.

Radical innovation

The last type of innovation, radical innovation, is the most revolutionary among the four. An ideal example is (again) the smartphone. While it is not the first mode of communication – we’ve had telephones for decades – it is the first one that’s “smart”. It is portable that lets users call and send messages even when they are on the go or traveling, or out of the office. It revolutionized the concept of communication.

These four types of innovation can help jumpstart your quest for creating an innovative Android development company. Choose one or two types that suit your business – then you can start your journey from there.

Creating an Innovative Android Development Company

The Android platform is known for its focus on quality and one reason for this is its willingness to keep improving and developing. With this kind of business environment, an innovative culture will be easy.

First, however, you should know what steps are involved in ensuring an innovative business engine that works.

1. Choose and develop your strategy.

As mentioned above, you have four types of innovation to choose from. Depending on what you choose, you need to come up with a specific plan of action. What kind of approach are you going to use? What will you focus on? For example, as an Android development company, your business should take into account the platform’s “open” system, meaning anybody who knows what to do and how it can be done can create innovation. Thus, you can adopt an approach that’s open to collaborations.

You can focus on the apps’ UX/UI design like what most dev companies do, or you can zero in on listening to customers and personalizing the customer experience, like what Amazon did. These can or cannot work for you; no two companies have the same innovation requirement. As such, you need to develop a strategy or an approach that fits your brand.

2. Observe and analyze your market.

How will an innovative Android development company fare in the kind of market you belong to? How can your strategy add relevance to the customer experience? What kind of innovations will stand out in your market?

These are the things you need to ask yourself and find answers to in order to come up with creative options for the kind of innovations your company should focus on.

3. Monitor trends that your competitors do not yet know about.

Do not focus on what can happen or what might attract attention in the future; focus on what you see and notice now. Focus on the things that are already inviting change or those that are already disrupting the industry. If you discover a trend that your competitors are not yet aware of, take advantage of that and strategize different ways you can integrate it into your business.

Using the earlier example about regular foam that found a new function as an aircraft cushion, let’s say your competitors do not yet know what the product can do for pilots, you can exploit this aspect and create an innovative concept for the foam. Allow your company to sell the foam as extra protection for pilots instead of as an ordinary mattress.

Another example would be when you’re planning to develop a grocery app and you want to create something that’s more than just a shopping list. You can incorporate innovations like an in-app grocery or shopping game that involves players creating a grocery list and buying all the stuff listed in a limited time.

Don’t wait for something to happen; make something happen.

4. When you’re building your Android development company, choose people or employees who share your passion for innovation. Choose to work with people who are advanced thinkers.

Creating an innovative company is difficult if the people you work with do not share the same business vision. While you’re still in the development stage, find time to look for people who share your passion for innovation. Go for employees who think and act like innovators. No matter how intelligent, skilled, and creative a person is, if he or she does not value innovation the same way you do, you’re not on the same page and this won’t help bring your Android development company to the right direction.

Encourage your employees to be innovative. Engage them in conversations and activities that allow them to visualize and create. Everyone in the company should make innovation one of their goals. You can do this by dividing different aspects of your product among your employees. Give everyone an opportunity to share.

5. Once you’ve set up your innovative company, don’t stop.

Getting your Android development company up and running is just the beginning of your ride. Innovation is a journey of constant learning and growth. Continue to look for opportunities to create and innovate. Never stop doing everything that you can to stand out and deliver.

These are just five of the things you can do to set up your innovative Android development company. There are many things you can learn and discover along the way. Good luck and have fun!

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