What’s The Big Deal About Custom Developed Software?

August 28, 2021

Big deal about custom developed software

Running business since 2020 and beyond has become more challenging and technologically diverse than before in the history of humanity. In the past, purchasing off-the-shelf software solutions for doing a business was all that was required.

But in today’s technological sphere, most of these cookie-cutter solutions are inefficient and not required for the specialty uses entrepreneurs need them for.

Also, the low price of custom software development has companies choosing the latter because of personalization, scalability, and essential long-term cost efficiency.

What Exactly is Custom Developed Software?

Custom software refers to bespoke software, which creates custom software development applications that fit business needs and requirements. It is designed and developed only for organizations and addresses user needs.

Custom software development provides in-depth and exclusive solutions to solve user’s problems and handle business-specific projects.

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What’s the Difference between Custom & Off-the-shelf software?

Programming gets easier day by day. These days, coding can even be taught in schools.

Custom software development makes all business processes easier and makes the organization develops.

Software applications have become part of our lives, and it is rare to see a business owner who doesn’t want software to assist in running their business. Custom software development makes most business processes more accessible and makes the organization develops.

Custom Software

Regardless of the service, people ideally want an individual approach since companies require unique systems and treatment.

Despite the different options, the software market cannot meet the needs of every industry. This is why business owners want their business solutions to be unique.

Custom software development features and interfaces depend on the business process, target market, available resources, and other factors.

It is easy to create and worth the investment. With custom software, you will get a lot of specific and valuable functions.

In addition, it requires so much time and money which may become a challenge for small businesses.

Advantages: Toolset, business growth, safety measures, and lots more.   

What is off the shelf software?

Off-the-shelf software means so much more than you thought. There is a probability that you are using a shelf solution for your business. This is because Microsoft happens to be one of the most popular and most significant representatives of off-the-shelf software.

Off-the-shelf is also known as commercial. It is a ready-made quality software product that you can download, set up, and start using for your business operations. It provides shelf solutions since companies don’t have the time to create and design individual solutions.

However, it is a product that is available for the mass market, and it can be used to meet the needs of as many customers as possible.

Advantages: here and now, cheap, reliable, etc.

Custom software vs off the shelf software solutions: The Major Difference

The primary question that usually pops up when a company requires quality and unique new software to run their business operations is whether to order off-the-shelf software or custom-developed software.

This is why business owners should understand their features and compare and contrast the price of the two, the security, and the business operations they need to perform.

Custom software works for a specific organization, its target market, and its needs, while the off-shelf software is less functional but can be used at any time.

Still, it often has many unimportant features, so most companies prefer to use individual solutions software to meet all their requirements.

In addition, custom software adapts to the business, while the off-shelf software adapts to its operation.

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5 Advantages of Custom Software Development

It is good to understand the benefits for entrepreneurs who are still wondering if custom software development services are the best solution for their business. 

Popular companies hire software developers for staffing projects. The following are reasons why you need custom software development services for your business:

Flexibility (Agile)

Agile is one of the most relevant advantages of a custom software development solution. You can decide the features that you want to be included depending on your specific needs. Your specific requirements can change during the period of growth.

It is pretty easy to upgrade your custom software to deal with your business growth’s project requirements and challenges. It allows a project to be more efficient than an off-the-shelf solution.

Custom software applications can assist with automation and enhance organization collaboration. The increase in productivity and efficiency is one of the major reasons custom software applications are needed to run a successful company.

Software is designed to create a competitive advantage

Business security

A custom software application is more secure than off-the-shelf software because internet hackers and trackers likely target off-the-shelf rather than a custom software solution developed for one business.

When internet hackers successfully hack into mainstream applications, they immediately have access to data from many companies.

If hackers attempt to hack custom application software, they will only access one business’s data, which is not a rewarding venture for most cyber criminals.

When business owners hire custom developers, they are also given complete control over the software application’s data, security technologies, and protocols. This enables the business owner to choose affordable techs and security protocols that best define his specific needs.

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Maintenance and support

The development of custom software solutions enables users to access a dedicated support team that offers routine maintenance and in-depth technical assistance when needed.

This means that security loopholes and technical issues will be resolved quicker.

Thus, custom developers offer maintenance and technical support for the lifetime of the new software they create. 


It may seem that having a SaaS software development solution is not essentially a cost-effective decision to make. Nevertheless, this decision will help your company with substantial savings in the long term.

It gains productivity and efficiency to the company’s growth and quickly offsets the initial cost of development. It enables business owners to plan the development process. They can start with features that are essential such as design development.

This depends on the budget, but an organization can also add more advanced features over time. When a development project is broken up into stages, it allows the user testing and gives feedback on the product or service to enhance it during future upgrades.

Cloud based services help management in every industry

Integration is better with existing systems

Companies use several software development systems across different departments. This results in integration and compatibility problems with standard software. Also, it reduces productivity and mitigates efficiency.

With custom software solutions, multiple systems’ broad array of processes can easily be integrated with one centralized software program. A custom software app can quite easily be fully integrated into the existing internal system.

Also, custom software can be specifically designed to accommodate users of different skill levels. It can also extend the functionality of the tools already in order and can even be created to function and appear similar to programs that staff members are already familiar with within an organization.

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How To Develop Custom Software For Your Business

There are many comprehensive guidelines to develop a custom software app for your business. Once created, business software programs assist you in streamlining processes, supporting business development, and improving connectivity for your company.

Since custom software is designed with your business needs in mind, the solution you create often leads to increased productivity.

While the actual steps will vary as per the core functions of your business processes, you should know that the major processes required for the development.

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Generate an idea

To start developing customized software and application development for your business, you need to establish a good idea. In some cases, companies attempt to develop custom software programs that focus on customer’s specific needs.

To start developing customized software and application development for your business, you need to develop a good idea.

Identify the issues that are both urgent and under-served within your company. Identify your customers or production problems that software custom applications will attempt to address. Clearly defining these problems is essential to establishing a vision for your technology solutions.

However, if you have difficulty generating ideas initially, you can consider brainstorming your ideas with your entire management team. Typically, the best ideas solve the most significant challenges within your company.

This way, you can allocate the time and resources necessary to make it worthwhile for the business. However, before you start your coding, look for an area that significantly affects your business.

Testing of services is important for management

Learn a coding language

Before you can start writing code for your business’s custom software project, you need to learn a coding language. Learning to write code is vital to achieving custom software development project success. 

Choose a coding language to learn and be familiar with its syntax. Today, many successful business owners use coding languages which Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and lots more on the needs of the business and customers requirements.

You can use existing open-source software or third-party platforms to develop on. Some of these coding languages provide the core functionality to develop software apps for your business.

Custom software may provide more quality

Integrate a cross-platform IDE

With the programming language you choose, you need to integrate a cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Cross-platform integrated development environments (IDEs) deliver native C and C++ support for business software development customs.

This way, you have access to intelligent routine code editing while you focus on more critical projects. With a cross-platform integrated development environment such as Clion, you can use advanced code generation, navigation, and refactoring.

However, this software development enables you to access every data from one place to another. You can use it to solve challenges as your business grows.

Companies need specific expertise to code software

Write your source code

After choosing your coding language and other development resources, you can write the source code for your business software solution.

This is a critical part of the development of custom software for your software application development. Regardless of the programming language you chose, you can write great customized software in Python, Java, etc.

It would be best to write code that is easy to understand and modified by the team. However, the source code you prepare should be based on your program specification, goals, and your business custom software development design.

Custom software can also be accessed on mobile

Deploy your custom program

Finally, ensure to conduct appropriate testing and deploy your custom software development. First, you need to determine how you want to deploy your software.

The required steps may differ if you create software remotely, GPO (group policy objective), or automated tech. Also, it would help if you decided to launch your custom software on Mac or Windows Servers.

After determining these essential factors, you need to choose a software marketplace to distribute your software application. Choose a popular marketplace where you can profitably sell your app.

However, once you’ve completed the essential steps in developing customized software for your business, then you can finally deploy your company software applications.

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How Much Can It Cost?

Custom software projects fall between $50,000 and $250,000 to create and develop the application. However, to get the concept of where you may likely fall into the price of developing custom software, below are the factors you need to consider that have the biggest impact on a project’s cost:

  • Software size and process
  • Software complexity
  • Creative design
  • Integration with another system
  • Migration of existing data
  • Designing to budget
Testing cloud-based services is important for management

Final Word

Custom software applications develop a high reputation for your business in the market, allowing you to create a significant competitive advantage. It will not only enhance your company’s efficiency but also save you time and money.

When developing custom software for your business, ensure that the IT team has the requirements, skills, and experience to implement the software development process to design your app properly.

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