How Can a Mobile Software Development Team Make or Break Your Startup?

November 16, 2020

A mobile software development team discussing a project for a startup.

The success of your tech startup depends on several factors including the kind of mobile software development team you have. According to an analysis conducted on 101 startups, one of the top three reasons why startups fail is not having the right team. As such, it is important that you choose your team well.

Having a mobile software development team that delivers your expectations means knowing what to look for and what to avoid. What makes for a good team? What common practices should you dodge away? Avoiding mistakes is crucial if you want to ensure the success of your startup. No matter how small or trivial an oversight is, it can still affect the company in many significant ways.

To help you traverse the right path, here are some of the most common mistakes mobile software development teams make. Knowing and understanding them is essential in helping prevent your startup’s downfall.

1. No time and effort exerted for research.

Software development is about creating something unique, useful, and relevant. It is about developing something that satisfies the needs of your target niche. This is why it is important to have a mobile software development team that values research.

Never have a team that likes to go into battle without preparing. You’re guaranteed to lose in the end if you do that. It’s like when you’re buying a gift for a loved one and didn’t do your research before going to the store. Let’s say your loved one likes stuffed toys but hates the color green and you bought a green-colored teddy bear. Can you imagine the disappointment your relative will feel? That’s the kind of disappointment a mobile software development team will give you if they do not find time to research.

Teams should learn everything that they can about the target market, kind of app you’re trying to build, what your software is supposed to offer its users, and what tools and techniques are needed. It’s also important to analyze customer feedback and determine how these can help the team create software or app that’s way better than those of your competitors.

2. No concern for customers.

Whether your company is a startup or an established enterprise that has been around for years, helping your customers feel important can make a big difference. A mobile software development team that does not care, or has no concern for customers will not do your company any good. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization, especially of startups, so they should receive the best service, attention, and care.

Teams should find a way to connect and communicate regularly with their clients. These do not have to be hour-long conversations, just relevant talks that can help them come up with a product that satisfies and makes customers happy.

Your development team should know how to put clients at the center and in front. Their goal should be to create a product that the customer really needs, not one that they “think” the customer will like.

Ensuring that customers are well-attended and cared for is not the sole responsibility of the sales, support, or marketing department; it is the duty of everyone in the team.

3. Tension within the team.

Mobile software development team members should trust, believe in, and understand each other. If there is tension among members, this can cause a lot of stress leading to failure of projects. Likewise, team members should constantly communicate with each other. There should be proper delegation of tasks and the willingness to help those who need assistance. Unity is a vital factor in creating a success-driven team.

Creating a diverse team is not easy, but there are tools that can help you. Some rely on personality tests. Some do coding exams to help them pick out the right members. Talking to each aspiring team member is also essential. You can ask questions that will help you learn more about their personality, work ethics, and personal goals and expectations, among other things.

4. Disregard for the budget.

The budget is not just a finance issue; it is a matter that involves everyone working on a project, for a client. Sure, there are customers that say, “I’m willing to spend anything to make this project successful,” but teams shouldn’t rely on this. A budget is a budget. It should be followed to the letter. There is a reason for it.

Mobile software development teams should be aware of:

  • the estimated budget,
  • detailed (broken down) budget indicating the essential project components, and
  • possible extra or unexpected expenses.

5. Creating a complete, fully functional product right away.

If your team insists on creating a fully functional product despite the limited time and resources available, this can spell trouble for you. Going full blast right away is never ideal in mobile software development. The best and safest option is to come up with an MVP or Minimum Viable Product. This way, you, your team, the client, and the users can test the app and its performance. Should changes or improvements be necessary, these will be easy to manage because you have the exact details of what needs to be done.

Teams need to remember that they are not creating an experiment. They’re developing a product.

6. No trust in the company and clients.

A mobile software development team that does not believe in the startup it is a part of can pull your business down. How can they embody the goal and vision of the company if they do not have trust in it; if they do not believe in what the business stands for? This will have a significant effect on their projects and could also reflect on their relationship with clients.

Choose a team that believes in the company and its clients; a team that embodies the values, culture, goals, and vision of your startup.

Knowing the mistakes mentioned above will help you choose the right mobile software development team that can lead your startup to great heights and multiple successes.    

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About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

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