How to Price Your Project When Shopping Around for Mobile Application Developers

November 11, 2020

Customer showing money and looking for mobile application developers.

Thinking of creating a mobile app? Are you in need of an experienced, professional team to make sure the project goes well? Maybe it’s time to look for a team of mobile application developers. It won’t be an easy task, though, as there are several essential things to consider.

  • First, you have to work on your project requirements, including its price. You might be asking, “What does my project price have to do with hiring mobile application developers?” A lot, actually. For starters, it will affect some important decisions, such as the choice between hiring a development team from an agency or a group of freelancers.
  • Second, your price will also influence how many developers to get. If you want your project – every project – to be a success, you should consider how you’re going to get the team you need. In a mobile app team, developers work hand in hand with equally important, highly skilled people – the designers, QA team, UI UX engineer, and/or project manager.
  • Third, you have to consider your pricing strategy. There are actually five different categories to choose from: free, freemium, paymium, subscription, and paid. Knowing the details of each category is essential to the pricing of your project.

Free apps are the most popular for obvious reasons, but you might be a bit hesitant because how can giving apps for free help you earn, right? You have two options here, though: applications that are completely free (which is ideal if earning is not really your goal) and applications that have in-app advertisements (which allow businesses to rent ads spaces).

Freemium apps are free to download but have additional features and functionalities that come with fees. Paymium mobile apps, on the other hand, combine the tools of freemium and paid apps. Subscription applications offer various packages that require an annual or monthly fee. Lastly, there are paid apps that require users to pay a one-time fee.

So, how do you make sure you choose the right strategy and give your project the right price? There are several factors to consider.

Tips for Pricing Your Mobile Application Project

1. Come Up with a List of Items You Need

Creating a list of items your project needs helps you justify your budget and price. It shouldn’t just be any list; it should be a detailed and itemized one. Be sure to break down the items line by line.

2. Check Your List and Compare Quotes

Show your list to mobile application developers and pay attention to what they have to say. Most of them have their own list and quotes, too. Compare yours and theirs; check and recheck your list and make sure that it includes the most essential factors. This will guarantee that you’ll get not just what you asked for, but more importantly, what you really need.

3. Are You Coming Out with a Full Product or its Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

If you’re decided on launching a minimum viable product for your project, you’ll have to consider a different pricing system. It won’t be a full or complete product, so the focus is on developing the most vital features and then ensuring that they are delivered well.

If you want to come out with a complete, fully functioning product, your pricing may significantly increase. Regardless of whichever you choose, your mobile application developers should be a dedicated, passionate, and highly-skilled team – and you should not scrimp on costs.

4. Talk to Developers

Finally, sit down with your prospective development team and ask them to come up with an offer that’s better than what you laid on the table. If you add a couple of hundred or thousand to your budget, what else can they give you? Do they see any loopholes in the list or quote you’ve provided? How will they challenge your offer?

Then, to turn things around, ask them what they can do with the project in case the budget is lesser. You’ll see both sides of their capabilities. This will help you determine not only if they’re the right team but also how much your project is really worth.

Starting a mobile app project is quite challenging, but with the right team and the right pricing, you’re bound to achieve your goals in no time.

About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

After several years in the corporate world, I create my first Web startup as a social enterprise. Working with talented people, excellent software development skills, good communication, and a competitive pricing, we shifted our focus to web & mobile outsourcing projects. View on Linkedin