Navigating Your Mobile Development Company in the Era of COVID-19

November 18, 2020

Earth wearing a face mask against COVID-19.

COVID-19 does not choose who or what it affects. It does not choose between the young and old or the rich and poor. Businesses all over the world have had to do a lot of adjustments. Some had to lay off workers while others had to close or keep their operations on hold. Even the tech industry has had to make several changes. If you own a mobile development company or any other business, you know this.

While the “new normal” might be a bit confusing and challenging, it also paved the way for a few welcome developments. For one, the strict lockdown policies, social distancing, and work-at-home directives have increased the interest in anything digital. Since more people are staying home than going out, mobile usage significantly increased. This also means competition has gotten tougher – and this is where mobile development companies need to exert extra efforts.

If you want to know how to keep your mobile development company survive and stay ahead of the competition in the time of COVID-19, here are some tips to consider.

Managing Your Business in the Time of COVID-19

Take care of your employees first.

Your first priority should be your employees. Ensure that they are all in good physical and mental condition. Prioritize their safety and protection as well. Most businesses have adopted the work-at-home arrangement while there are others that operate with a skeletal workforce, with employees alternating on weekly shifts.

If you follow work-at-home, creating a mobile software or app that can help you and your workers collaborate seamlessly is a good idea. Come up with useful features such as a time and work tracker, company directory, video call and chat, file storage, document sharing, training materials, and a digital calendar.

You have to take care of your employees first before you can serve and satisfy your customers.

Adjust the way you connect with your clients.

Although some businesses and establishments have reopened, activity is still largely restricted. As such, there are limitations in how you deliver your day-to-day responsibilities to customers and potential clients. Face-to-face meetings are still risky, so it’s best to avoid those. The ideal solution is to adapt the digital trend.

Instead of in-person client meetings, you’ll have to switch to virtual appointments. It is vital for your mobile development company to invest in video conferencing apps and other similar technologies. Likewise, you’ll also have to regularly update your website. Providing your clients with fresh content such as blogs, articles, and weekly updates on your products and services is a good way to establish a solid connection with them.

To sum it all up, digital adoption should be top-level priority if you want your business to survive.

Consider your customers’ finances.

You are probably already familiar with your clients by now, especially if you’ve been in business for years. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal, customers’ behaviors have significantly changed – and will continue to do so in the next months.

Majority of consumers nowadays are extra careful with their spending and investments. Some have even cut off non-essential expenses. A lot of businesses slashed off their prices to accommodate consumers in need. In effect, they’re forced to limit their budget. You have to take all these into consideration.

Taking care of your clients and letting them know that they matter can lead your mobile development company to greater heights in these difficult times.

Continue to give your best.

Do not stop doing and giving your best. Everything has been gloomy since the pandemic started, so people want to see some good vibes and a lot of hope. Find time to virtually get together with your team. Use online meetings to improve your knowledge and skills.

Come up with weekly training sessions, workshops, and even employee competitions that help encourage creativity and innovation. Boost your employees’ morale by complementing them for their hard work.

Never stop learning; never stop improving – even in the most difficult times.

Embracing artificial intelligence (AI), beacon, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies is now more important than ever. These mobile app trends help businesses and the general public continue their day-to-day activities despite the challenges of the pandemic.

AI is used in various industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, food delivery, and retail. Beacon technology is an essential element for hotel booking and fleet management apps, as well as for real estate, retail, education, travel, and logistics.

AR & VR technologies are favored by online retailers and shopping sites, and are a significant help for healthcare and medicine, particularly in terms of medical treatment, diagnosis, and therapy.

Experts and insiders say the effects of COVID-19 will be felt for years. You shouldn’t let this gloomy prediction dampen your spirits though. Your mobile development company will thrive and survive; just keep the abovementioned tips in mind and in practice.

About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

After several years in the corporate world, I create my first Web startup as a social enterprise. Working with talented people, excellent software development skills, good communication, and a competitive pricing, we shifted our focus to web & mobile outsourcing projects. View on Linkedin