Outsourcing Mobile Software Development for Enterprises: What are the benefits, concerns, and points to consider?

December 21, 2020

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Are you thinking of outsourcing your enterprise’s mobile software development? If you want to ensure the efficiency and success of your project, you are definitely on the right path. Many businesses prefer to outsource development projects because, among other things, it provides them the flexibility they need. In fact, according to Statista, 74% of businesses worldwide outsource IT-related services.

Businesses are drawn to outsourcing because of the convenience it offers. Since vital mobile software development tasks are outsourced, the company has more time to focus on more pressing tasks.

However, if you are new to outsourcing, a little uncertainty is understandable. As such, it is essential to find time to learn everything that you can about it. What concerns should you consider? What benefits should you expect? Get yourself acquainted with significant details before you decide to jump into the bandwagon.

Understanding Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is not the same as the regular software or app that many people use. It is software that’s created for large, established businesses. It is not for individual users. Enterprise software is for companies that want to ensure they deliver not only high-quality but also affordable software.

There are several enterprise software categories, but the most popular ones are

Signs That You Need to Outsource Your Mobile Software Development

How do you know your enterprise needs to outsource its mobile software development? Here are four signs or situations to watch out for.

If IT is not your company’s expertise or line of business.

Your enterprise may be successful and respected in the industry it belongs to, but this does not mean that your team or workforce is capable of doing something they are not trained for and experienced in. Mobile, software, and web development is a highly technical project, so if IT is not your company’s expertise or main business, outsourcing is the most practical option.

If you don’t have a dedicated IT team.

Having an IT team, no matter how well-trained and experienced they are, does not guarantee the success of your project. You’ll need a fully-staffed and dedicated dev team – one that combines the diverse knowledge, experience, and skills of developers, designers, and project managers. Outsourcing companies provide you with a complete team, which means you don’t have to hire additional employees or team members.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile Software Development for Your Enterprise

Now that you know the reasons why you need to outsource mobile, software, and web development projects, it’s time to learn about the benefits of outsourcing.

Reduce costs.

Hiring an outsourcing agency helps minimize development costs. You won’t have to purchase new equipment, software, and other work-related tools. Outsourcing companies normally provide a bulk rate for their services, so you don’t have to pay them per hour or per day.


By outsourcing mobile software development, you’ll enjoy more flexibility as you don’t have to worry about hiring additional employees for the project. The outsourcing agency takes care of the development team, so you do not have to spend time monitoring or managing them. Also, the outsource team can take more than one tasks coming from you, which means there’s no need to scale your employees every time a new project comes up.

Save time.

With an outsourced development team, productivity improves and turnaround time is faster. The team is dedicated to the project, so their attention is focused only on your software.


Working with an outsourced development team means you are working with a group with diverse knowledge and skills. Each team member has a specialized skill, which is an assurance that achieving project goals won’t be a problem.

Top Concerns to Consider

Before committing to an outsourcing provider, consider these important concerns first.

  • The outsourcing partner may not be familiar with the industry your enterprise belongs to, or the nature of your business. You have to ensure constant and efficient communication with the dev team.
  • Another possible concern is the workforce’s dependence on the outsourced team. There should be continuing programs for improving competencies and core skills.
  • Companies might lose control of their workflow. Everyone should be well-informed about enterprise software, not just the outsourced team.

The best way to prevent the above-mentioned challenges from happening is to pick the right mobile software development agency. Choose an experienced, highly-trained, and customer-oriented dev team.

About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

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