The Top 5 Most Resilient Jobs During COVID-19 (Hint: One of them is mobile software development)

October 23, 2020

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Mobile software development jobs were already making waves before the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly changed the world. Now that we are living “the new normal”, it is considered one of the most resilient jobs as the demand for mobile developers continues to increase.

The new normal forced us to adapt to significant changes in our lifestyle. It also affected businesses and the global economy. Many industries have had to adjust their day-to-day operations. Some businesses have been forced to close.

The good news, however, is that in the employment sector, there are certain industries – like mobile software development that continue to hire workers, with some even raising their required number of employees despite the pandemic. While most of these businesses mostly operate on a remote basis, or with a skeletal workforce, it’s still good news because it means earning opportunities are available.

Aside from mobile software development, there are other jobs considered most resilient in this time of COVID-19.

Five Most Resilient Jobs in the Time of COVID-19

Healthcare workers have always been in demand for years, but they’ve never been more needed as they are now. Doctors, nurses, clinicians, physical therapists, and pharmacists are all part of medical frontliners that make sure we are all safe and protected from the virus. They’re also the ones who risk their lives to heal those who are sick.

The demand is also high for health professionals who are capable of giving recommendations and advice regarding vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications.

Of course, medical doctors are in a very high demand, along with radiologic technologists. Psychologists also play important roles, especially nowadays since a lot of people are dealing with stress and mental health issues.

2. Independent Online Contractors (writers, web developers, etc.)

Independent online contractors work in different capacities – as writers or content developers, SEO or search engine specialists, digital marketers, website designers & developers, social media managers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, among others. Some work with just one client while others work on multiple projects. Since the surge of the so-called “gig economy”, the number of independent online contractors was constantly on the rise, but they’ve become more in demand today because the new normal has pushed most businesses to adapt a work-from-home setup.

Website developers, for example, help businesses that want to establish their online presence. They create websites for these businesses so operations can shift to virtual platforms. Digital marketers, on the other hand, help brands increase their online reach, so that more consumers will find them and patronize their product or service. SEO specialists apply strategies so businesses will get their website and brand noticed online by “optimizing” searches done, for instance, in Google.

These jobs aren’t new and have been around way before the pandemic happened, but they’ve become more popular now because of the new normal.

There are also independent online contractors who work in the mobile software development industry.

3. Financial Planning Jobs

Since the pandemic started, millions of people around the world lost their jobs while others were forced to close their businesses. In the United States alone, almost 40 million people were laid off because of COVID-19. Many are now trying to find ways to recover the financial stability they had once. Some people started home-based businesses and online shops, but we all know that these aren’t enough. As such, financial planners became a big help. Whether you are a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), financial advisor, personal finance planner, CFP, CFA, wealth management advisor, or financial analyst, their services significantly help people cope with and survive the crisis.

Other financial planning jobs that boomed during COVID-19 include being an investment manager, portfolio manager, client services advisor, and retirement manager.

At the start of the pandemic, delivery of essential goods and services had limitations because of the strict quarantine protocols. However, things started to ease up in the months that followed, and delivery services became the standard. Instead of going to supermarkets, people started depending on delivery services for their essential needs. Grocery delivery, food delivery, errands to the pharmacy – these are now part of our life. As a result, retail, delivery, and supply chain industries have become stronger.

Although trips to supermarkets and malls are still limited, retail businesses continue to drive because people now ask personal shoppers to buy their needs for them. Home-based businesses also use delivery services. Even online sellers’ virtual lines have never been busier!  

We now have food and grocery delivery riders, parcel delivery vans, and truck drivers making sure retail shops have their stock fully replenished regularly.

Staying at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week became the new normal during the lockdown months. It was quite boring. People have nothing else to do. They resorted to playing online games, browsing social media, and doing short-form content. Almost all are mobile-based. During the lockdown, there was a massive increase in the use of several mobile platforms. One of the clear winners was TikTok.

This is the reason why mobile software development became one of the most resilient jobs.

Mobile software developers create applications for mobile devices – be it smartphones or tablets. They became one of the most in demand. Since COVID-19 change the course of things, the mobile software development industry has become busier. New apps are sprouting every day, as more and more people and businesses are joining the bandwagon. Some enterprises are hoping to cash-in. Companies who didn’t have websites or applications prior to the pandemic are now scrambling to hire someone to create one for them.

Some industries have completely embraced the apps movement. The medicine and healthcare industry, for instance, now have apps for virtual one-on-one medical consultations. There are also apps for dental appointments. Several educational organizations and institutions hired mobile software development professionals to create learning-focused apps as well.

Nowadays, going virtual is the new normal.

We Will Survive

COVID-19 forced the whole world to adhere to the new normal, and things have never been the same. The lives lost, jobs axed, businesses closed, and plans put on hold changed everyone’s outlook in life. Fortunately, for some industries, these changes provided them with unexpected opportunities to keep moving forward despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Mobile software development and the four other most resilient jobs in this list are proof that good things can still come out of difficult, almost-hopeless situations.

About the author: Ryan Wabe - Operation Manager

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