Why It’s Best to Hire a Software Development Company Than a Freelancer

August 26, 2020


If you have a project that requires the best software development skills, who or where do you turn to? What will you do if you do not have developers or a dedicated technical team? You go out and look for help, right? The problem is, you don’t know which way to go. Should you go for a freelancer or choose a software development company?

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is not tied up with just one company or business. Those who work as a freelancer do not usually commit to long-term employment; many work on per contract or part-time basis. There are many good, dedicated, and highly skilled freelancers in various industries.

However, when it comes to software development, it is advisable to hire an organization-based provider instead of a freelancer. There are several reasons for you to consider this.

The Advantages of Hiring a Software Development Company

A software development company is primarily focused on

  • creating tailor-made software,
  • giving digital solutions, and
  • providing all kinds of Internet-based tech services (web development, mobile application development, and UI / UX design).

It works closely with its clients – from the consultation process all the way to product delivery and maintenance.

Here are some of the advantages when hiring a software development company instead of a freelancer.

1. They are more experienced and expert on their fields.

A software development company is composed of a team of well-trained, highly experienced and skilled individuals. Their expertise varies – web design, project management, content writing, quality assurance, and software development, among others. You are guaranteed to benefit from their diverse skills, knowledge, and experiences.

Most software development companies have teams that have been working together for years, which mean they have handled a variety of projects, programs, applications, and situations. This can contribute significantly to the success of your software development goals.

With an experienced team of experts, you don’t have to worry about hiring different freelancers to handle a variety of tasks. The software development company can provide all these for you.

2. They are reliable.

Freelancers are frequently always tied up with projects and tasks from other clients. As such, their focus and time are divided, so you’re not guaranteed that your project gets the attention it needs. In addition, there have been some cases where freelancers disappear or leave without finishing a project. This will not happen if you work with a reputable software development company.

First off, software development companies put everything in legal writing when they enter into an agreement with clients. You can rely on them to work with and help you get the results you need. They won’t leave you hanging on air; they will be with you every step of the way – from the brainstorming session all the way to the launching of your product or project.

3. They have regular technology updates and teams continue to learn.

Software development companies constantly update their technologies and adopt software trends. As such, they can easily adjust according to clients’ needs or requests. Teams also never stop learning and improving through workshops, seminars, and various training programs. For example, when new technologies, such as machine learning and blockchain are introduced, the company immediately provides teams with the needed training.

4. They are organized.

Software development companies follow specific processes. You have the maximum guarantee that every project will be handled professionally and in the most organized manner possible. Team members know what their responsibilities are and managers know what they need to do to ensure the team delivers what the clients want. You don’t have to worry about your project going haywire if a developer or designer does not know what to do next.

5.  They are legally safe.

Freelancers are self-employed and many of them operate their businesses without adhering to legalities. On the other hand, software development companies follow all legal requirements, so you are safer and more secure.

These are just five of the many reasons why hiring a software development company is better than paying for a freelancer. 

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