Key Roles In a Software Development Project

February 25, 2021

Key Roles in a Software Development

Have you ever wondered what happens in a software development project? If your business needs optimization on processes using digital platforms, you need to assemble a team of specialists in order to develop an application suitable for your business. Software developers are what you need, but not only that, you?ll need other development specialists. Here is a list of key roles for your software development project. If you understand each role, you will surely complete your project smoothly.

What Is A Software Development Project?

At first, we must understand what a software development project is. In layman?s terms, this is a complex undertaking to create or enhance digital products which can be utilized for helping grow your business through process automation.

For example, in a highly urbanised community, a need for digital automation can be done to address the concern of who enters and exits the vicinity. Moreover, mobile applications (or perhaps a web-based application) are to be used to capture QR codes generated for each visitor. To develop a working mobile app as such, you can tap software developers.

In another instance, if your business would like to develop an application that will measure the performance of your staff, software programmers can be of great help. Developing a simple web-based application where your staff are to input data that measures their activities and feedback from clients is a possible proposal.

Software architects are responsible for the high-level design of the application – be it a web-based application or a mobile app

Usually, software developers are often congregated into teams for the creation of whatever platforms you request as a project. Within a team, there are key roles to be delegated and each of them has an essential function for the overall success of the entire team. Let us check these roles in a software development project.

What Are The Key Roles in a Software Development Project?

As defined, major roles need to be delegated well according to the expertise of developers who joined the team. It is possible that up to several hundreds can compose a single team. On the other hand, large-scale projects can even reach thousands of team members.


The project manager functions as the overall in-charge of the whole team. Honestly, project managers do not need to learn much of the coding system, they just need to be there to manage the project, supervise the budget, schedule, and perhaps try to solve every possible risk. In order to meet all the client’s specifications, the project manager have to oversee the project carefully.


This person is the one defining the vision of the company and in terms of project what are the features users and clients would love to use. Most of the time, product visionaries? minds always come up with bright ideas that when integrated into a certain market can go viral. Of course, product visionaries are the masters of their software and products, like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Backend developers work hand-in-hand with the frontend developers to provide bug free applications.


UI means ?user interface? while UX means ?user experience?. UI/UX Designers are sometimes also Developers, or are graphic designers with a great understanding of application design. They are responsible for creating optimal experience for the users. Whether the product is a digital application or a web-based app, UI/UX designers research how to deliver the best experience to end-users.


These team members are responsible for the high-level design of the application – be it a web-based application or a mobile app. Software architects put effort to follow technical standards. Additionally, you need to know that there are standards related to coding, tools, and platforms. Like software engineers, software architects make sure fellow developers follow certain protocols.

The Difference Between Back End and Front End Developers


These developers perform essential tasks unseen by many. As part of the team, they ensure that everything is running smoothly. They oversee the server, database, and application as a whole. Of course, no bugs and technical flaws must be encountered by end-users. Backend developers work hand-in-hand with the frontend developers to provide bug free applications.

Not all have the capability to build by themselves a team to develop their digital software. This is where outsourcing developers come in.


These developers? main role is to make the software more appealing to users by providing great interactive interfaces. Primarily, front-end developers are developers mastering HTML, CSS and Javascript. To do their role, they develop interactive interfaces that will provide end users the right tools. Consequently, they engage themselves to end-users to know what are the possible improvements of a certain software development project.

These are the main roles of a software development project. All play a vital role to achieve a favorable outcome. Additionally, how can you get all these developers at once? If you need a digital application (whatever platforms it may be), you will be needing experts to compose your team. Let us discuss that.

The Importance of Outsourcing Software Developers

Expert developers are what you need to complete a certain digital output. On the other hand, not all have the capability to build by themselves a team to develop their digital software. This is where outsourcing developers come in. How can your business benefit from outsourcing software developers?

  • Easier completion of the project. Outsourcing developers from dignified IT companies can make the completion of your project fast and efficient. Instead of hiring individual developers, outsourcing gives you the edge to cost-save and engage a pool of talents.
  • Cost-benefits. Outsourcing can save hundreds of dollars if not thousands. Logically, most software development projects would need a combination of all key roles outlined in this article. Whichever of these roles you would need the most, hiring an outsourcing company is probably the wisest decision if not the best.

Moreover, in this online era, shifting to digital techniques and methodologies is not an option ? it is a necessity. Businesses need to keep pace with the emergence of modern tools, software, and programs. Moreover, it means developing mobile applications, web-based software, and other technologies like machine learning for example.

By understanding how modern programming works, one will appreciate how important software development teams are. At Startechup, we strive to provide digital creations that will meet clients? expectations. Because of this, we have teams of software development specialists that are equipped with all the skills needed.


Based in Cebu City, Philippines, our dedicated team of software developers at Startechup have a long list of grateful clients vouching for the skills and overall performance of each team member in the company. Indeed, you will found joy working with us.

To conclude, as said at the outset of this article, to be relevant in this ever-changing era, we have to move forward. Moving forward means adopting new technologies by working with the right software development company.



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