Our TOP 3 Tools for digital software project management

August 13, 2020

We wanted to share with you these tools we use in ou team to optimise project management and better communication. We use these tools since a while and thankfully it was even more relevant with what we are facing with the covid-19. In this article we won’t talk about visio conference tools, since, we supposed you adopted one recently.

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Slack is like an instant messaging but more for professional use and adapted for team work. Very useful for remote team work or even at the office that avoids taking the phone or even texting.

Here has trello you can create different channels (named boards in trello). For us in software développement each channel is related to a project and there you can invite all the team members working on this project. You can even invite your client in the channel for more transparency and when infos are needed instead of sending an email that will be replied hours after.

Inside each channels you can send photos, videos. You can also create private conversations with one team member or even 2,3… that can help for cross projects communication.

What we find very interesting in slack is that you can integrate other tools such has google drive, trello or even the well known Zoom. If u have to do a visioconference with your team, you just have to send /zoom in your conversation and it creates automatically a new zoom meeting and the team just has to click to jump in it. Awesome no ?

Free plan available with unlimited channels


Trello enables to manage tasks for your projects. You can handle multiple projects called “boards”, for our use in software project management one board=one project. But in other cases it can be different, has one board = for personal life  or  for community management… You can be has inventive has you want.

Inside a board you have to create “lists” that are more likely categories, per example we use “to do” “on going” “to test” “done” sometimes we add more.

That’s where in the list you add your cards (known has tasks),  and you’ll be able to move them from one list to another.

The power of this tool is that it is very interactive with the team work, you can invite team members to participate to a chart so each one can move or add cards. Where it becomes even more interesting is that you can attribute a card to a team member and also photos, checklists..

Trello is very simple and really helps for a better organisation to deliver your projects with your team. We will soon publish for you an article on « how to create a good trello card »

And the best of all the first 10 team charts are free 🙂


Loom is a screen recording tool. It can be very useful in software project management when we need a better understanding on a specific task or even where a bug occurs to show the development team when and where it occurs.

What we find very Interesting is that is very simple to use. It is an extension you add in chrome, and within one click you record your screen, where you can underline, circle, write text…wherever on the screen. You can also have you filmed inside a little bubble for better interaction.

The best of it that you don’t have to save this video on your laptop or device but an Url link is automatically generated for each video so that u just have to copy paste the link on slack, trello or whatever you are using to communicate with your team.

Free plan available

Well here are for us the top tools we use on our daily basis to improve and make our work efficient. These tools are going to become even more useful in our world that is changing has remote is going to be more and more present on our life. 

Has a digital web agency we created on the top of that our own Application that integrate some of these tools all in one place, and our clients loves it, thanks to our awesome dev team ! 

About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

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