What Qualifications and Skills Should You Look for in a Mobile App Development Firm?

September 30, 2020

Several mobile devices on top of each other for mobile app development.

If you?re looking for a mobile app development firm, know that you?ll need more than a plan of action for your project. Even if your idea for a mobile application is sure to be a hit, if you do not find the right company to help you, the project can go haywire. You need to know what kind of firm to look for.

What makes a mobile app development firm the ideal one for you? What characteristics, qualifications, or skills should you focus on? Here are several suggestions you might want to consider.

What You Should Look For

1. Look for an experienced firm.

Experience, they say, is a good teacher. In the case of app development, experience is more than just a teacher, it?s an advantage. Highly-experienced mobile app development companies are familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, have worked with a variety of clients, and know what they should and should not do. Thus, you?re confident that your project will be in good hands.

If you already have prospects, ask them for a copy of their portfolio so you can scan through the projects and apps they?ve completed.

2.  Look for a mobile app development firm that follows a clear process.

You need a company that follows a clear development process. Understanding the project is just a small part of the entire picture; an app company needs to know how to make the project work. They need to know which one goes first, which one they need to do next, and which one goes last. A disciplined process ensures that your project is moving through the right path.

If you want proof of the firm?s development process, you can ask for a documentation of their completed apps.

3. Look for a mobile app development company that values teamwork.

Even if a company has a clear, specific, and disciplined process, if its development team cannot function cohesively, it will all be for nothing. Regardless of how big or small a project is, it will never be fully successful if the group behind it does not work well together. Imagine team members competing against each other; what will the outcome of your project be if there is no unity of ideas? If there is no collaboration?

Moreover, every member of the development team should have definite roles. As such, it is vital for a company to have developers with varying skills.

4. Look for a mobile app development firm that can do cross-platform development.

If you want to capture more market segments, it is ideal to choose a mobile app development firm that can create cross-platform apps. If you want more users of your app, have it running on both Apple iOS and Google Android. There are approximately 1.5 billion active devices on the former, while 2.5 billion on the latter. The company should be able to develop apps that are available to both these mobile operating systems.

5. Look for a mobile app development company that values communication.

You have to choose a company that you can regularly communicate with; a team that finds ways to connect with you. An open communication line is not only for sharing updates, information, and ideas; it is also for creating a good, trusting relationship with each other ? you and the development team. If you have a relationship built on trust, only then will you be able to be of the same page and move through the same path.

Apart from the five essential characteristics, qualifications, or skills mentioned above, a mobile app development firm should also have the passion and determination to reach project goals.

About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

After several years in the corporate world, I create my first Web startup as a social enterprise. Working with talented people, excellent software development skills, good communication, and a competitive pricing, we shifted our focus to web & mobile outsourcing projects. View on Linkedin