Why many businesses choose Startechup for their web backend needs?

November 12, 2020

Hands of web backend developers showing to clients templates of their websites.

We are the top pick for many businesses looking for web backend experts. Why? Read on…

Startechup’s web backend experts are a team of developers that builds top websites – with features and tools that can scale up your business. Talk to us, and together, we can develop ideas. We offer a free consultation for all your web backend projects.

Startechup has a team of creatives who work collectively to make concepts into realities. We have a group of coders committed to helping businesses achieve their objectives. 

We value top-notch web backend quality, team-work, dedication, and trust. You will get all these when you pick us for your web dev needs. Whether it’s frontend or backend – we’re the right team for the job

Our team has a lot of experience.

At Startechup, you’ll meet developers with diverse experiences. We have a team of designers and developers who value each other. 

If you want your web backend development to achieve great results, let’s talk.

You will have all the benefits you need.

We’re more than an agency that offers web backend services. We provide the right result that your company needs. Startechup caters to SMEs, social enterprises, startups, large corporations, e-commerce websites, SaaS enterprises, investors, and NGOs. You will get the advantages of going with a team that offers the best technologies at a fair price.  

Knowing when, how, and where to hire the right web backend talents depends on your project’s scope and timeframe. Startechup gives you the flexibility to scale your team as needed while choosing the level of expertise you want. Do you want more web backend developers? We got your back. If you need a flexible solution to all your software needs (mobile, web, iOS & Android applications, and more), talk to us.

Find proven professionals for all your tech development projects. We provide top-notch services in UI & UX design, minimum viable product (MVP), mobile application development, and web development. On top of that, Startechup also offers audit and technical assessment, quality assurance and testing, and security audits. What more can you ask for?

Develop your web backend with us, and you will have all these benefits on day one.

We’ve done several high-quality web backend projects before.

Web backend development is not a walk in the park, but with a team like ours, you won’t have to go through its many strains. Startechup knows precisely what you need for your website to be fully operational without hiccups. Our team can create websites, web apps, and mobile sites with useful features and tools for your business. Coding is part of our DNA.

Startechup has web backend soft skills.  

Web backend entails a lot of coding and other hard technical skills. But we here at Startechup also have the necessary soft skills to build your website, web app, and mobile site. We are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and graphic design. We know how to apply just the right amount of typography, colour palette, font sizes, content flow, webpage layout, and composition. 

Startechup is adept in frontend web design.

If you need to build a well-structured and well-designed website, you have a few items to remember before finalizing your plans.

Perhaps more than ever, it is important to take one step at a time, not hurry anything ? because your website’s frontend design is fundamental. It’s what the people see. It is what your online presence is all about. It’s like your physical store’s facade.  

The “frontend” of your site is simply a user interface ( UI). It’s what your users see. They also click and fill it with information and other important data about them. A website’s frontend includes its sliders, drop-down menus, content, webpage layouts, typography, colors, and fonts, among others. As such, a good frontend web development creates a smooth, user-friendly, and responsive website.

When you create a website but don’t know how or when to start with frontend web development, here are a few tips that can assist you.

1. Typography is important. 

Users want appealing and highly-functional websites, which is why it is important to use the best typography. Choose one that is uncomplicated but stylish. People prefer letters that they can read without straining their eyes. Don’t pick stylized calligraphy and other too artistic typography. They’re hard to read most of the time. 

The website’s typefaces should have several sizes, a little dense, so it’s easy to read, especially from devices with small screens (such as smartphones and tablets). It should also have clean strokes. Limit the variety of letterings down to a maximum of two and apply them throughout the website and across all of your social media pages. Your typography should complement the overall style of the website. 

Lastly, concentrate not only on the typefaces but also on your site’s texts’ spacing.

2. Be modern but don’t overdo it. 

What’s the look of a modern website? There is no specific definition of a “modern” website, but it has the following features and characteristics: 

  • Plenty of white spaces
  • Classic
  • Trendy
  • Flat
  • Balanced of colours
  • Responsive
  • Compatible to several devices, platforms, and operating systems

A modern website is often subjective. Some users will like the look; some will not. What is modern now will not be modern in the years to come – just like with the case of websites with Adobe Flash embedded into it. Flash was stunning, but it caused pages to crash. Many web backend developers stayed away from using Flash because of its problematic codecs. Some websites take time to load. Others took more than 5 seconds, which is not good for SEO and bad for your site’s visitors. A slow website can lead to decrease in traffic, loss of revenue & bad customer experience (if you have an e-commerce platform), and decrease in conversation rates.

According to Google’s 2018 research, 53% of users will leave a website if it loads for more than 3 seconds. What if it was your website? Half of your potential earnings will be lost due to not having a fast load time.

Because of these problems, Adobe will shutdown Flash at the end of 2020.

Startechup is an expert in both PHP and Java web backend programming languages.

We use web backend programming languages for the server-side of website development. Our expert backend developers can easily write codes that interact with the browser – fully functional with no errors.

Web backend development has three sections: database, server, and app. Startechup is knowledgeable about all of these. Our developers are highly skilled and adequately trained.  

We are proficient in the most popular web backend languages, such as PHP and Java.


First used in 1995, when complex websites were still very challenging to create, PHP is a programming language that is suitable for neophyte coders. It’s easy to set up. Moreover, aspiring developers can conveniently find lots of knowledge and support from different online communities. 

Its wiki sites are updated regularly. There are also several YouTube channels to find new information or ask for help about PHP.

This web backend programming language is open-source and stable. It can create interactive and responsive websites. Its useful features and tools make it one of the most favored languages in the web dev community. 

PHP’s top attributes include the following:

  • It’s free to use. You don’t have to pay for anything, including its license, distribution, and download. 
  • It helps developers create and deploy websites quickly and efficiently. PHP’s automation tools are top-notch.
  • It’s easy to use, especially when creating single webpages.
  • PHP is natively compatible with most database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.
  • It is compatible with most modern servers such as Apache HTTP Server, Node.js, Internet Information Service, LIGHTTPD, and NGINX. 
  • It is an interpretive programming language. 
  • PHP is platform-independent. Compatible with Unix, Windows, and Mac.
  • Using the Xdebug extension, debugging is more user-friendly.
  • PHP uses an automated error-monitoring system. 
  • PHP codes are reusable. Web backend developers can save time and do more pressing tasks instead.
  • It is an object-oriented language, meaning PHP is a high-level programming language that uses objects.
  • Webpage loading time is drastically improved when using PHP. As stated above, 53% of users will leave a website if it loads for more than 3 seconds. With PHP, you won’t have this major issue.

This programming language is suitable for creating interactive content, building desktop apps, collecting form data, receiving and sending cookies, coding server-side scripts, and coding command lines. 

Some of the world’s most popular websites use PHP for their web backend. These include Viber, Facebook, Slack, Mint, DocuSign, Hootsuite, Wikipedia, WordPress, and Lyft.


Startechup’s web backend developers are proficient in coding with Java, the most popular programming language in the tech community***. 

Sun Microsystems introduced Java in 1995 as a backend programming language. It soon became popular because of its stability and object-oriented platform.

Java’s top attributes include the following:

  • It has several useful features such as Text Blocks, Switch Expressions, and Garbage Collector.
  • If you’re a beginner programmer, Java should be on top of your list because it is easy to understand. Compared to other major programming languages, Java is straightforward with no complications.
  • It is user-friendly. Anyone with a background in Object Oriented Programming can easily learn from it.
  • Java can run multiple tasks at once without slowing it down. It is multithreaded, meaning Java can concurrently perform several tasks within a program – natively. In some programming languages, you still have to call multithreading to enable it.
  • Memory management and Exception handling are top-notch ****. Heap and stack memory keeps and restores data with ease. 
  •  It is platform-independent.
  • Java is secure. Its runtime environment, interpreter, and compiler were each developed with superb security.
  • The Java development community is active. There are tons of forums, social media groups, tutorials, and live sessions you can find online. If you need answers or stuck with your codes, you can easily ask for help.

Companies like LinkedIn, HubSpot, Fitbit, and eBay use Java for their web backend projects. 


***As of November 2020, Python now overtook Java and became the second most used programming language globally. Java is now in the third spot. C is still at number one. We will talk more about Python as one of our preferred programming languages in a separate article.

**** When Garbage Collector is active, Java may sometimes slow down. In rare cases, it causes Java to crash.

We will work with you day after day ? from conceptualization to development. That’s our promise.

Our team of developers, designers, and project managers will work with you day after day ? from conceptualization to development to launching of your website. If you have a mobile website or a web app, we can also update it for you. Startechup offers comprehensive support and maintenance with 24/7 technical assistance, backup, and monitoring.

Our web backend development team will work hand-in-hand with you to create a stable, fluid, and useful website. We will bring all our experiences and expertise to the table, along with knowledge, skills, and efficiency.

The minute you work with us, you’ll discover the wealth of talent at Startechup. We have developers that are expertly trained in building almost all sorts of websites for all types of uses and organizations – startup, SME, social enterprise, large corporation, e-commerce website, SaaS enterprise, investor, and NGO. 

Build your web backend with Startechup, and you’ll be served everything that you need ? on a silver platter!

We value our customers and their overall experience. 

We value our customers above else. Our customers aren’t just business partners but also part of the family. 

Startechup allies with organisations that have the same passion and culture as ours

If you want a web backend service agency that appreciates you?. Hire Startechup.

Startechup is a first-rate web backend dev agency. Pick us. We offer a free consultation by scheduling your appointment here.

About the author: Ryan Wabe - Operation Manager

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