Why Should Businesses and Startups Outsource Their Mobile Software Development?

October 9, 2020

Mobile software development in major mobile operating system including Apple iOS and Google Android.

Here Are Reasons Why

With smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices occupying a significant share of the market, it is no wonder that businesses, including startups, are focusing on mobile software development. However, since the tech industry is currently overcrowded, many companies and organisations prefer to outsource their projects to outside providers.

Why outsourcing?

Outsourcing has been a popular option for businesses and startups for many years. In 2019, statistics showed that the global outsourcing industry was worth $92.5 billion. This figure is expected to go even higher in the next few years. However, popularity is not the only reason why outsourcing is preferred by many businesses for their mobile software development projects.

Countries, like the Philippines, have IT experts who are experienced and trained in providing first-class outsourcing services. Likewise, there are companies like Startechup that are dedicated to sharing their experience and expertise in everything IT.

Why Startechup?

Startechup is a people and service-oriented company composed of individuals and teams that share the common goal of helping businesses, especially startups, in successfully creating their mobile software development projects. Our dedication, honesty, transparency, and overall customer satisfaction are what sets us apart from other outsourcing agencies.

There are many reasons why you should choose Startechup:

Synergistic environment.

We have over 30 development specialists who passionately share their experiences and creativity to the team. Every project is considered a major campaign, so they leave no stones unturned.

State-of-the-art technologies.

The Startechup team is knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of technologies. With its diverse specialties, you?re guaranteed to achieve your goals in no time. No matter what your mobile development project is ? big or small ? we know what to do. And we do it well.


Startechup is a community of specialists who are experts in multiple programming languages. We have developers who are trained in native applications, web / progressive applications, and hybrid applications. Our teams are comfortable and confidently experienced in various technologies, specifically in iOS (ObjectiveC), iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), and Android (Java).

Diverse stacks for web projects.

Django / Python, WordPress / PHP, NodeJS / JavaScript, AngularJS / JavaScript, and React Native are some of the technologies Startechup uses for web dev projects.


We take care of our clients. Working with you is like having an extended family ready to back you up when you need anything ? whether you?re new or an established business.

Great communication skills.

At Startechup, teams are articulate and fluent in English, both in written and verbal communications. Every team member knows the importance of communication in ensuring the success of a project.

We are an experienced company.

Experience is a perfect trainer. Knowledge is more than just a skill; it’s an asset. Startechup is a highly-experienced mobile software development company. We know the ins and outs of the industry, have collaborated with a wide range of customers, and know what we can and could not do. This way, you’re sure that your mobile software development project is going to be in safe hands.

We follow a very straight forward process.

You need an organisation that follows a consistent method of growth. Understanding the project is just a small part of the picture; an application developer has to know how to make the project work. They need to know which one goes first, which one they need to do next, and which one is going to be last. A disciplined approach means that the mobile software development project is heading in the right direction.

We value communication.

You have to pick an organization that can meet you frequently. The team should also have a time to engage with you. An open communication line is not only about exchanging feedback, information, and ideas; it is also about building a strong, trustworthy partnership with each other ? you and the development team. If you have a trust-based partnership, then will you be able to be on the same page and go along the same direction.

We value teamwork.

If an organization has a transparent, precise, and disciplined process, it will all be for nothing if the team can not work coherently. No matter how massive or small a project is, it would never be completely successful if the team behind it does not work well together. Imagine team members working against each other; what will be the result of the project if there is no alignment of ideas? When there isn’t any collaboration? In addition, each member of the mobile software development team should have a clear position to play.

Do you want iOS or Android with that?

No worries, Startechup knows how to do cross-platform development. If you want more users of your app, pick a mobile software development company that can build cross-platform applications. If you want more users of your software, get it running on both Google Android and Apple iOS. We at Startechup can create applications that are accessible through these two smartphone operating systems.

We?re the best iOS and Android app developers.

Building an app and selecting the right software developers can be difficult. Considering that iOS and Android applications are some of the most popular apps in the world, selecting just any developer is not the right thing to do. You ought to search for developers who are experts in their profession. Hiring mobile software developers who are trained and experienced in building apps, especially in Apple and Google products, takes time, energy, and effort. There are many things to consider. With Startechup, you won?t have to worry a bit. We?re the world?s best iOS and Android app developers.

When picking your next mobile software development team, choose developers that are well-versed and trained in designing iOS and Android applications. Your next requirement should be software developers who know the ins and outs of the two ecosystems, including the specifications. Apple, for instance, mandates developers to define a category for all their apps. If your candidate developers know this knowledge and other important development specs, then you know that you’re on the right track.

At Startechup, we know how the Apple iOS and Google Android ecosystem works. We?ve built several mobile apps before. You can check our portfolio. You can also ask us about this during our consultation process.

We are flexible and agile.

Your preferred mobile software development team should be both creative and flexible. Developers who have experiences in different technologies, techniques, and toolkits are the right people to collaborate with. The more agile your developers are, the more they can deal with the demands of your projects. With a flexible mobile software development team, you don’t have to think about future issues of your app.

At Startechup, we can collaborate with you on various tasks ? again and again.

We?re experts in web programming languages ? both backend and frontend.

Web developers use backend and frontend web programming languages to create websites. Backend developers write codes that help websites interact with the browser. Backend is concerned with how the site functions. It’s the exact opposite of frontend web development, which caters to the website?s user interface ? menus, forms, photos, videos, blog posts, fonts, texts, colors, among others.

We have talents and more.

No matter how qualified and professional the mobile software developers are, nothing good will come out of your projects if they don’t have the right job mindset. You ought to recruit developers who know how to work together and connect. It would benefit if you were to pick a team that’s easy to work with. It is also important to collaborate with a team of developers who invest in the merit of your project. If the team doesn’t have confidence in the app they’re making, it might be hard to achieve success.

Before you start looking for the right mobile software development team for your project, you need to set your goals first. What kind of app are you going to have? What are the startup priorities for creating the app? Are you planning to build either one or more applications? It’s also important to know the type of software development work you’re looking for. Is your software a basic one, or are you planning to make business-level applications? Your app developers will need answers to these questions to come up with a comprehensive strategy. Let?s talk. Partner with us. We offer a free consultation.

Where is Startechup?

Startechup?s location is another reason why you should choose it for your next mobile software development projects. It has two locations: France and the Philippines. Most of its developers are in the Philippines, which is one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world.

The Philippines is highly-regarded as one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world. It?s a westernized country. Startechup?s teams are not only technically-skilled; they are also efficient in the English language. In fact, the country is ranked as the 20th most English proficient country.

With a literacy rate of 97.95%, the Philippines is the most literate country in Southeast Asia ? beating Singapore. Filipino workers are also one of the most hardworking, passionate, and highly-skilled in the world.

Lastly, the country is the ideal option for startups in the mobile dev industry ? because it offers the most practical solutions: highly skilled workers, inexpensive labor rates with lesser business risks.

Why outsource to the Philippines?

Here are 5 reasons why your business and startup should consider outsourcing.

In the Philippines, IT workers are educated.

In addition to these, there are about 80,000 tech graduates per year. Learning and schooling continue well after graduation. At Startechup, we frequently provide our team members with up-to-date workshops, seminars, certifications, and courses.

The IT infrastructure of the Philippines is improving.

The country can offer startups with a large and diverse group of tech talents.

Startups wouldn?t have to employ new employees for their product development projects. Startechup can do that for you. All you have to do is set a criteria, and you?ll get a talent pool quick and easy. With a larger talent base, new businesses have contacts to first-rate expertise, skills, and know-how. Philippine tech employees are regarded as excellent workers and very determined even in demanding conditions. As such, startups with cash-strapped mobile software development projects are guaranteed of better app performance.

The Philippines, according to the UN, is the most literate country in South East Asia.

Number one in the region. Based on the 2019 figures, the literacy rate in the Philippines is 97.95 per cent. Tech firms in the country are massively recruiting college graduates. The hiring processes are relatively linear but strict. Applicants go through various stages, including an IQ test, initial interview, paper and actual tests, senior management interviews, and weeks of on-boarding. When hired, new employees will be subjected to a mandatory six-month probationary period. If the new hire is not well-suited for the job after 6 months, the company will look again for a new employee. Tedious but your business or startup is guaranteed that you?ll have someone very qualified in your team to handle your mobile software development project.

Among the developing countries in the world, the Philippines has one of the lowest labor costs.

This means that new businesses and startups will substantially reduce their overhead costs. Moreover, outsourcing your mobile software development projects would not require you to invest on training fees and maintenance costs. Startechup will handle that for you. No costs on your part.

Startechup gives you the best of both worlds ? France and the Philippines.

Quality and great management from the French, skills and dedication from the Filipinos ? and many more.

Best of all?.

Startechup values every client, every partner ? whether you?re an established enterprise or a startup. We got you covered.  

Getting ahead in the mobile software development industry is a guarantee with Startechup. Join our family now! Partner with us. We offer a free consultation. You can schedule your appointment at https://www.startechup.com/contact/.