Why Should You Hire Startechup as Your Next Mobile Development Company?

September 22, 2020

Startechup is the best mobile development company. There are many reasons why.

A mobile development company is a community of developers whose aim is to build and create concepts and ideas. It is a community of innovative individuals who work together to help turn visions into realities. It is a community of achievers dedicated to using technology to help businesses and organisations realise their goals.

All these are what you?ll get when you hire Startechup for your mobile development needs. But, wait?. there are many more reasons why!

Startechup is a goldmine of experience and expertise.

At Startechup, you?ll meet individuals with various experience and expertise. We have developers, designers, and project managers who acknowledge each other?s value to the team. They do more than just work together ? they synergize and encourage creative cooperation. They share their experience and expertise in all of the projects they work on.

At Startechup, teams are more than just a group of people working together. They are a community, a family.

If you want your mobile development projects to succeed, you?ll want to be part of a family like Startechup.

Startechup has all the advantages you need.

Startechup is more than just a mobile development company. It is the solution that your business or organization needs. Whether you?re a startup or have been around for a while, you?ll enjoy the benefits of working with a community that offers flexibility, success-oriented values, and the latest technologies at reduced costs

Communication is also a major player in the Startechup community. We don?t just discuss plans and projects with our clients; we make them a part of our team. Our team works together. We communicate with each other ? with honesty and transparency.

Build your mobile app with us at Startechup and you?ll enjoy all these advantages beginning day one!

Startechup knows what you need.

Building a mobile app is not easy, but with Startechup, you won?t have to deal with stresses and uncertainties. We know exactly what you want and need!

Our family of developers, designers, and project managers will work with you day after day ? from conceptualization to development to launching and onwards. They will work hand-in-hand with you in creating a stable, fluid, and useful app. They?ll bring to your table all their experiences and expertise, along with knowledge, skills, and efficiency.

The minute you seal your partnership with us, you?ll discover the wealth of talent in our community. We have teams that are expertly trained in creating native applications (Android, iOS, Windows), web/progressive applications (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML), and hybrid applications.

It’s important to know who?s going to be you next mobile development company. It will decide the course of your startup ventures.

Build your mobile app with Startechup and you?ll be served everything that you need ? on a silver platter!

Do you want to outsource? Our mobile development company can help you with this setup.

Over the years, outsourcing has benefited a lot of companies. The list of recipients includes start-ups, one of the most vulnerable in the technology market. These young companies have so many things to do. More than that, they also need to take care with every step they take ? particularly when it comes to creating their mobile apps. Startups need not only money, but also the right people to work. This is the main reason why outsourcing is very handy.


The Philippines is known to be one of the most famous countries for outsourcing a variety of jobs. It positions as one of the top five in the ranking of Asia ‘s best outsourcing destinations. It is a preferred choice for startups searching for premium offerings in general IT services, web design and creation, and mobile app development.

According to the Philippine Software Industry Association, there will be about 200,000 IT employees in the country by 2022. The IT business also makes a major contribution to the global economy. Moreover, the Philippines is one of the world’s top 30 countries with a high number of mobile development specialists.

If you?ve already decided to outsource your app development tasks, you need to do a due diligence of your chosen mobile development company. Other items you need to weigh before choosing include costs, comfort, skills, the kind of tasks you have, and the time gap. Do you want offshoring, onshoring, or nearshoring?  

Offshoring is where you outsource all duties and projects to an offshore mobile development company.  Onshoring is where you employ a firm based in the same country that your corporation works. Nearshoring is the process of outsourcing your projects to a business headquartered in a country near your place, preferably one with which your country shares borders. If you want to save up on cost but still want a quality mobile app, Startechup can be your partner.

Startechup has the best mobile development company team. We also have the finest tech stack.

Before choosing the next mobile development company to work with, ask the organization to supply you with details about their production team. This will ensure that everyone who handles your tasks has professional experience and skills. Don’t forget to inquire about their recruiting process and the experience of the team members. Their recruiting process and experience should be comprehensive. It’s your right to get these kind of information.

Also, ask one of the company?s representatives to supply you with details about their technological stack. A tech stack is what you call a collection of technology that an organization uses when creating a product, such as a smartphone app or a web app. Choosing a software development firm with the best new technology is important. And this is where Startechup stands out. We have the best mobile development team. They?re trained and highly-skilled.

We have the best deals.

When looking for possible app development services, make a list of your top three options. Research each organization (including their websites) and compare their experience, technical credibility, reviews from customers, and services. Select the one that will fulfil the needs of your company. However, when all of your top three choices come out equally strong that you can?t decide which one to choose, compare their offers and deals. At Startechup, we can create quality mobile apps with the best deals.

When you invest in your company, you’re going to pay whatever you can to make sure you get the most out of it. However, if you are a startup, sticking to the budget is important. Oh, don’t hesitate to check the top providers’ prices on all three of your lists. Bear in mind, though, that consistency should also be the highest priority. Please do not select a mobile dev firm because it gives the lowest cost. You still have to make sure that you get the best out of your money.

We use the best mobile development company tools

Creating a smooth, centralised enterprise framework is what mobile app creation is all about. If you are designing it for small to medium-sized business or a large organisation, the purpose is the same: to provide an integrated framework for all activities and procedures that can enable these organisations to carry out their day-to-day operations effectively.

As the enterprise software development market is filled with choices, choosing the best mobile development company for your project can be difficult. While you’re going to want to find one that’s capable and inexpensive, it’s more important to pick quality over cost. You must also find out what your organization requires.  

As such, you must find a mobile development company that has the best tools, resources, and platform for your project. Startechup has the finest software that your business app project will gain from.

Here are some of the many best tools we use as a mobile development company.


This tool helps developers monitor, log, and handle changes in software code. It provides users with a full list of their revision history. Version control also helps programmers to go back to the latest version of a file or project. This can be achieved by a framework called SCM or Source Control Management, a series of tools that allow developers to track project history. Git ? Quick Version Control, an open-source and free version control framework, can manage all forms of software projects, from the smallest to the biggest. It’s very popular and favored by most developers.


Enterprise software development teams want to make sure their projects are bug-free and issue-free. They can do this resourcefully and in the shortest time possible with issue monitoring software. Issue Trackers function in such a way that users are automatically aware of a flaw in the device. In addition to monitoring and identifying problems, these tools often document concerns that need to be addressed immediately. As such, the dev team head can identify and appoint the right person to the bug demolition task. Glo Boards and Jira are the two most popular issue tracking tools.


Mobile development teams know the importance of records ? they act as an archive that contains all of their Git projects. You can still select internal hosting, but cloud providers provide greater flexibility. Many companies and teams tend to use multiple servers instead of relying on only one hosting provider. GitHub, an open-source repository, is undoubtedly the most famous of all alternatives, but there are other excellent choices that you can consider. As a mobile development company, our team needs a directory that incorporates teamwork, project preparation, implementation resources, code maintenance, and testing. That?s why we use Bitbucket and GitLab, which boasts a full-function DevOps platform. Azure DevOps is the perfect Git repository for Microsoft users and cloud storage enthusiasts.


The user interface is one of the main facets of enterprise software development program. This is what Git Interface is all about. What it’s doing is translating everything on Git to something that you and other users can recognize and identify easily. If you want a Git Interface that works not only superbly but looks nice, GitKraken is the best choice. It’s very visual, with all its colors, animations, and pictures of Gravatar. It’s easy to use. It also has a ?drag and drop? feature. GitKraken integrates with other Dev platforms including GitLab and GitHub. It’s compatible with Mac, Debian, and Windows.


IDE is a program that puts together a number of tools in a single GUI. Developers appreciate the simplicity of this tech suite because it lets them save time, money, and energy while implementing or using a new product. They no longer have to think about manual adjustment and labor-intensive activities. As such, IDE helps them to start working on new software as soon as possible or to focus on a more important project. Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the most popular IDEs. It is perfect for mobile development company teams to create applications once and then connect to multiple / cross channels.

This are only five of the many best tools we use as a mobile development company. Each has its importance, functionality, and functions that are significant to the success of your tasks and your enterprise.

Don’t just go to the most affordable one you find. You must balance quality with overall expenses. Startechup will focus on the result of the goods and services. Contact us now and discuss your mobile app projects.

Startechup values you ? the customer.

The Startechup community is known for its customer-friendly culture. Clients are not just partners, but family.

At Startechup, it?s always you first before anything or anyone else. Your needs and satisfaction are major priorities.

We partner with companies that share our culture, and we use these partnerships to provide our customers with the best service, a seamless experience, and success-driven results.

If you want a mobile development company that values you?. Contact Startechup now.

Startechup is your next mobile development company. And you know all the reasons why. So, choose us?. hire us now!

About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

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