Terms and Conditions

Startechup Inc. shall pay the Employee a cash payment equal to 500 US$

Startechup Inc. takes into consideration the manner by which the hired employee learned about the job opening. Therefore, the sign-on bonus shall be divided in the following manner:

  • No referral.  Hired employees shall get 100% of the sign-on bonus
  • Startechup Employee Referral. Hired employees will get 60% of the sign-on bonus, and the remainder goes to the Startechup employee who made the referral.
  • Outside Referral. Startechup Inc. will not take part in the split of the sign-on bonus. The agreement shall come between the hired employee and the one who made the referral.

The sign-on bonus shall be paid in the following manner:

  • Startechup Inc. shall pay cash payment equal to 100US$ of the Sign-On Bonus on the first scheduled payroll date after employment
  • The remaining on the first scheduled payroll date of the 7th month of employment, after regularization.

The amount calculation depends on whether the hired employee was referred to by a Startechup Employee or not.

All Taxes and contributions will be calculated accordingly to government regulation and laws.

An agreement that details specific terms and conditions will be entered into by and between Startech Inc. and the hired employee.