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ERP & CRM application for Australian B2C company

Our Australian client was looking to improve their customer relations, streamline their processes, and increase efficiency. Startechup worked with them to ideate, create an interactive UI/UX design and document their future ERP & CRM application. So whether you’re looking to automate complex procedures or manage multiple databases in one place efficiently – let’s dive in and explore how an ERP & CRM application might just be your answer!

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About the Project

Now more than ever, successful businesses need powerful technology tools that can help them keep up with customer demands and the ever-changing market landscape. And with so many options out there for the perfect ERP & CRM system for your company’s specific needs, it has never been easier to create the right solution for your business. In this project portfolio, we’ll take you through the important steps on why you should consider creating a ERP & CRM application tailored towards your business — as well as what key features to look out for when deciding on one!

Web & Mobile App UI

Modern ERP and CRM applications must now be connected to a web application that is accessible from both desktops and mobile devices. This provides user flexibility, allowing them the ability to access their data on-the-go and keep up with customer demands no matter where they are.

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Project Goals

The client already had a well-known application for managing sales, customer relations, and operations. However, in order to optimize business processes and provide centralized information to clients, administrators, operators and external partners alike – it became essential to create a specialized solution crafted specifically for their needs.

Applied Technologies

Adobe XD

Project Scope

To help get this digital transformation in motion, our team was hired. Prior to beginning development, there are three key steps that need to be taken:

  1. Business analysis for gaining an understanding of the business model;
  2. UI/UX Design for creating a thoughtful user interface and experience;
  3. Producing Product Specifications that describe how the product should work.

Development Team

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Project Highlights

Product Ideation

Before creating web & mobile applications, product ideation is an essential process that allows us to recognize and explain the project’s goals and objectives, determine requirements, and confirm that the solution aligns with stakeholder needs. This leads to the more cost-effective use of resources for superior end products, plus higher chances for success in our projects! Additionally, it helps uncover any potential risks or issues to develop a plan of action.

business analysis image

Digital Business Analysis

The creation of flow charts is an essential aspect of the design process for digital applications due to its ability to demonstrate and clarify the application’s workflow. This visualization allows designers and developers to quickly understand what steps, processes, potential problems, or opportunities may arise when using the app. Flow charts simplify the complexity of applications, giving stakeholders an effortless way to comprehend their functionality. By providing a visual representation that can be conveniently referenced during development, testing, and maintenance – everyone involved in the process is always aligned on key details. They are invaluable for ensuring parties have up-to-date information as progress advances, streamlining communication so that all stay informed with minimal confusion or disruption.

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Enterprise Digital Solution

Constructing an enterprise digital solution is a critical tool for the progression of any business. It has been known to streamline processes, augment efficiency and enhance general performance. Enterprise digital solutions can take on manual tasks, reduce mistakes and provide immediate insight into vital metrics which help businesses make wise conclusions. Utilizing this process allows organizations to stay one step ahead in their growth journey as they can access real-time information that will shape future decisions.

By using digital solutions, companies can foster collaboration between employees and departments and improve accessibility and communication across their organizations. Furthermore, businesses can build strong customer relationships through personalized interactions that provide a seamless experience. Ultimately, by leveraging technology strategically, enterprises can gain an edge over the competition and achieve tremendous success in both customer satisfaction and increased profits – ultimately driving growth within the company!

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Web and Mobile UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is an essential element of creating web and mobile applications concerning a user interface’s visual and interactive components that contribute to optimizing the entire user experience. UI/UX design aims to build an effortless and intuitive experience for users while ensuring that the application looks attractive and straightforward. UX Designers pay attention to usability, navigation, and how users interact with the interface. A high-quality UI/UX design can boost user engagement, sustain customers’ interest, and improve the product’s performance.

Business Intelligence

By constructing a custom-made application for your organization, you can conveniently establish business intelligence reports directly from the data being managed by the program. No need to acquire additional BI platforms or software! Employees and their managers from different departments will gain direct access to Enterprise resource planning Software and the reports within the same software application, allowing greater efficiency, communication, and collaboration. You can make sound decisions and swiftly execute them in one convenient location.

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Collaborating on this project with an Australian client has been incredibly satisfying. We conducted a thorough business analysis to provide necessities for our UI/UX designer and then were able to put together documentation detailing the product specifications. This ERP & CRM Application is colossal in scope and will undoubtedly revolutionize the operations of this firm.

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