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The power of blockchain development

Blockchain technology has the power to revolutionalize a vast range of industries – not just the financial sector. In fact, blockchain technology is being used in real estate, healthcare, utilities, supply chain management, and more.

Companies in all of these industries can unlock dramatic benefits by utilizing blockchain technology. In fact, 81 of the world?s top 100 companies use blockchain tools. Tap into this exponentially growing market and partner with Startechup for top-rated blockchain development services.

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Blockchain Technologies Services

Startechup is a diverse team of blockchain developers, designers, and engineers, with vast experience building blockchain solutions with blockchain technology and blockchain development platforms. Explore our blockchain services below.

dApp Development

Build innovative decentralized apps run on a peer-to-peer, blockchain network. We offer end-to-end decentralized application development services, from UI/UX design to rigorous QA testing.

Blockchain app development services

Launch your MVP or transform your customer offering with blockchain application development. From cryptocurrency to charity to real estate, our business analysts and blockchain developers have experience across a range of industries.

Smart contracts development

Deploy cutting-edge blockchain solutions that utilize smart contracts for sharing information, making payments, and transferring ownership. We?ll help you choose the most suitable blockchain and then guide you through deployment.

Blockchain wallet development

We have experience developing and maintaining successful crypto wallets that allow users to send, receive, and store their cryptocurrencies. We focus on integrating complementary technologies to provide you with a competitive edge.

Proof of concept blockchain software development

Whether you?re a start-up operating with limited funds, or your team is working on an initial MVP to get buy-in from wider enterprise stakeholders, leverage our skilled offshore blockchain development team to build your proof of concept blockchain app.

Hyperledger blockchain development

We have experience developing and maintaining successful crypto wallets that allow users to send, receive, and store their cryptocurrencies. We focus on integrating complementary technologies to provide you with a competitive edge.

IoT blockchain development

Develop forward-thinking Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain solutions, allowing devices - like motion sensors and GPS trackers - to send data to private blockchain networks, creating a better-connected world.

P2P lending blockchain platform

Partner with Startechup to power social lending by building a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending blockchain platform. We can help you upgrade your existing blockchain platforms or build your first deployment.

Cryptocurrency development

Gain users fast and climb up the rankings. With a blockchain development team with experience developing popular cryptocurrencies, we know how to develop crypto coins and tokens that stand out against the huge competition. 

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Add a cryptocurrency exchange to your existing solution, or build a new cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates easy digital currency exchanges for consumers. Our developers are ready to help you develop and deploy at pace.

P2P crypto exchange blockchain development

Power innovative, fully decentralized, P2P crypto exchange by building a P2P crypto exchange platform that allows users to exchange cryptos without the need for an intermediary like a bank. 

Solidity software development

With a skilled offshore team of senior Solidity developers with extensive experience in Ethereum-based blockchain development, we can build everything from MVPs to complex enterprise solutions with Solidity.

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Our Blockchain Development Process

We guide you through the whole blockchain development process, helping you make every key blockchain development decision and understand where blockchain technologies fit into your tech ecosystem.

Blockchain Ideation

Whether you?re developing a new blockchain system MVP or you?re adding to an existing blockchain solution, our business analysts and engineers understand your business goals.

PoC development

Especially with complex blockchain deployment, proof of concept blockchain development can successfully get buy-in for investment-heavy projects.

Technical design and development

Our UI/UX designers create high-fidelity prototypes, and our engineers and developers build your blockchain solution to the highest code standards.

Testing and deployment

Before deployment, we perform rigorous quality assurance testing to eradicate bugs and optimize the user journey. Then, we support you through launch.

Support and upgrades

Our work extends beyond launch. Our team is here to help with blockchain solution maintenance, as well as digital marketing and ongoing optimizations.

Blockchain Technologies Benefits

Although blockchain systems are in their infancy, we?re already seeing life and market -changing solutions built on the blockchain. At Startechup, we focus on helping you leverage all the benefits that blockchain implementation has to offer.

Decentralized data

Manage your business, client, and customer data and information in a secure, decentralized way with blockchain ledgers.

Trusted transactions

Build trust between your users and future-proof your user experience by offering reliable, transparent transactions.

Streamlined auditing

Blockchain development could become a game-changer for the auditing process, allowing financial statements to be calculated in a blockchain.

Secured ecosystem

Utilize blockchain technologies for their secure, reliable, transparent ecosystems, boasting the highest level of data security.

Complex record-keeping

Blockchain systems allow you to build immutable ledgers that can?t be altered, deleted, or destroyed, fuelling high-validity complex record-keeping.

No third-party involvement

With blockchain development, you can give users the power to transfer ownership, make payments, and more, without the need for centralized authorities.

No single point of failure

The fact that blockchain development relies on a shared, replicated ledger within a decentralized, P2P network means there?s no single point of failure.

Reduced costs

Leverage blockchain technology to reduce operational costs and execution times for financial transactions.

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A blockchain is a digital, decentralized ledger of transactions, duplicated and distributed across a peer-to-peer network of computers. The effect is that data, and therefore valuable assets, are difficult or near impossible to hack or cheat.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are interconnected but not the same thing. A blockchain is a digital, decentralized ledger of transactions, distributed across a P2P network. Blockchain technology enables cryptocurrencies - cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that run on these decentralized blockchains.

As one of the top blockchain technology companies, we focus on helping you unlock all the benefits that developing blockchain solutions has to offer your business: