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The importance of cloud computing

Transform your business to become more current and competitive. Cloud computing technologies allow you to lower your costs, reduce your risks, and become more productive. This in turn allows your business to become more agile, scalable, and secure.

At Startechup, we focus on helping you to unlock all the business benefits of cloud computing through in-depth cloud consulting services. Reach out to us today to start building better cloud solutions.

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Cloud Consulting & Cloud Computing Services

Our experienced team can deliver cloud consulting on every cloud technology consideration. Whether you need to find the right course of action for migrating to the cloud or you need to re-design your cloud architecture, Startechup is here to deliver.

Initial cloud consulting

Our business analysts and cloud consultants gather information from your whole team and speak to your key stakeholders to understand a broad range of perspectives. Then, we consult on a plan of action to leverage cloud tech for your business.

Business case

We build you a comprehensive business case so that you can get enterprise-wide buy-in. We assess the cost of ownership analysis (TCO), return on investment (ROI), and the effect of cloud migration on your development budget and timeline.

Process descriptions and policies

Ensure your IT services satisfy your business requirements. We establish, document, and create governance criteria and processes, required for the provisioning of IT services after cloud migration.

Cloud services plan

Our analysts, cloud consulting experts, and developers draw up a detailed plan for development, including capabilities requirements, a risk management plan, and a wider strategy for cloud tech to integrate into your business priorities. 

Cloud environment design

Our talented engineers design your cloud architecture, including data center hardware and back-end infrastructure. We have architects across every cloud-leading technology, experienced in building cost-effective, scalable solutions.

Cloud solutions knowledge transfer

Ensure you feel confident maintaining and improving your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud consulting team creates comprehensive documentation and guides your whole team through your business? new cloud environment.

Infrastructure configuration & code reviews

We rigorously test your cloud environment in order to ensure it is secure, functional, and scalable. Our developers perform manual and automated QA testing on any code that?s written as part of the project.

Become a cloud-leading business

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Cloud Consulting Services Benefits

Our cloud consulting team is dedicated to taking advantage of all the opportunities that cloud technology has to offer. Whether it?s making your whole infrastructure more secure or reducing downtime for users, we?re ready to consult you to meet your business goals.

Rigorous assessment

We take a rigorous, comprehensive approach to assessing your existing systems and analyzing your readiness for cloud migration.

Top-notch security

With experience with European and US compliance, we ensure that your cloud solutions are secure, compliant, and encrypted when necessary.

24/7 monitoring

Get real-time alerts and 24/7 cloud monitoring with our managed services, so you have the confidence your tech ecosystem is up and running, all the time.


We are provider-agnostic and have engineers with experience in every leading cloud solutions provider, from Microsoft Azure to IBM Cloud to AWS.

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Simply, cloud technology allows users to store and access programs, files, and data through the internet, rather than through on-site hard drives.

Cloud services is a term that encompasses an incredibly wide range of services that are delivered over the cloud. Startechup is a cloud consulting, cloud technology services, IT services, and software development services company based in the Philippines. We have delivered managed services and cloud infrastructure services to clients worldwide, helping them to build innovative cloud services.

Cloud services is a term that encompasses an incredibly wide range of services that are delivered over the cloud. Startechup is a cloud consulting, cloud technology services, IT services, and software development services company based in the Philippines. We have delivered managed services and cloud infrastructure services to clients worldwide, helping them to build innovative cloud services.

There are a handful of globally trusted cloud service providers. The top cloud in terms of popularity is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which does an absolutely fantastic job at ensuring scalability and security for both start-ups and enterprises. There?s also Microsoft Azure, a popular cloud service that can handle large enterprise clients, bringing enterprise-level productivity. If you're wondering which cloud to use, reach out to our cloud consulting team at Startechup. With our cloud consulting services, we can help you make the right decisions about cloud selection, development, deployment, and integration. Startechup is a wider technology company, delivering a wide range of technology services, including mobile app development services, managed services, custom software development services, and web development services.

An AWS cloud consultant, or just an AWS consultant, is a cloud consultant that is focused on building technology solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS). They advise businesses on the best set-up of AWS cloud infrastructure and provide services for AWS cloud development. This includes building the cloud architecture and necessitates a deep understanding of AWS and operational best practices. AWS cloud consultants also sometimes have strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services.

A cloud consulting company is one that provides cloud consulting services. They can consult you on cloud migrations, advise on your cloud architecture, and guide you in digital transformation. Some cloud consulting companies will just offer consulting services. As a full-service cloud consulting, strategy consulting, custom software, and cloud development company, Startechup also offers cloud development services to drive the creation of innovative solutions. Therefore, you can work with the same team to consult on, build, and deploy your solution.

An enterprise cloud strategy outlines the methods and goals for adopting modern cloud architecture and migrating to the cloud for large enterprise-scale businesses. This can include devising a plan to move storage from on-site facilities to cloud services, and transforming your current cloud infrastructure. In reality, building an enterprise cloud strategy requires enterprise architecture planners, information security and risk management, data classification, finance, operations, and a whole range of other teams.

A cloud application is custom software that users access through the internet, meaning a large part of the application is managed by the server, not the user's local device.