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Why dive into the Internet of Things?

From medicine to agriculture, almost every industry has been transformed by plugging into the Internet of Things (IoT). By embedding connectivity into physical devices, these devices can collect and send data, powering a truly smart world.

The opportunities here are endless, from tracking noise pollution in real-time in a smart city to remote health monitoring for someone with medical issues. Leverage the power of IoT application development and see how you could grow business’ competitive advantage with our comprehensive IoT services.

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Internet of Things Services

With front-end developers, back-end engineers, full-stack experts, and IoT specialists, supported by talented consultants and analysts, we have the deep expertise necessary to handle all your IoT software needs.

IoT Solution Consulting

Before we start any development work, our analysts and consultants delve into your business needs and your current tech ecosystem. We then advise on hardware, create a data security strategy, and plan for IoT solution adoption.

IoT device network creation & IoT device management

Our engineers work on IoT device network creation, configuring IoT devices, then performing comprehensive live monitoring, and diagnostics in order to improve deployment. We also offer long-term IoT device management services.

Edge computing setup

Edge computing is revolutionalizing how IoT data is stored, analyzed, and delivered. We create an Edge infrastructure by placing several Edge servers across a network, then group IoT devices through each Edge device.

Data center implementation

Leverage the power of your IoT data to solve problems faster, identify predictive maintenance tasks, and discover opportunities in the IoT ecosystem. We design and construct a robust data processing environment, capable of handling complex data.

IoT applications development

Create a custom IoT platform for your employees and your customers to monitor your IoT devices. We craft stunning UI/UX design across multiple operating systems and implement the best data visualization techniques.

Remote control IoT applications development

Our engineers and developers take the functionality of your IoT devices to the next level by designing rules-based and machine-learning-based remote control apps on both web and mobile.

QA and testing

Ensure your IoT solution is bug-free and completely seamless on deployment. We handle rigorous QA testing, verifying the initial requirements, documenting the code, and performing unit testing.

Support & maintenance

Our team is here for long-term support. We focus on improving data quality, IoT platform availability, and usage. We also frequently re-assess your IoT infrastructure, looking for vulnerabilities and implementing fixes.

Internet of Things Business Goals

At Startechup, we pride ourselves on being the most disruptive and innovative thinkers in the business. We provide superior quality digital products that are designed to bring all-around performance and diverse capabilities to your company. With our help, you will be able to take your business to the next level.

IoT Advanced Solutions Team

Our team of developers works tirelessly to deliver cleverly crafted IoT solutions, even when the deadlines seem impossible.

High-Quality Infrastructure

Our extensive knowledge of IoT, combined with our cutting-edge tools and systematic processes, allow us to deliver robust IoT solutions.

Customizable Contracts

Guaranteed success is what we offer, thanks to our experienced team who has worked on countless IoT projects. We’re equipped to handle any engagement model you need and have a proven track record of delivering results.

Scalable IoT Products

By utilizing our services, your IoT application will be able to keep up with the increased demand for data as more devices connect. In an ever-changing world, being ahead of the curve is key to success.

Fast Service

Our number one priority is to provide our clients with high-quality software in a timely manner. Startechup has built a reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Secure IoT Applications

Our team works hard to keep your confidential information safe by using the latest data security practices and staying up-to-date with compliance regulations.

The Best Internet of Things Services

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The IoT development Process

Startechup is one of the leading IoT service providers. From early-stage consultation where we understand your business ambitions to post-deployment optimizations, we?re ready to guide you through the IoT process.


Whether you?re a start-up building an MVP or an enterprise enhancing your existing IoT solution, our analysts delve into your business priorities and propose ideal solutions.

Design & planning

At this stage, we finalize hardware decisions, and then design the UI/UX of your IoT systems and the back-end of your software system.


With design completed, our engineers and developers work on writing code for the back-end and front-end of your IoT solution.


Throughout the development lifecycle, we perform continuous code testing, ensuring the IoT security and functionality of your code.


Our team is here to guide you through deployment, supporting you with IoT adoption strategies and methodologies.

Support & maintenance

Post-deployment, we perform continuous testing, enhance security, and identify optimizations to the user experience.

Benefits of our IoT Solutions

Leverage our broad, multi-disciplinary offshore IoT services team and take advantage of the full range of benefits that developing an innovating, competitive IoT platform has to offer your business.

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With a vast, experienced team, we use Agile and other leading methodologies to achieve fast development cycles and rapid updates.

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We know every business is different, so we offer a range of engagement models, from hourly models to fixed-price agreements.

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With advanced remote collaboration and digital project management tools, we ensure full transparency between our development team and yours.

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Our engineers and developers are knowledgeable about the latest IoT data security practices, compliance protocols, and regional regulations.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects with technologies that can connect and exchange data. In reality, there are already billions of physical devices in this IoT, from automatic microwaves to fully smart buildings.

IoT software is the core part of IoT development and allows hardware devices to communicate in the Internet of Things. It spans IoT data collection, device integration, and analytics.

When we look around the real world, there are a huge number of examples of IoT applications in multiple industries. Here are just a few examples: