Build powerful
cross-platform apps
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Why build a React Native app?

With React Native, you get the best of native and hybrid apps. Using the React Native framework, we can develop apps for both the iOS and Android operating system, while maintaining one single codebase.

Therefore, despite its name, React Native is not native. But its powerful functionality allows you to access native-like features and build apps that feel native to users. Start the conversation with Startechup and discover how we?ll use React Native to develop a robust, scalable mobile app with an excellent user experience.

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React Native App Development Services

Your software product manager from Startechup is ready to analyze your business, and create a strategy and roadmap that aligns with your wider business goals, your product’s key features, and wider market requirements.

React Native consulting

Is React Native the right framework for not only your app, but also your business priorities? Our analysts and developers guide you through important development and architecture decisions, helping you fulfill your business goals.

React Native app development

From high-fidelity design prototypes to testing and deployment, our multi-disciplinary team can create high-quality mobile apps for every use case. Implement cutting-edge technology, shorten your time to market, and gain a competitive edge.

React Native Migration

Maintaining two code bases for your iOS and Android applications can be resource-intensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. We?ll help you migrate your existing applications to React Native and leverage everything it has to offer.

React Native Support & Maintenance

Whether it?s a new React Native release, you want to launch a new feature, or there are new security flaws, we?re here to support you through post-deployment support, troubleshooting, development, and optimization.

Build near-native applications with React Native App Development

Book your free consultation with one of our Digital Experts.

The React Native App Development Process

From planning the project to post-deployment support, we maintain clear communication with our global clients throughout the app development journey. With decades of collective experience in React Native app development, we know how to drive business growth.


We begin by mapping out the project scope, exploring your requirements with your stakeholders, and providing a detailed task breakdown.


Our UI and UX designers create a lifelike design that shows exactly what the user experience will be like on your final application.

Single Codebase Development

Develop faster. With React Native, our engineers develop one set of code for both iOS and Android apps using leading development methodologies.

Quality Assurance

Before launch, our QA developers perform manual and automated testing to ensure that your app is bug-free, compliant, and secure.


Launch on the app store and start deploying to users. We?ll support you through a hitch-free deployment and help you market on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Support and Maintenance

Whether it?s keeping up with new React Native updates or eradicating bugs, our experts are on hand for ongoing development work.

The Benefits of React Native Development

Leading brands choose Startechup to unlock the host of benefits that React Native application development has to offer. Deliver an exceptional user experience and drive your business objectives.

Saves Time and Money

When you?re only developing one single codebase, you can go to market faster, and cut development and maintenance costs.

Improve Performance

Unlike most hybrid applications, React Native apps perform almost exactly like native apps, so their performance is lightning-fast.

Increase flexibility

Change teams, add features, and create testing scenarios. With the React Native platform, the ongoing development of your app is easier and more scalable.

Migrate easily

Technology requirements and business priorities change. Developers can easily export apps from React Native to Android Studio and Xcode.

Preview live

Developers have improved agility with React Native?s live reloading functionality – we can write code and instantly preview the code to get real-time feedback.

Update Fast

With one single codebase, you can implement over-the-air (OTA) updates to your React Native app once, and see them implemented on both your Android and Apple apps.

Augment Existing Apps

React Native is incredibly flexible – with an existing app, you don?t need to rewrite it. Instead, you can augment an existing app with React Native, saving you time and money.

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React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to write one set of code for natively-rendering mobile applications on both iOS and Android operating systems. It?s a framework that is used by hundreds of the world?s biggest companies, including Microsoft and Facebook (who first released it as an open-source project in 2015).

React Native is not a language itself. Instead, it?s a framework for creating native-style cross-platform mobile apps under one language: JavaScript.

If you'd like to hire a user experience designer, we will make an audit of your project to come up with the best solution that takes into account technology, seniority level, skills, etc.
We will provide an approximate timeline of your project. After accepting the proposal, we recruit the developers for your user experience and user interface design according to your requirements and to kickstart the process.

No, React Native is not actually native - it?s hybrid. Therefore, React Native app development doesn't create truly native apps. However, React Native has several native features and uses native UI controls, meaning a React Native app functions very similarly to a fully native iOS app or Android app.

React Native compiles JavaScript code into native components, thus using platform-specific modules and APIs. The framework makes a native bridge between the app and the target library, creating a seamless, native-like experience for your users.

A React Native development company provides React Native development services. A React Native app development company should have a full React Native team, consisting of React Native developers, designers, project managers, and business analysts.

If you're not completely sure about building a React Native app, it's beneficial to work with a wider mobile app development company that works on multiple technologies. They can help you choose React Native, as well as other technologies, for your mobile app project. We are Startechup, a mobile app development company that works on a huge range of mobile app development projects in a variety of industries and use cases. Our app developers are here to guide you through all the native mobile app development decisions you need to make.

Many companies choose React Native app development due to its great performance and ability to reduce app development company costs. Facebook is a React Native mobile app. Another React Native mobile app is Walmart. There's also Bloomberg, Instagram, and SoundCloud Pulse. React Native app development is so popular for mobile app development because it allows you to deploy a mobile application with one set of code across multiple operating systems, while maintaining a superior user experience.

Yes, React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework. It's used for cross-platform app development but can also be used for web development.