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Custom Web applications for Startups, or Enterprise web applications – whatever you want to build, the top talent in our senior back-end development team is ready to bring your idea to life.

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The Importance of Web Back end Development

The back-end is the most fundamental part of your web or mobile app. In order to create incredible user experiences on the front-end, your back-end needs to be capable of integrating innovative technology, processing a large number of data requests during heavy loads, and handling your users’ data securely.

This is a complex – but worthwhile – feat. Our development team of expert back-end developers is ready to guide you through every decision and then develop the perfect back-end solution for your business ambitions.

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Our Back-end Development Services

Our team is goal-oriented, focused on finding opportunities in your back-end software development to implement cutting-edge technologies and meet your business needs. We deliver projects on time and build innovative products, in line with your key priorities.

Web app back-end development

Guarantee lightning-speed website performance, fast load times, and excellent user experiences. Our expert web application developers build secure back-ends for enterprise apps, web portals, and IoT infrastructures.

Mobile app back-end development

Build top-rated mobile solutions with cutting-edge functionality. We’ll help you build a secure, scalable architecture, deploy across multiple devices and platforms, and continuously optimize your app to enhance the user experience.

API development and integration

Push your software further and realize more value for your clients, customers, and employees. We’ll connect existing third-party services with your application and build a custom API to allow other businesses to plug into your software.

Cloud back-end solutions

With software engineers across every cloud-leading technology, we’ll help you migrate to, optimize, and scale your cloud infrastructure, providing back-end services that allow you to unlock the next stage of your business growth.

Custom back-end development

Whether you need to migrate an existing application, want to add new features, or need to make your data more secure, we can't wait to start building scalable, quality products for your business, leveraging our extensive experience.

Back-end refactoring

If your app’s not performing at optimal levels due to clumsy code, we can deliver enhanced refactoring, restructuring your code to preserve its original functionality, while unlocking technical cost savings, enhanced stability, and speed optimizations.

Build Better Back-end Solutions with Startechup

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Our Product Management Process

Your software product manager from Startechup is ready to analyze your business, and create a strategy and roadmap that aligns with your wider business goals, your product’s key features, and wider market requirements.

Gather project requirements

Through surveys and calls, we’ll discuss business priorities and technical requirements with your key stakeholders, aligning development with your business priorities.


Our developers start working on your website, and we’ll keep you completely in the loop through the whole process, with digital project tracking and regular calls.

Receive a quote

Based on the initial discovery phase, we’ll present project estimates as well as a detailed breakdown of tasks that need to be completed.

Delivery and support

We perform extensive Q&A testing, fix latency issues, and eliminate bugs, to ensure your product functions like it should, before supporting you through deployment.

Choose your cooperation model

We work with start-ups and enterprises on a flexible basis. We’ll show you several cooperation models, and you can choose the one that works for your budget and timeline.

The Benefits of Web Back end Development

When you work with Startechup on a development project, we unlock a fleet of benefits for your business. That’s because we’re not just focused on building your website – we develop back-ends to drive tangible growth.

Full-cycle development

Get access to a full team of development engineers, deliver a full project hassle-free, and enjoy full visibility into the project status.

Latest technology

Guarantee you maintain a competitive advantage. Our development team focuses on implementing innovative technologies to make your web app more powerful.

End-to-end security

Using the latest security protocols, we ensure that your website is secure and scalable, and provide long-term support to eliminate bugs. 


We build high-load performance systems that accelerate your business goals and scale as you grow. Our expert developers ensure fast performance even at peak times.

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Whether you want an Android app or an enterprise web app, this is one of the most vital components you shouldn't forget in your software. When you look at a website or app, the “front-end” is the user interface you’re using. The “backend” is where everything happens to make the front-end possible. The backend essentially refers to the code that runs on the server that receives requests, runs the appropriate business logic, and then sends the right data back to the user interface. So if you’re wondering “what is meant by front-end and backend?”, there’s your answer!

The cost per year for one senior backend developer could easily reach $200,000. Backend developers and engineers on average earn 25% more than their front-end developer counterparts. That’s partly because backend development is a complex field that requires a lot of knowledge of cloud architectures and a wide span of technologies. By working with Startechup, you can massively reduce your backend development costs, while assuring you’re working with the best backend engineers in the industry. Our team is offshore, allowing your enterprise to realize cost savings in the backend development process.

C++ is a backend programming language. Although it can technically be used for front-end development, it’s a secure, memory-efficient, object-oriented programming language that’s optimized for backend use.

Yes, C# is one of the best backend programming languages. It’s safer than C and C++ and is an ideal language for backend web development. However, it’s a language that’s complex and requires deep knowledge to master. For businesses, this often translates to higher development costs. By partnering with Startechup, an offshore development company, you can reduce those costs while working with C# experts, capable of building the most complex applications.

The choice between a back-end development company and a no-code platform depends on your project's specific needs and goals. A back-end development company offers custom development services, which can be beneficial for projects requiring a high degree of customization or integrating with complex systems or legacy software.

On the other hand, a no-code platform is a pre-built solution that allows users to create, customize, and deploy applications quickly and cost-effectively. Still, it may be less flexible or adaptable to specific needs.

Additionally, a back-end development company may have more experience and expertise in developing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

In summary, a back-end development company is best for complex and custom projects, while a no-code platform is best for quick and simple projects.

When deciding whether to hire a full-stack developer for your web application development project, it all comes down to the unique features and needs of that particular job.

A full-stack developer is a web development master, possessing both the creative art of front-end design and the technical skills required for back-end programming. They are proficient in every stage of website creation, from crafting an attractive user interface to constructing server logic that runs behind the scenes.

Is your project requiring both a complex and interactive user interface, as well as a back-end system handling data, business logic, and APIs? If so, then you should definitely hire a full-stack developer! This professional can handle front-end development plus back-end development with great efficiency. Not only would this be cost effective but time efficient too!

Conversely, if your project does not necessitate a complex user interface or only an internal system, then you don't need to recruit a full-stack developer. Instead, think about recruiting either a front-end developer or back-end developer individually.

Before you select either a full-stack developer or specialized developers for your project, it's essential to examine both the range of the job and what specific skills and expertise will be needed to guarantee its success.

Backend development services refer to the services that development companies deliver to make your server, applications, and databases communicate and work seamlessly together. You can also work with a end-to-end development company like Startechup, which can provide you with both back-end solutions and front-end development services. Fuelled by a skilled development team, we provide high-quality backend services, including backend web development services, as well as wider software development services to clients globally.

While UX design is the process of creating the overall experience that will provide a positive, functional and efficient user experience within the digital product. It is strongly influenced by the findings from the company analysis, user research, and competitive study phases. What are the third-party products that will be integrated, how they will be connected, and how users will have a simple and enjoyable experience throughout the application

A front-end developer works on the front-end of software. They code the features and elements that users will see on the user interface - that’s the app or website screen they see when they use your software. A backend developer, or a back-end development company, works on the server side, receiving requests from the client side and sending the appropriate data back to the user interface.

At Startechup we focus on quality, transparency and long term relationships with our clients. Our charges are mostly based on time and materials, so you will only ever pay for the work that has been completed. With this flexibility in hand, you will be able to produce the the design systems needed for your software development or your enterprise software. For those having small budget for their web application, or mobile app project, we can commit to assign our ux designer for $2500-3500. With that you should be able to get enough to get started on your project, especially if you are targeting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Design firms and top ux agencies will most likely not be able to create your user interface design for such a limited budget.

Python is a super flexible programming language that can be used for both front-end and backend development. Its syntax and widespread server-side architecture does make it more appropriate for back-end systems and backend solutions - but unlike C++, it’s not a bad choice for front-end development either.

Within our team, we have experts across every leading back-end language for website and web app development: Python, C#, PHP, Java, and more. The best back-end programming language for you completely depends on the use case. For example, if you want a mobile app development service or a Big Data application development, Java’s myriad of APIs and automatic memory allocation can make it an excellent choice. In contrast, if you’re building enterprise web applications, Python is a great choice as it’s easily scalable - even with complex machine learning applications. But for the backend of mobile applications, Python isn’t the best language to choose.

At Startechup, we’ll help you make the critical decision about the programming languages to use in your tech stack, based on your use cases and business priorities.

If you're looking to develop a web application, then a back-end developer is an absolute must. They are the ones responsible for creating all of the server-side functions and features that make web applications possible - databases, APIs, scripts and more. To bring your vision to life they'll work with programming languages like PHP, Ruby or Python as well as frameworks like Laravel, Ruby on Rails and Django.

The back-end developer will craft the code that manipulates, executes business logic and communicates with other systems including the front-end. Moreover, they must guarantee the application's security as well as keep it capable of handling requests effectively while scaling when needed.

You can also bring on a full-stack developer to manage both the frontend and backend development, providing you with an all-in-one solution.

Undeniably, a web application development project's success depends on having an experienced back-end developer. They provide the fundamental foundation for functionality and reliability of any system.

Startechup procurement process flow

The Startechup procurement process flow can be summarized into four key steps. First, an Introduction call is conducted in order to get to know the potential client and assess their needs. Second, a project assessment is carried out in order to determine the scope of work and what resources will be required. Third, a project execution proposal is drafted and presented to the client for approval. Fourth, once the proposal is accepted, an agreement is drawn up and both parties sign it. This marks the beginning of the project and Startechup’s commitment to seeing it through to completion. While this process may seem long and tedious, it is essential in ensuring that both parties are on the same page and that Startechup has a clear understanding of the client’s expectations

You can expect the best from our team

At Startechup, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch software development services. Our team of experienced developers is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and platforms, and we always stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. We provide comprehensive documentation with every project, so you can be confident that the final product will meet your specific needs. In addition, our team offers business analysis and interaction Ui/UX services to ensure that your project is user-friendly and easy to navigate. When you work with Startechup, you can expect top-quality service from start to finish.

Most common project execution framework

We mostly use the most popular project execution frameworks: Agile project management. This tool is designed to provide real-time communication between project managers and team members in order to efficiently execute tasks and deliverables. The Agile framework is based on a set of principles that emphasize iterative development, customer collaboration, and continuous improvement. One of the key features of Agile project management is the daily and weekly standup meetings. These meetings help to ensure that everyone on the team is aware of the project’s progress and obstacles. As a result, all project stakeholders are up to date on every step of the project.

Powerful project tracker tool developed by Startechup

Startechup has developed a powerful project tracker tool that can help organizations keep track of time, budget and resources spent on projects. Through the tool our team members send weekly project plan and weekly wrap-up by email. We integrated data from common 3rd party in software development, like Bitbucket (similar to GitHub or Gitlab), communications on the project Slack channel. It helps clients, managers, employees to see the time they have left to complete a project, estimate the time required to complete each tasks, and make sure we stay compliant with budget and project timeframe. Startechup project tracker is a powerful tool, for clients and project managers, to monitor the progress of a project and ensure that it is on track. Startechup project tracker tool is a valuable resource for any organization that wants to improve its project management capabilities on software development projects.

Our Values

A human-centered company

Startechup is a diverse team working along every stage of the product lifecycle, but we're all brought together by our shared values.

Truly international

StarTechUp works with clients worldwide. Our offshore dev team is led by an international management team with experience in Silicon Valley and Europe.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology

Cloud technologies now boast powerful opportunities. We help you unlock the real value of these cutting-edge tools for your business.

Excited by challenges

We’re united by our hunger for challenging development projects. As industry disruptors and veteran engineers, we take on complex products.

Aggressively chasing ROI

As a strategy-driven team, we look for opportunities to save resource and maximize value. We offer competitive web development services with an offshore model.

Inspired by better business

We strive to do things better: better for our people, the planet, and everyone else on it. We operate as an ethically-conscious company and partner with clients who align with our values.

Rooted in integrity

From the way we communicate with each other to what we deliver to clients, we’re honest and straightforward. We don’t oversell or overpromise – we just deliver great business value.

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