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Custom Web applications for Startups, or Enterprise web applications – whatever you want to build, the top talent in our senior back-end development team is ready to bring your idea to life.

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The Importance of Web Back end Development

The back-end is the most fundamental part of your web or mobile app. In order to create incredible user experiences on the front-end, your back-end needs to be capable of integrating innovative technology, processing a large number of data requests during heavy loads, and handling your users? data securely.

This is a complex – but worthwhile – feat. Our development team of expert back-end developers is ready to guide you through every decision and then develop the perfect back-end solution for your business ambitions.

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Our Back-end Development Services

Our team is goal-oriented, focused on finding opportunities in your back-end software development to implement cutting-edge technologies and meet your business needs. We deliver projects on time and build innovative products, in line with your key priorities.

Web app back-end development

Guarantee lightning-speed website performance, fast load times, and excellent user experiences. Our expert web application developers build secure back-ends for enterprise apps, web portals, and IoT infrastructures.

Mobile app back-end development

Build top-rated mobile solutions with cutting-edge functionality. We?ll help you build a secure, scalable architecture, deploy across multiple devices and platforms, and continuously optimize your app to enhance the user experience.

API development and integration

Push your software further and realize more value for your clients, customers, and employees. We?ll connect existing third-party services with your application and build a custom API to allow other businesses to plug into your software.

Cloud back-end solutions

With software engineers across every cloud-leading technology, we?ll help you migrate to, optimize, and scale your cloud infrastructure, providing back-end services that allow you to unlock the next stage of your business growth.

Custom back-end development

Whether you need to migrate an existing application, want to add new features, or need to make your data more secure, we can't wait to start building scalable, quality products for your business, leveraging our extensive experience.

Back-end refactoring

If your app?s not performing at optimal levels due to clumsy code, we can deliver enhanced refactoring, restructuring your code to preserve its original functionality, while unlocking technical cost savings, enhanced stability, and speed optimizations.

Build Better Back-end Solutions with Startechup

Book your free consultation with one of our Digital Experts.

Our Product Management Process

Your software product manager from Startechup is ready to analyze your business, and create a strategy and roadmap that aligns with your wider business goals, your product’s key features, and wider market requirements.

Gather project requirements

Through surveys and calls, we?ll discuss business priorities and technical requirements with your key stakeholders, aligning development with your business priorities.


Our developers start working on your website, and we?ll keep you completely in the loop through the whole process, with digital project tracking and regular calls.

Receive a quote

Based on the initial discovery phase, we?ll present project estimates as well as a detailed breakdown of tasks that need to be completed.

Delivery and support

We perform extensive Q&A testing, fix latency issues, and eliminate bugs, to ensure your product functions like it should, before supporting you through deployment.

Choose your cooperation model

We work with start-ups and enterprises on a flexible basis. We?ll show you several cooperation models, and you can choose the one that works for your budget and timeline.

The Benefits of Web Back end Development

When you work with Startechup on a development project, we unlock a fleet of benefits for your business. That?s because we?re not just focused on building your website – we develop back-ends to drive tangible growth.

Full-cycle development

Get access to a full team of development engineers, deliver a full project hassle-free, and enjoy full visibility into the project status.

Latest technology

Guarantee you maintain a competitive advantage. Our development team focuses on implementing innovative technologies to make your web app more powerful.

End-to-end security

Using the latest security protocols, we ensure that your website is secure and scalable, and provide long-term support to eliminate bugs.