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Welcome to Startechup Academy!

The first stream of a long series of courses will be an Intro into Backend Development: NodeJS – Express – MongoDB

You want to improve your developer skills? Or, learn how to code? This 1st course from Startechup Academy is made for you and it’s totally Free !

About Startechup Academy

We aim to educate developers, aspiring developers, and project owners to learn the craft of software engineering. Being a developer means constant learning, and we aim to just do that, provide content for people to learn.

About this course

Fullstack Web Development with MERN

Event details

Date/Time: Thursday 27 Aug 2020 – 7 to 10PM
Where: Facebook Live – Youtube Live

Technical Requirements and Prerequisites:

– NodeJS and NPM
– Visual Studio Code
– Postman
– Robo3t

Check out our this project Github page for full instructions:

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