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Achieve long-term ROI by modernizing your old applications and leveraging technological innovations.

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Leverage past investments and current innovations

Application modernization is so powerful because it allows you to leverage your past investments into your legacy software applications, and build on them with the latest technological innovations. By working with existing software, application modernization offers a cost-effective path to transform an application’s functionality, performance, and scalability.

At Startechup, we draw on the potential of containerization and automation to develop a cost-effective application modernization solution that’s easy for everyone in your organization to adopt and grow with.

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Modernizing applications
every step of the Way

We perform end-to-end application modernization services, guiding you through the whole modernization process. We start with application analysis and business rules mining, before moving onto cloud migration, software development, and continuous delivery.

Application assessment

Get a full understanding of your modernization potential with application assessment, an in-depth discovery process that delves into your legacy applications so we can build a future-proof business case for upgrading existing software.

Business rules mining

Capture the business logic held in your legacy systems as if-then business rules, and assess the value each adds to your business. Forward-engineer these business rules for use in your modernized applications.

Remediation services

Support the functionality of your legacy applications, while upgrading performance and ensuring integration with your other enterprise applications. We keep your data protected and create remediation workflows that fix detected issues.

Re-platforming services

Leverage cloud-native functionality by migrating to the cloud, while choosing a cost-efficient and scalable solution. We have full-stack software developers who are experts across every cloud-leading tool.

Migration services

Innovate faster, become more flexible, and cut costs by migrating your applications to the cloud. Ensure a smooth transition with rehosting, refactoring, digital recoupling, and containerization.

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Application modernization Technologies

We leverage the latest tried-and-tested technologies to help you achieve your business goals. Our experts are here to help you find the best cloud tools to modernize your existing applications for better operational efficiency, data security, and business control.

Cloud computing

As specialists in cloud computing, we help your applications access all the benefits of migrating to the cloud.


Employ a containerized solution for migration – the best way to minimize disruption to your business operations and increase deployment speed.

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Modernize your application using microservices architecture, breaking down larger projects into smaller services for enhanced agility and faster deployment.

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Orchestration and automation

Get a modern application that you can sustainably manage at scale – boost your containerized solution by automating operational tasks.

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Application modernization is when you update applications in order to get the benefits of modern technology, like new functionality, more capabilities, and efficient operations processes. Application modernization is an essential part of digital transformation and covers a wide range of services and technologies, like data remediation, software development, and re-platforming.

Most organizations have recognized the risk of leaving legacy apps, especially critical applications, to stagnate in their capabilities, even as their business grows. Therefore, forward-thinking organizations know it's important to upgrade an original application to take advantage of modern tools that accelerate business growth and reduce risk.

Businesses also have the option of completely overhauling their technology, adopting new applications and a new cloud data center. This can offer similar advantages to modernization, like improving developer productivity, minimizing the time it takes to make code changes, and enhancing security. However, this can be cost-intensive and reduces ROI on the initial investment.

In practice, the benefits of app modernization are incredibly wide-ranging. It can help you improve the customer experience, protect sensitive data, and ultimately remain competitive.

Infrastructure modernization is when you upgrade - but don't completely replace - your infrastructure, usually on premises, and take advantage of a cloud, hybrid, or multi cloud solution. Multi cloud is when a company uses multiple cloud services from different vendors, all in one singe architecture.

We use the best tools for infrastructure modernization, like Microsoft Azure and IBMZ.

Enterprise application modernization is the process of upgrading an existing enterprise application, taking advantage of the benefits of new technology, like AI and machine learning, while protecting your existing investments. It's particularly powerful for a company, like an IT organization, that has invested heavily in its existing systems but needs software that future-proofs their business.

There are many ways that modernizing your apps improves your business. For example, customers are constantly demanding experiences that fit into their lifestyle better. Modernized applications allow you to take advantage of new technology easily, and accelerate the pace at which you evolve with your customers. Modernizing apps also allows you to access cloud-native security, automate risk reporting, and quickly identify vulnerabilities.

There are plenty of application modernization processes that we adopt, depending on each business' situation, operations, and capabilities. For example, one strategy for modernizing apps is rehosting, also know as "lift and shift". This is when you take an existing platform from a legacy environment (like on-premises environments) and move it to cloud infrastructure. Another option is refactoring, when we break up a monolithic application into smaller, decoupled pieces - this is what we call microservices. At Startechup, we often use this to maximize the benefits of containers.

VMWare offers a range of technology products and services for application modernization. At Startechup, we use the Tanzu Application Platform to secure the container lifecycle, Tanzu Application Service to run microservices across clouds, and Tanzu Labs to accelerate software delivery.

IBMZ offers an overall approach to modernizing mainframe applications, enabling you to be compliance-ready, scalable, and reliable. IBMZ is particularly powerful integrated into a hybrid cloud platform. It enables increased access to core applications and lower compliance costs.

Creating an application modernization strategy involves several steps:

  1. Assessing your current application landscape: Understand the current state of your applications, including their technology stack, architecture, and usage patterns. Identify legacy applications running on outdated technology or using a different architecture than your other applications.
  2. Identifying opportunities for modernization: Look for areas where your applications can be improved, such as updating to more recent AI technologies, improving scalability, or increasing automation. Identify the areas of application that are most important for your business and prioritize their modernization.
  3. Evaluating your existing infrastructure: Consider the resources you already have in place, such as servers, virtual machines, and storage. Determine how these resources can be used or repurposed to support your modernization efforts.
  4. Developing a modernization plan: Create a plan that details the steps you will take to modernize your applications. Consider the costs, timelines, and resources required for each step, and include specific goals for each application.
  5. Executing the plan: Once your modernization plan is in place, complete it by allocating the necessary resources, such as developers and infrastructure, and managing the project.
  6. Monitor and optimize: After the modernization is complete, it's essential to monitor the performance of the modernized applications and make adjustments as needed to maximize their performance and ensure they meet your goals.

It's important to note that modernization strategies should be flexible and adaptable as the technology and business landscape constantly evolve. Also, it's essential to work closely with your managed IT services provider and clearly communicate with them to ensure the success of the modernization effort.

Startechup procurement process flow

The Startechup procurement process flow can be summarized into four key steps. First, an Introduction call is conducted in order to get to know the potential client and assess their needs. Second, a project assessment is carried out in order to determine the scope of work and what resources will be required. Third, a project execution proposal is drafted and presented to the client for approval. Fourth, once the proposal is accepted, an agreement is drawn up and both parties sign it. This marks the beginning of the project and Startechup’s commitment to seeing it through to completion. While this process may seem long and tedious, it is essential in ensuring that both parties are on the same page and that Startechup has a clear understanding of the client’s expectations

You can expect the best from our team

At Startechup, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch software development services. Our team of experienced developers is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and platforms, and we always stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. We provide comprehensive documentation with every project, so you can be confident that the final product will meet your specific needs. In addition, our team offers business analysis and interaction Ui/UX services to ensure that your project is user-friendly and easy to navigate. When you work with Startechup, you can expect top-quality service from start to finish.

Most common project execution framework

We mostly use the most popular project execution frameworks: Agile project management. This tool is designed to provide real-time communication between project managers and team members in order to efficiently execute tasks and deliverables. The Agile framework is based on a set of principles that emphasize iterative development, customer collaboration, and continuous improvement. One of the key features of Agile project management is the daily and weekly standup meetings. These meetings help to ensure that everyone on the team is aware of the project’s progress and obstacles. As a result, all project stakeholders are up to date on every step of the project.

Powerful project tracker tool developed by Startechup

Startechup has developed a powerful project tracker tool that can help organizations keep track of time, budget and resources spent on projects. Through the tool our team members send weekly project plan and weekly wrap-up by email. We integrated data from common 3rd party in software development, like Bitbucket (similar to GitHub or Gitlab), communications on the project Slack channel. It helps clients, managers, employees to see the time they have left to complete a project, estimate the time required to complete each tasks, and make sure we stay compliant with budget and project timeframe. Startechup project tracker is a powerful tool, for clients and project managers, to monitor the progress of a project and ensure that it is on track. Startechup project tracker tool is a valuable resource for any organization that wants to improve its project management capabilities on software development projects.

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A human-centered company

Startechup is a diverse team working along every stage of the product lifecycle, but we're all brought together by our shared values.

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StarTechUp works with clients worldwide. Our offshore dev team is led by an international management team with experience in Silicon Valley and Europe.

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