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The importance of BI consulting

Business intelligence (BI) leverages strategies and technologies for powerful data analysis and data management that allows enterprises to make better strategic decisions. 

BI is so crucial because it enables businesses to have confidence in data-driven decisions, based on historical and present data and future forecasting. Instead of making biased choices due to a lack of comprehensive information, BI allows companies to make choices based on all the available data in all of their internal systems.

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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

With a diverse, global team of developers, engineers, consultants, and analysts, we offer the full range of BI consulting services. Whether you need to start integrating BI into your decision-making or want to make more powerful dashboards, we’re here to help.

Data-driven business analytics

Get powerful overviews and in-depth breakdowns of all your business data, collected and streamlined in one place from several disparate systems. We help you make better decisions with BI consulting.

Mobile business intelligence

Empower your people to access important data analytics from mobile devices, at any time from any place, in order to improve the effectiveness and speed of your daily business operations.

BI dashboards

We build customized business intelligence dashboards to help key decision-makers, executives, and team members make great decisions with advanced analytics. We have consultants with experience in Power BI, Tableau, and more.

Data analytics & reporting

Revolutionalize your ability to identify problems and risks, then make effective optimizations and fixes. With our comprehensive data analytics and reporting services, we help you meet your business goals through automated reporting.

Predictive analysis

Build powerful prediction tools or protect your business’ margins through data-driven forecasting. Our predictive analytics experts drive actionable insights across a huge range of use cases and industries.

End-user adoption audits

Ensure that your people are getting the most out of your analytics tools and business intelligence dashboards. We understand how people are using your tools, then suggest optimizations to increase adoption.

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Business Intelligence Services

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Business Intelligence Consulting Process

As an experienced business intelligence team, we have refined a clear process that allows organizations to transform their data management strategy, whatever your sector and business ambitions.

Discovery Session

Your key stakeholders, our solutions architects, and our consultants will meet for initial assessments to discover your data sources, challenges, and goals.

Review proposed solutions

Our team will present you with a range of business intelligence and data management solutions for you to review.

Solution development

We work to develop your chosen BI solution, ensuring your BI strategy aligns with your wider business goals.

Training and Support

Ensure full adoption of your BI solution, enterprise-wide. We can provide in-person, virtual, and automated training for self-service BI.

The Benefits of BI consulting

Leverage the power of our business intelligence expertise. Our BI consultants are focused on driving tangible business growth with powerful data management strategies, interactive dashboards, and cutting-edge data science.

Become strategy-driven

In a fast-moving business ecosystem, it’s essential for your stakeholders to have a clear, accurate, high-level overview to inform enterprise strategy.

Improve overall data quality

Our consultants help you improve the overall validity of your data, incorporating emerging technologies like natural language processing (NLP) to ensure accurate data collection.

Streamline access to multiple data sources

With powerful business intelligence dashboards, you can streamline all your data in one place, tiered by relevant user permissions for your whole team.

Adapt to business requirements and opportunities

Get data-driven insights into future risks and opportunities, so you can action mitigations and ramp-ups at the right time.

Maximize ROI with training

Our team doesn’t just develop BI solutions. We also help you get your whole team on board and utilizing your tools at optimum productivity.

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Business intelligence (BI) is all about helping organizations to make better data-driven decisions. It allows businesses to gain a comprehensive view of all their data by combining a myriad of technologies and techniques, including business analytics, data mining, and data visualization.

There are three main types of business intelligence analysis: predictive analytics, descriptive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Predictive analytics models future outcomes and forecasting by using historical and real-time information and data, while descriptive analytics is used to identify trends and relationships in data. Prescriptive analytics is slightly different and wide-ranging, taking a huge amount of data to define an optimal course of action.

An experienced BI consultant in the US or Europe will charge at least $250 per hour. That’s because a BI consultant requires degree-level education, post-graduate courses, and a vast amount of on-the-job experience. BI consultants need to have skills in automation technology, machine learning technology, database management, business process analytics, data visualization, and a whole myriad of other fields.

At Startechup, we allow start-ups and enterprises to access business intelligence consultants to gain a competitive edge at a far lower cost by offering access to our talented offshore development team. Get in touch today to see how we could cut your costs with our business intelligence services.

Business intelligence consulting services advise you on making more informed data-driven decisions. They’re focused on improving your data sources, data validity, data management, data analysis processes, UI/UX design, and underlying infrastructure. Startechup is a leading offshore business intelligence consulting business, allowing you to access senior BI consulting expertise. We have experience creating effective business intelligence solutions for sales, reporting, and more for a wide range of clients in many different industries. Reach out today to find out how our business intelligence consulting team could drive your business intelligence goals and give your business the maximum benefit.

Business Intelligence (BI) reports can play an essential role in digital transformation by providing organizations with the data and insights they need to make informed decisions. Here are a few ways that existing BI reports can help support digital transformation efforts:

  1. Identifying new business opportunities: BI reports can help organizations identify new opportunities by providing insights into customer behavior, market trends, and competitor activity. For example, BI reports can help organizations identify new product or service opportunities, target new markets, or improve customer engagement.
  2. Improving operational efficiency: BI reports can help organizations improve operational efficiency by providing insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as production, inventory, and logistics. For example, BI reports can help organizations identify bottlenecks, optimize production schedules, and reduce inventory costs.
  3. Enhancing customer experience: BI reports can help organizations enhance customer experience by providing insights into customer behavior, preferences, and feedback. For example, BI reports can help organizations identify customer pain points, improve product offerings, and personalize customer experiences.
  4. Improving decision-making: BI reports can help organizations make better decisions by providing insights into key performance indicators, such as sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction. For example, BI reports can help organizations identify which products or services are selling well, which marketing campaigns are most effective, and which customer service interactions are most successful.
  5. Supporting digital innovation: BI reports can help organizations support digital innovation by providing insights into the impact of new technologies on business performance. For example, BI reports can help organizations understand how new technologies such as AI and AR/VR applications are impacting customer behavior and how they're impacting business performance.
  6. Identifying areas for improvement: BI reports can help organizations identify areas for improvement by providing insights into key performance indicators, such as sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction. For example, BI reports can help organizations identify which products or services are not selling well, which marketing campaigns are not working, and which customer service interactions are not successful.

Overall, existing BI reports can provide organizations with valuable insights and information to support digital transformation efforts by delivering data-driven decision-making, identifying new opportunities and areas for improvements and supporting innovation.

Almost 50% of all businesses already use BI tools. It’s no surprise, then, that industry leaders like American Express, Starbucks, and Amazon all use business intelligence to make better decisions and optimize their business processes. American Express leverages BI to detect fraud and even predict the customers who will close their accounts soon. Many other enterprises across various industries use BI solutions to generate powerful insights for supply chain management, performance management, tracking key performance indicators in marketing, and more.

Power BI consultants introduce better data strategies in organizations' internal processes, like all business intelligence consultants. These processes can be in finance reporting, performance analysis, customer management - any part of your enterprise. However, Power BI consultants specifically specialize in the Microsoft product, an interactive data visualization software.

Business intelligence (BI) consulting involves using various technologies to collect, store, and analyze data to support informed decision-making in a business. Some of the key technologies used in BI consulting include:

  1. Data warehousing: This technology is used to store and manage large amounts of data from various sources. Data warehousing platforms like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2 are commonly used in BI consulting.
  2. BI Platforms: BI platforms like Tableau, QlikView, and Microsoft Power BI are used to create interactive visualizations, dashboards, and reports that can be used to analyze data and make decisions.
  3. Data mining and analytics tools: Data mining tools like RapidMiner, KNIME, and Orange are used to analyze large amounts of data and extract insights. Advanced analytics tools like R and Python are also used to perform statistical analysis and machine learning on data.
  4. Cloud computing: Cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) store and process large amounts of data in the cloud, making it more accessible and scalable for businesses.
  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): AI and ML technologies are increasingly being used to improve the performance of BI systems and provide more accurate insights.

With the right tools and team, BI software can become a powerful tool for reporting, marketing, finance, and more.

Cloud BI, or Cloud Business Intelligence, is an approach to business intelligence that leverages cloud computing technology to provide organizations with data analytics and reporting capabilities. Essentially, it involves using cloud-based tools and services to gather and analyze data and then present it in an easily understood and actionable way for decision-makers.

Cloud BI is becoming increasingly popular because it offers several advantages over traditional, on-premise BI solutions. For one, it's often more cost-effective, as cloud-based tools can be rented on a subscription basis rather than requiring a large upfront investment in hardware and software.

If you want to implement Cloud BI for your organization, consider working with a cloud consulting firm like StarTechUP. We specialize in helping organizations migrate their data and applications to the cloud and provide expertise and guidance on the best tools and services for your particular needs.

Startechup procurement process flow

The Startechup procurement process flow can be summarized into four key steps. First, an Introduction call is conducted in order to get to know the potential client and assess their needs. Second, a project assessment is carried out in order to determine the scope of work and what resources will be required. Third, a project execution proposal is drafted and presented to the client for approval. Fourth, once the proposal is accepted, an agreement is drawn up and both parties sign it. This marks the beginning of the project and Startechup’s commitment to seeing it through to completion. While this process may seem long and tedious, it is essential in ensuring that both parties are on the same page and that Startechup has a clear understanding of the client’s expectations

You can expect the best from our team

At Startechup, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch software development services. Our team of experienced developers is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and platforms, and we always stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. We provide comprehensive documentation with every project, so you can be confident that the final product will meet your specific needs. In addition, our team offers business analysis and interaction Ui/UX services to ensure that your project is user-friendly and easy to navigate. When you work with Startechup, you can expect top-quality service from start to finish.

Most common project execution framework

We mostly use the most popular project execution frameworks: Agile project management. This tool is designed to provide real-time communication between project managers and team members in order to efficiently execute tasks and deliverables. The Agile framework is based on a set of principles that emphasize iterative development, customer collaboration, and continuous improvement. One of the key features of Agile project management is the daily and weekly standup meetings. These meetings help to ensure that everyone on the team is aware of the project’s progress and obstacles. As a result, all project stakeholders are up to date on every step of the project.

Powerful project tracker tool developed by Startechup

Startechup has developed a powerful project tracker tool that can help organizations keep track of time, budget and resources spent on projects. Through the tool our team members send weekly project plan and weekly wrap-up by email. We integrated data from common 3rd party in software development, like Bitbucket (similar to GitHub or Gitlab), communications on the project Slack channel. It helps clients, managers, employees to see the time they have left to complete a project, estimate the time required to complete each tasks, and make sure we stay compliant with budget and project timeframe. Startechup project tracker is a powerful tool, for clients and project managers, to monitor the progress of a project and ensure that it is on track. Startechup project tracker tool is a valuable resource for any organization that wants to improve its project management capabilities on software development projects.

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