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User-friendly & creative

Essential to follow the KISS principle (Keep it Simple) for a MVP! Interface, User experience and application features will benefit our experience.

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expert in digital products

Web-based applications, Mobile applications, SASS products, connected devices is our daily routine for years, this can't be made up.

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entrepreneur by heart

Entrepreneuship is part of our DNA! We love building applications, but we prefer to see them successful and generating revenue for our customers.

Develop your startup product

Startechup has been working on startup projects since its birth in 2013. We love the challenge, we love to take part of the journey early, and we love being able to start developing on modern technologies. With our great experience in building startup products, we became expert in mastering the execution of such projects. We streamlined a very clear and concise process to build the digital product controlling cost and timeframe. We will develop your product starting with a great Minimum Viable Product and accompany you on all later stages of your project.

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Increase efficiency of development

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