We translate your ideas into incredible mobile apps.
Our mobile development team will provide an effective mobile strategy for you – from creation, design, and deployment, we will carry out the realization of your ideas into a tangible and functional mobile application.


Building native applications means using the native language of the platform, Objective-C on iOS (Apple Device), and Java on Android. The main advantage of writing native mobile applications is about their performance. Fast and Fluid animations, getting the full access to the phone, tablet or phablet hardware, support of the multi touch/gesture, and all the latest Libraries and APIs. The down side is that each platform will have to be written with little code in common.


Hybrid applications are web applications using the native browser of the platform. Hybrid applications are developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, wrapped altogether using platforms using sets of device APIs. A vast amount of plugins to use the mobile Camera, Bluetooth, Contacts, etc. are available and very easy to implement. Adding few lines of code will be enough to deploy your mobile application on several OS devices at once. Our team of expert developers will assess the business requirements and suggest what fits better to the client.


Web-based Apps are mobile applications looking like a native app based on Web technologies tailored to have the look and feel of an app. This approach is by far the easiest but also have significant limitations. The App business logic can immediately dress to work on many OS platforms.


Web Developers at Startechup Inc. have a very wide and deep knowledge of all the Web Technologies. We develop for our clients company websites, e-Commerce websites, Custom Web Applications, but we also work on integrating 3rd party solutions to existing Web applications.


Quick and fluid animations, taking advantage of all the features of the phone or tablet hardware, support for multi-touch / gesture, and all latest libraries and APIs.


Deploy on multiple OS / Platform using the same code base, for example, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Perfect compromise for projects that do not use advanced features.


Develop an application that resembles a true native mobile application, but using all web technologies. Very easy to implement, but limited in terms of functionality and responsiveness.



Platforms : Native iOS, Native Android

Technologies : Objective C, Swift, Java

Tools : X-Code, Android Studio

Features: Smart Home App to control actuators (like windows, doors, and lighting in a smart home); App for Home Automation; Native Application Development: iOS and Android

Features : SSL Certificates, SSDP network protocol, API controller,Interactive gesture and UI components