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QA development for gold-standard software

Set the gold standard of software quality with Startechup’s quality assurance (QA) testing services. We test software products, ensuring a great user experience.

With experience building and releasing bug-free products across a range of industries, our QA developers are ready to test your product, however complex it may be.

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Our quality assurance Process

With customers demanding ever more seamless experiences, QA has never been more important. Our defined QA process helps you iron out security bugs and optimize your software for customer use.


Our QA team collaborates with our wider software team to understand the design of your application code and project requirements. We then build a QA strategy that aligns with your release schedule.


Next, our quality assurance team creates tests, develops QA testing tools, and implements automation. This is the stage in which we prepare all the necessary scripts with a full test coverage, so execution runs smoothly.


We run QA tests, monitor test performance, and record test outcomes in a well-defined process. Ths rigorous software testing is essential in order to identify quality problems that could affect your customers’ experience.


The bugs and issues we identified during execution are analyzed and prioritized so that our developers can implement fixes. Our QA testers will also conduct regression testing, ensuring that fixes don’t affect your software’s performance.


Once our QA developers have ensured that your software meets quality requirements, we provide detailed reports on the testing process that’s been followed, the testing that’s been conducted, and the fixes that have been implemented.

Quality assurance development Services

With an experienced offshore QA testing team, we have QA developers who can help you at every stage of the software development process, whatever industry you’re in and however demanding your software product is.

Functional testing

Does your software provide customers with what they’re expecting? In functional testing, we’ll test the software from the perspective of user expectations.

DevOps test automation

Our DevOps QA engineers use test automation for continuous integration, saving time and money on your testing process.

icon requirements validation

Performance testing

Ensure your software runs with optimal speed, responsiveness, and stability – even when deployed at scale to millions of customers.

icon requirements analysis

Security testing

With a full test coverage, we’ll identify flaws in your security, assess risks, scan for vulnerabilities, and provide a detailed test report.

Build a 5-star product

Quality assurance
Testing process

We have a comprehensive iterative QA testing process that ensures that we understand your product and goals, and then deliver a software product free of bugs.

Test Plan
icon initiation and planning

Test Plan

We will outlines the approach, objectives, and scope of a software testing effort, as well as types of testing, like functional, regression, load, or security.
Test Specification
icon requirements and analysis

Test Specification

Create test cases and assess customer requirements. Define and prioritize manual, automated and regression testing.
icon integration and execution


Test automation tools like jUnit, JMeter, TestNG, Kodo. Frontend tests with Selenium, Cucumber.
icon testing


Test framework designed to help you manage and run tests with tools like TestRail or Jira Xray.
icon deployment and maintenance


Backdoors should not be provided. Security is verified at the development stage. DevOps becomes DevSecOps.
icon deployment and maintenance


Deployment process completed with live tests. Deployment reports generated with detailed statuses, which you will be able to examine.
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Once we have a clear understanding of our client's needs, we work together to reach consensus on the best way to fulfill them

QA Benefits

When many developers are working on a software project, mistakes in code and customer functionality issues can crop up easily. Our quality assurance developers help your find – and then fix – all these bugs for a quality final product.

Improve the customer experience

Avoid annoying glitches and crashes. Offer your users a seamless, bug-free experience, and launch new features without a hitch.

Save time and money

Thorough testing throughout the development process saves resources on retrospectively fixing errors. Our developers also create automated tests that save extra time – and money.

Improve security

Mistakes in code can lead to disastrous security. That’s why our quality assurance developers perform unit testing to ensure every piece of code is error-free.

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QA stands for Quality Assurance. It's the process of testing software to find problems and issues that can then be fixed in order to launch an end-user-ready product or feature. Running and improving from these test cases are essential parts of the development process, helping you gain a competitive edge with superior quality software.

Software testing starts with an in-depth requirements analysis, which helps to ensure the whole development and QA testing processes align with your business goals. Then, our QA testers build a testing strategy and get this approved by your development team. Next, we write tests and our QA testing engineers run test cases, finding bugs, security issues, and process problems using these tests. To complete the QA process, we compile a comprehensive testing report that highlights potential release issues and how software developers can fix them.

QA teams work on quality assurance strategies and test suites, writing test cases, running tests, unit testing, and other QA activities.

Even the best developer, and development teams, make code mistakes. Without quality control testing, these mistakes can lead to an end product that doesn't meet the quality and expectations of the business.

With a great quality assurance testing team and quality control strategy, you can ensure quality standards are met. Your wider development team experiences a boost in productivity too, reducing the software time-to-market.

Quality assurance software testing isn't just important when you're launching new products. It's also essential when you're deploying your new features, writing new code, or implementing new technology to ensure you're not introducing more bugs.

A Quality Assurance (QA) developer writes code for test cases and use testing tools in order to identify issues in order to improve product quality before launching it to the end-user. However, QA developers don't just work at the end of the development process - they're involved at every stage of design and development to ensure that the product aligns with the vision of key stakeholders.

There are also quality assurance specialisms, like enterprise DevOps QA engineers, who combine their experience with DevOps and quality assurance to create automated tests.

A test plan is a document that outlines the approach, objectives, and scope of a software testing effort. It is typically developed by a QA team lead or manager and approved by the project stakeholders.

The test plan should include information on the target application, the testing environment, the Test Management tool to be used, as well as the QA engineer responsibilities and roles.

In addition, the test plan should outline the types of testing to be performed (e.g., functional, regression, load, security), the schedule for testing, and the quality standards for releasing the software to production. Test plans are living documents that should be updated throughout the software development lifecycle. Automation tools can help to improve the efficiency of the testing process by running tests automatically and providing results in real-time.

Test automation can also help to reduce costs by reducing the need for manual testers. Reporting is an essential part of any software testing effort. Test reports should be generated at each stage of testing and should include information on test execution, pass/fail rates, and any defects discovered. Reports should be made available to project stakeholders in order to help them make informed decisions about the release of the software.

No software engineering team has the ability to write software completely free of bugs. Therefore, we rely on QA testers for rigorous code testing and quality control.

Here are some common activities and responsibilities of a quality assurance engineer:

  • Align on quality with client stakeholders, product managers, developers, and customer stakeholders.

  • Ensure quality at every step of the software development lifecycle

  • Test for continuous improvements and continuous integration

  • Analyzing the requirements of testing with a business analyst

  • Build a QA strategy for testing activities

  • Write test cases

  • Conduct unit tests (and more tests!), including automated testing, on code

  • Identify bugs and problems

  • Report bugs to the software development team in a well-managed process

  • Identify problem areas and add them to a tracking system

  • Identify where more quality assurance testing is necessary

  • Discuss code fixes with developers

  • Write and maintain testing documentation

  • Improve the QA process

  • Ensure software follows the agreed release schedule

Startechup procurement process flow

The Startechup procurement process flow can be summarized into four key steps. First, an Introduction call is conducted in order to get to know the potential client and assess their needs. Second, a project assessment is carried out in order to determine the scope of work and what resources will be required. Third, a project execution proposal is drafted and presented to the client for approval. Fourth, once the proposal is accepted, an agreement is drawn up and both parties sign it. This marks the beginning of the project and Startechup’s commitment to seeing it through to completion. While this process may seem long and tedious, it is essential in ensuring that both parties are on the same page and that Startechup has a clear understanding of the client’s expectations

You can expect the best from our team

At Startechup, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch software development services. Our team of experienced developers is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and platforms, and we always stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. We provide comprehensive documentation with every project, so you can be confident that the final product will meet your specific needs. In addition, our team offers business analysis and interaction Ui/UX services to ensure that your project is user-friendly and easy to navigate. When you work with Startechup, you can expect top-quality service from start to finish.

Most common project execution framework

We mostly use the most popular project execution frameworks: Agile project management. This tool is designed to provide real-time communication between project managers and team members in order to efficiently execute tasks and deliverables. The Agile framework is based on a set of principles that emphasize iterative development, customer collaboration, and continuous improvement. One of the key features of Agile project management is the daily and weekly standup meetings. These meetings help to ensure that everyone on the team is aware of the project’s progress and obstacles. As a result, all project stakeholders are up to date on every step of the project.

Powerful project tracker tool developed by Startechup

Startechup has developed a powerful project tracker tool that can help organizations keep track of time, budget and resources spent on projects. Through the tool our team members send weekly project plan and weekly wrap-up by email. We integrated data from common 3rd party in software development, like Bitbucket (similar to GitHub or Gitlab), communications on the project Slack channel. It helps clients, managers, employees to see the time they have left to complete a project, estimate the time required to complete each tasks, and make sure we stay compliant with budget and project timeframe. Startechup project tracker is a powerful tool, for clients and project managers, to monitor the progress of a project and ensure that it is on track. Startechup project tracker tool is a valuable resource for any organization that wants to improve its project management capabilities on software development projects.

Our Values

A human-centered company

Startechup is a diverse team working along every stage of the product lifecycle, but we're all brought together by our shared values.

Truly international

StarTechUp works with clients worldwide. Our offshore dev team is led by an international management team with experience in Silicon Valley and Europe.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology

Cloud technologies now boast powerful opportunities. We help you unlock the real value of these cutting-edge tools for your business.

Excited by challenges

We’re united by our hunger for challenging development projects. As industry disruptors and veteran engineers, we take on complex products.

Aggressively chasing ROI

As a strategy-driven team, we look for opportunities to save resource and maximize value. We offer competitive web development services with an offshore model.

Inspired by better business

We strive to do things better: better for our people, the planet, and everyone else on it. We operate as an ethically-conscious company and partner with clients who align with our values.

Rooted in integrity

From the way we communicate with each other to what we deliver to clients, we’re honest and straightforward. We don’t oversell or overpromise – we just deliver great business value.

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