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(France / Canada)

Since 2016

ACTIVITY LAB, a french-canadian company founded in 2015, proposes to adopt physical activity not only as an element of well-being and lifestyle, but also as a solution to preserve or even improve health.

Its product Activity Lab Pro is a digital assistant for health and physical activity professionals. It allows you to evaluate the physical condition of a person and then prescribe a physical activity corresponding to his profile.

The EvalDM application available on Android also allows you to evaluate your physical condition.

It is STARTECHUP that since 2016 accompanies ACTIVITY LAB in the design and development of its tools.

Activity Lab Pro was developed with the Django framework based on the Python language. It is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform using Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service (RDS). The EvalDM application was designed in Java language.


Startechup Success Stories - Pierre Mignot 

Pierre Mignot (Activity Lab) : “We’ve been working on several projects, Web/backend REST API and the Mobile/Android project, with the Startup Oasis Team, and they are very talented, flexible and good at building your startup product. I spent several months in their Oasis in Cebu City and this time was always extremely well spent.


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