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Since 2017

ALL IS EVENT organizes and coordinates all services related to an event in the medical field: a seminar, a congress, a conference, an event, or a meeting.

Specialized in medical congresses, ALL IS EVENT entrusts (since 2015) to STARTECHUP the formation of the application of the Assises ORL, a congress of otolaryngologists that is held annually in Nice.

This application displays the conference program. It also allows users to rate speakers and send feedback to the organization.

The first application, for the Assises of January 2015, was made in a very short time, hence the choice of a hybrid version created with ReactNative. The application having met a great success, the operation was renewed for the following editions.

STARTECHUP benefited from longer delays, which made it possible to refine the project, add features and offer native applications. The Android version is developed in Java while the iOS version is based on Swift.

STARTECHUP has also developed the Assises ORL website with WordPress.

Alix de la Porte (All is Event)


Alix de la Porte (ALL IS EVENTS project manager) on : “Startechup did the job we asked for, and on time. They also proposed some ways to promote the app, which really helped with the marketing. They were flexible, which helps a lot in this kind of project, and which is quite rare in this kind of industry. They understood our audience and did the necessary research. You can be confident with them. They work hard to achieve the goals intended.”