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SOMFY (France / USA)

Since 2015

SOMFY is a world-leading french group in the development of automation of housing openings. SOMFY designs and manufactures automatic controls for your shutters, motors to open and close the garage door, security systems for the home and for any other building (company, storage).

In 2015, SOMFY asks STARTECHUP for the realization of two projects: an internal mobile application close to its Tahoma public model developed in iOS (with Swift) and Android (Java). And a Java emulator made with the Java Spring framework.

Startechup Success Stories - Hubert Cosserat


Hubert Cosserat (Somfy) : “We appreciate the professionalism of Startup Oasis and their agility too, working with them was a real pleasure, their commitment to milestone and advice on mobile platform was a key success factor to our planning constraint project. Whether I do recommend working with them? Yes for sure without any doubt.”


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