.NET core 2 / C#

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– A lightweight, high-performance, and modular HTTP request pipeline.
– It has several options to host applications.
Cross-platform support. .NET Core can be deployed on any operating system, depending on your preferences.
Easy and Reliable Maintenance. .NET Core in a combination of C# & F# requires less coding as compared to many other languages, which makes it more readable and straightforward. As a result, developers can structure and optimize the code for better performance.
Open-source. The flexibility of open-source software provides users with a lot of benefits. Each developer can contribute to projects, suggesting ways to fix them, offering corrections and improvements.
Web API support. It is fairly easy to create API to connect front-end and external systems and keep your API documentation updated. Web API is a part of the framework and can be easily integrated with Swagger.
Performance. ASP.NET Core provides excellent support for utilizing asynchronous programming patterns. Async is now implemented in all common .NET classes and in most third-party libraries. All these enhance the framework performance. It can serve 23 times more requests than the older (non-Сore) version of ASP.NET MVC.


– The initial compilation will consume ample of time.
Speed. Bundle of conventions inherited by ASP.NET enable you to enhance your code and keep it precise and compact. But, diverting from these configurations will lead to manual configuration, that’s somewhat challenging and consumes some more time.
Incompatible with Outdated .NET Library. .NET Core is a great platform for any OS, but it is not as mature as most programming platforms. Not all large class libraries from its preceding framework were optimized for .NET Core. Some says it will take a few years till existing products based on .NET Core will be fully updated.
Windows-based Development Tools. There are many other development tools that work better with Windows and it takes some time till they also become a fully cross-platform.