Managing Development team – Solutions

Executive Summary 

It’s easy to say, “I have an incredible idea for an app!” but it takes a lot of determination, hard work, and knowledge to bring this plan into action. This shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your goals, though. You just have to put together the right development team. It’s not easy, but using proven strategies and techniques for building and managing dev teams will propel you to success. 

Here is a simple, easy-to-understand but comprehensive whitepaper for startups, SMEs, SaaS enterprises, multinational companies, social enterprises, and NGOs. 

Hackathons, in particular, are huge among developers and dev agencies because they get the opportunity to collaborate and build software together.

Specific Topic

How to efficiently build and manage the right, complete, and fully-functional mobile, software, and web development team for your project. 


To properly address the challenges of managing a development team, hire a dedicated agency, company, or group. Work with a team of developers who are genuinely interested and committed to your project and company. 


A dedicated agency, company, or team works according to what customers want; what clients specify. Dedicated developers guarantee 100% involvement in the project, as well as transparency of the work and communication process. But, how do you know if you’ve chosen the best development company or team? 

What skills and qualifications should you pay attention to?

Look in the right places.

One of the first things to do when looking for the best and right development agency or team is to look in the right places. There are several options to consider: personal references, outsourcing companies, websites, search engines, hackathons, developer conferences, tech events, and online hiring sites. 

  • Personal references that come from companies that have worked with developers for years help provide an experience-based, almost-visual idea of what a particular development agency or team is capable of doing. 
  • Outsourcing companies are good platforms for finding well-experienced, highly-skilled, and reliable development professionals. These companies have dedicated teams that can start working for you right away. The teams value each member’s knowledge and skills, and they’re trained to work collaboratively. 
  • Developer company websites may also have vital information that can help you find the development team you need. Most of these sites allocate a page to their working teams and even provide basic training, experience, and skills details.
  • Coding platforms like GitHub have highly-skilled developers with great samples of their work. 
  • Doing queries on Google and other search engines is also a big help, particularly when it comes to finding development company websites. If you’re not familiar with any, all you have to do is search for agencies that are near or around your area.
  • Hackathons and other developer/tech events are good venues for connecting with developer teams and agencies. These events gather some of the best in the industry. Hackathons, in particular, are huge among developers and dev agencies because they get the opportunity to collaborate and build software together. Activities like these are intended to help participants network and connect with one another.
  • There are also several reliable online hiring sites where you can find the development team you need. Some examples include Upwork and If you’re lucky, you may find developers and teams that have had experiences in projects similar to yours.

Check the team’s portfolio and website.

Developer portfolios and websites are vital sources of information about their knowledge, skills, experiences, and the projects they’ve completed. You should specifically pay attention to their development, design, and programming, as well as the applications, software, and websites they have built before. How functional are the projects? Are the apps and software the kind you’d build for your company?