Django / python

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Startechup has been developing using Django / Python since its first days in 2013. Over the years, we have developed a great expertise using Python as a programming language. Django is a very powerful framework allowing us to provide a built in administration back-office, but more importantly a very secured platform.

Our UPS developing with Django / Python

  • Django is using Python Language, and Python is powerful and awesome
  • Django has plenty of features included in packages ready to be deployed
  • Great documentation and very large community of talented developers
  • A User Interface, or back-office, ready to use for administrators
  • Immensely scalable, customizable to infinite
  • Best security by far

Our OUPS developing with Django / Python

  • Not suitable for small projects
  • A large project on Django has a tendency to becoming quite monolithic
  • Heavy and you probably won’t utilize the whole framework
  • Components and packages can get messy

Years of experience

Love for Python

Excellent Developers