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developer on demand

Scale up and down your development team based on your development needs. We master developing on many languages.

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great productivity

We developed our own application to track, communicate, report every steps of the project. Transparency and accountability is our biggest aim.

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English speaking

Our team members are all very fluent in speaking English. Your project will therefore be handled with crystal clear communication.

HIRE DEdicated developers

Startechup is a development studio with dozens of developers happy to work on your project. Whether you have an existing internal development team and you just want to scale up your development capacity, or you need to build your technical team from zero to create your product, we are here to come up with the right team for you. See us as your very own software development department, dedicated to obtain the highest technical expertise with the greatest environment for geeks.

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Increase efficiency of development

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Reduce your costs

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Hire expert developers

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