Utilizing Lunacy Software in the UI/UX Design Flow in SDLC

July 11, 2023

Utilizing Lunacy Software in the UIUX Design Flow in Software Development Lifecycle

In software development, UI/UX designers are responsible for creating user-friendly designs that meet the needs and expectations of customers. Among the numerous AI tools today, Lunacy software is making its way to the top of the list.

What is Lunacy?

Created by Icons8, Lunacy is a UI/UX design tool that is available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux that utilizes AI-powered tools to make the design process more efficient. Specifically in the asset generation and management side of design.

Its workflow is similar to that of several platforms and major UI/UX design and prototyping tools typically used by UI/UX designers around the world. This blog will discuss the differences between Lunacy from the likes of AdobeXD and Figma and what are its pros and cons.

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Pros in Workflow Efficiency: Key Features of Lunacy

The following are the best features that were used during the design session with Lunacy.

Auto-shape colors

Lunacy auto-shape colors

Auto-shape colors is a feature where you add shapes to your design. Lunacy generates a color palette depending on the shape and design hierarchy of your layout—making designing the information architecture quicker and more efficient for other users.

Content auto-generation

Lunacy content auto generation

While designing a simple chat screen, Lunacy predicts the kind of text you’ll be adding to the screen (e.g. Header text, body text, paragraph text, etc.) and makes the style depending on the text.

When duplicating a group, such as a conversation, Lunacy generates new text content and an avatar to accompany the duplicate.

Smart layer tree

Lunacy smart layer tree

Lunacy tracks what you’re currently viewing in the canvas and reflects the layer panel on the items currently in view. This can minimize distractions and removes the risk of confusion when viewing the layer panel when working on huge design projects.

Built-in image, icon, and design system selector

Lunacy built-in image, icon, and design system selector

Asset-finding features and other built-in graphics, such as images and icons, are already found in the software, making the workflow more efficient. Additionally, Lunacy offers a selection of Design Systems to choose from for designing, such as Material, iOS, and Microsoft Fluent.

Cons: Limitations of Using Lunacy

Even powerful AI tools have their limitations. Let’s take a look at the cons of using Lunacy:

Limited prototyping features

Lunacy offers only basic prototyping. Clicking certain areas of a design screen will transition to the next screen. It does not offer advanced prototyping animation or overlay prototyping capabilities.

Confusing prototype viewing

Viewing designs with their external link using custom screen sizes will display the entire design without scrolling capabilities. To use the prototyping view with scrolling, designers must use Lunacy’s built-in screen sizes.

Images upscaling and using vectors are paid features

Despite the great features Lunacy’s free version has to offer, vital features such as using vector assets and upscaling images from their built-in assets finder are paid features.


With the array of AI-powered tools Lunacy has to offer, it is a great tool for designers and non-designers alike.

Compared to Figma and AdobeXD, which require external plug-ins to achieve what the in-built features Lunacy has to offer, it definitely makes the design workflow more efficient without having to go through external sources to search for assets. 

It suits the purpose of creating landing pages, simple mobile apps, and other graphic design assets. Designing large-scale and complex applications may be difficult due to the limits of their prototyping features.

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