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World-class mobile app development

When you’re embarking on a mobile app development project in order to grow your business and drive competitive advantage, you need to be working with an experienced software development company. From delivering an industry-leading user experience with interactive app design to implementing groundbreaking functionality with emerging technologies, developing apps requires a huge amount of technical and strategic expertise.

At Startechup, we’ve built an incredible team of top mobile app developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and project managers. We’re motivated by our ambition to deliver cost-effective mobile app development projects within a fast development time, fulfilling business needs and fuelling tangible growth.

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Our Mobile App Development Services

We guide you through every stage of the web application development lifecycle, from ideation to commercial scaling. We?re the first-choice web app development company of today?s most exciting start-ups and corporates for a reason.

iOS app development

Develop top-rated iOS apps, or revamp your existing iOS app to delight your users and grow your audience. Our mobile app developers have experience building cutting-edge apps with Objective C and Swift.

Android app development

Tap into Android's 70%+ market share and deploy your Android apps to anyone with an Android device. We guide you through app design, mobile development, QA and testing, and launching on the Google Play Store.

React Native app development

Our expert React Native developers build cost-effective cross-platform solutions with native user experiences, allowing businesses to deploy faster, cut their development costs, and innovate at pace.

Flutter app development

Develop hybrid apps for both iOS and Android devices with one single code base with our Flutter cross-platform development services. Benefit from faster development times, a shorter time-to-market, and custom UI.

Xamarin app development

With experience building complex cross-platform apps with Xamarin's development platform, our C# developers leverage Xamarin to create high-performance business solutions for cross-platform deployment.

Progressive Web Application

Whether you want to deploy on iOS, Android, or somewhere else, our business analysts, developers, and engineers guide you through app ideation, infrastructure design, project management, and app evolution.

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Our mobile app development Process?

Through working with dozens of leading companies in a huge range of industries, we have refined an app development process that ensures your application meets your business needs. Explore how we partner with you below.

App ideation

Our analysts and developers assess your business requirements, help you develop your app idea, and plan for app projects.

App wireframing

Our UI/UX experts focus on creating a seamless user experience and align everyone in your team with a wireframe mock-up.

App interactive design

Once you've signed off on the wireframe, our mobile app design team create a high-fidelity interactive prototype.

Mobile app development

Our app developers build your mobile applications, drawing on related services - like ML and AI development - to implement cutting-edge functionality.

Testing & QA

Your cross-platform or native app will undergo rigorous quality assurance and testing, ensuring your app is glitch-free.

Store publication

We support you through publishing and marketing your apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Our team provides 24/7 ongoing cross-platform support, identifying security issues, fixing bugs, and making performance optimizations.


Whether it's a change in market needs, your business processes, or the latest technologies, we ensure your app stays future-proof.

The Benefits of our Mobile App Development services

We come onboard your mobile app development project as your full-service technology partner. We don’t just build mobile apps – we build business solutions.

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Our software development team have experience with the best technologies, like React Native, and programming languages, like Objective C.

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We have in-depth project management expertise and utilize the Agile methodology to ensure you meet your development deadlines.

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We’ve built a team of talented offshore software developers that work across multiple mobile platforms – leverage our offshore team to lower your project costs.

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We use our mobile app development services to achieve your business objectives, whether that’s generating revenue or raising investment.

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Prioritize performance with custom, integrated management systems that connect people, operations, revenue, and growth – enterprise-wide.

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When an off-the-shelf solution doesn?t cut it, our designers, engineers, and developers create custom web apps, tailor-made for your use case.

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Mobile apps development services refer to services that a software development company provides in order to develop your mobile app. Mobile application development services can encompass mobile solution architecture, UI/UX design, software development, project managers, and related services to integrate emerging technologies, like AI and machine learning.

Developing a simple mobile app on one platform can cost you $50,000, while complex mobile applications that leverage innovative technologies can cost millions to develop. If you launch on multiple platforms, the cost to develop a mobile app will increase.

We work with a huge range of mobile app development tools. The right combination of tools for your technology stack depends completely on the specific app you're creating and your long-term plans. Here are some of the leading mobile app development tools that app developers utilize: