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Develop innovative blockchain solutions, digitally transform your operations, and grow your customer base. See how with our blockchain development services.

Web fullstack development services

Provide great user journey with your Web applications

We create web platforms that propel rapid growth. Across every stage of the product journey, we hold an unfaltering focus on delivering business value – whether that?s driving more repeat purchases through transforming the user experience or increasing employee engagement through connecting the digital workplace. 

Fuelled by our strategic, design, and technical teams, the products we build transform businesses, while integrating seamlessly into their technology ecosystems, ready to scale.

Section2 Web fullstack development services

Strategy, Design & Development

We guide you through every stage of the web application development lifecycle, from ideation to commercial scaling. We?re the first-choice web app development company of today?s most exciting start-ups and corporates for a reason.

Technology, driven by strategy

We build web apps that spur growth - our experienced digital experts are focused on driving ROI at pace.

Impeccable design

Combining brand guidelines, UI, UX, and creativity, our design team are creating the next generation of the user experience.

World-class dev

Our senior web developers boast diverse, intensive experience across all the best-in-cloud technologies.

Web disrupters

Utilize blockchain technologies for their secure, reliable, transparent ecosystems, boasting the highest level of data security.


Meet our diverse, talented team of analysts, project managers, UI/UX designers, developers, devops engineers, and maintenance / support specialists.


We combine industry knowledge with technical expertise, leveraging today's most powerful web technologies to deliver a high-performance custom web app.

The Best Web Application Development Company

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Custom Web App offerings

We develop secure, scalable, and intuitive custom web apps. Our products have a range of utilizations, helping businesses make their operations more efficient, increase sales, and improve the customer experience.


Our senior full-stack developers work across the front-end and back-end of your product: an engaging user experience, sitting on state-of-the-art architecture.


Incorporating insights-driven UI/UX design, we create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for a broad variety of web applications

icon requirements validation


We help clients delight users with impressive functionality, while architecting a back-end with scalability, agility, and cutting-edge security.

icon requirements analysis


Our dedicated development team joins your SaaS team to build innovative web applications that give you a sustainable competitive edge.


Prioritize performance with custom, integrated management systems that connect people, operations, revenue, and growth – enterprise-wide.


When an off-the-shelf solution doesn?t cut it, our designers, engineers, and developers create custom web apps, tailor-made for your use case.

From Strategy to Scalable Solution

Startechup is a diverse team of blockchain developers, designers, and engineers, with vast experience building blockchain solutions with blockchain technology and blockchain development platforms. Explore our blockchain services below.

Business analysis

Our analysts begin by building an in-depth understanding of your business, taking into account many factors, like your business objectives, operational infrastructure, and stakeholder considerations.

Strategic research

Leverage our cross-industry web experience to meet your project requirements. Our strategists and researchers define project fundamentals, informed by reliable insight.


Combining findings from the analysis and research phases, our strategists pitch a web app concept. This is the ideal way to get important stakeholders in your team on board early.

UI/UX Prototyping

Our UI and UX designers work together to create an interactive web app prototype. This is a lifelike version of the final software development, with all the screens, modules, and features included.

Custom web development

See your prototype come to life. Our team of front-end developers, back-end developers, and DevOps engineers leverage the next generation of web technologies to code robust web application solutions.

Testing & QA

A critical phase, our web application developers, project managers, and QA team fully test the work to ensure seamless functionality and a web app ready to scale.

Pricing Model

There are a few key considerations that go into setting a price for a web app development project. First, you need to think about the scope of the project. How many features do you need? What kind of functionality do you want? The more complex the project, the more it will cost.


Our team of business analyst and UI/UX designer will help to fully define the business requirements. Fixed-price project are considered only with exhaustive specifications


You need the flexibility of hiring, pausing, increasing your development capacity, staff augmentation is the right solution for you


You have a clear picture on how to go on for your project, we will build a team structure, with or without project manager, as you want it.

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Web design and development services is a broad term that involves many disciplines and skillsets, including project management, design, back-end development, front-end development, and DevOps engineering.