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We are an Software development company established in France, with a Development center in the Philippines. We cater customers from all over the World with a strong footprint in France, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and many more countries.
As a leading Tech company, developing Web applications & Mobile apps, we will consider a lot of topics that would interest our Startup clients, our SAAS company clients and all other clients interested in topics to help them create the best digital solution for their business.

We accept Guest post

We are accepting Guest post from many authors that would like to share with our audience and clients valuable information for their business.

Rules to follow for your guest post

Your post will be considered for publishing on our website under the following conditions:

  • The content of your article must qualitative and unique. We use tools to constantly check if a content in our website is being flagged as plagiarism.
  • An article must be at least 1000 words. In case of articles longer than 4000 words, a thorough analysis will be conducted on the content.
  • Best content writing practices must be followed, as appropriate length of paragraph, proper title and headers, good content with no discriminatory or defamatory content.
  • Links within the guest blog post can be included into the content as long as it bring value to the readers

Blog post category we accept

  • Web development – Frontend development – Backend development – Fullstack development
  • Mobile app development – Native apps – Hybrid apps – PWA apps…etc.
  • Server – Cloud computing – Hosting – DevOps…etc.
  • Design – Web Design – UI/UX Design
  • Other Technology:
    • AI / Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning – NLP / Natural Language Processing…etc.
    • AR / Augmented reality – VR / Virtual Reality
  • Business topics:
    • Startup – SAAS product – Product development
    • Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing
    • SEO – Blogging

We won’t accept topics for certain industries.

How to submit your blog post and guest post?

Submissions done through the forms below will be attended by our team in a faster way. You can however send us an email to media {at} startechup.com

How do we proceed for guest posting?

Once you are in touch with our team approving your guest post, we will ask you to sumbit the full article in a Word document, in a Google Doc or any easy form to follow the layout of your article.

All our articles contain an image. The image you submit to us must be free of copyrights.

What are the benefits of submitting a guest post with us?

We are publishing new articles at least once a week on our website, with several dozens of articles already published. Our newsletter, social media presence and reputation has been excellent over the years, and we aim to keep it up.

So please don’t feel offended if a guest post collaboration is not pushing through for any reasons, but we will always target quality over quantity.

Fill up the form below for your guest post submission

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