Hiring a Dedicated Enterprise App Development Team? 8 Tips, 3 Mistakes to Watch Out For

September 11, 2020

Hand of a mobile app developer designing and creating an app for mobile devices.

An enterprise app is an application intended to provide businesses an efficient way to manage their day-to-day activities. It is a software that combines different programs with a variety of functionalities, such as sales, CRM (customer relations management), and invoicing. Every business that wants to improve their productivity and performance needs an enterprise app. However, this can only be possible if they have a reliable, experienced, and highly skilled enterprise app development team.

Hiring a dedicated enterprise application development team is the ideal thing to do, particularly for startups and small & mid-sized businesses. Aside from the fact that this is a cost-effective option, it also offers a guarantee that you?re working with trained developers who know how to apply state-of-the-art technologies, follow the proper workflow, and appropriately handle challenges along the way.

So, what does a startup need to do to hire the right enterprise app development team? What are the factors to consider? What mistakes should be avoided? Here are 8 tips and insights that can help make your task easier.

1. First things first. Make sure you choose a dedicated development team.

A dedicated development team is a group of developers who commit to and work for one customer at a time. They do not have any side jobs or other professional commitments while working for you. Developers who work on an hourly basis often take too long to finish. With a dedicated team, projects are finished on time ? and even earlier in some cases. You?re guaranteed that work is fast and efficient. A dedicated enterprise app development team devotes all its time and efforts to your project. With a dedicated team, you?re guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of skills, discipline, and focus.

2.  Choose an enterprise app development team that is genuinely interested in your organisation and projects.

Ateam that is fully and genuinely interested in your business is an excellent choice. You need a team that understands and believes in your goals; a team that shares your passion for app development; and a team that is willing to work with you every step of the way. A knowledgeable and experienced professional app development team knows the best strategies for your projects.

3. Do a due diligence. Find ways to check and review previous projects the team has handled.

You can ask other developers in your network (online and offline) for feedback on how your chosen team works. Likewise, getting relevant work proficiency information from previous employers, clients, or project partners will also significantly help. App development teams also have portfolios, so you can check these and review their work. Online client reviews and ratings can be helpful, too.

Grab every opportunity you have to learn everything that you can about the enterprise app development team you are going to hire. You have to do all these before you sign them up for the job. It?s like securing evidence or proof that the team delivers on its promises.

4. Have a standby second team as backup.

It is always wise to have more than one option, so finding a second team of enterprise app developers should be a priority, too. They will serve as your backup in case the first team backs out in the middle of the project, a breach of contract was initiated, and / or if your startup shifted its strategy. Having a second team is also an excellent idea if your organisation wants to quickly ramp up its app development without stressing the first team.

5. The app development team should be flexible.

Flexible enterprise application development teams are not limited to a single technology or platform. This is the kind of team you need in your arsenal. Choose an enterprise app development team that is capable of creating apps that can run on multiple platforms ? iOS, Android, iPadOS, among others. With your apps on all major mobile operating systems, reaching your target market will be easy.

6. Find an enterprise app development team that values communication.

Keeping in touch with your developers is vital. This allows you to stay on top of things. Your team should regularly update you with the project?s progress. A dedicated team that acknowledges the importance of communication won?t have problems with this particular task.

7. Choose a team of developers that offers post-development services.

The work of a developer does not stop when the app is launched. There are post-development issues and activities that would need their attention and expertise. Find an enterprise app development team that stays with you through the post-development phase. You?ll need them to deal with app testing, updates, bug fixes, maintenance, support, among others.

8. Don?t hesitate to discuss rates.

Enterprise app development is not cheap. However, there are developers who offer reasonable rates and excellent services. As such, you have to talk about rates openly with your chosen team. In most cases, teams provide prospective clients with a proposal indicating their fees. Do not hesitate to ask them for more details. Keep in mind, though, that your number one priority should always be the quality of service. So, don?t grab the cheapest option the minute it?s offered to you. Study all your choices first.

3 Mistakes to Avoid

Aside from the tips above, it is also essential to keep in mind some common mistakes when hiring dedicated enterprise app development teams.

  • Failing to explain your project or product clearly to the team. It is vital that your developers understand what they?re being hired for and what goals they need to achieve. Give them a concrete, point-by-point idea of what you would like the app to have ? not a generalized statement or outline.
  • Failing to provide the development team with a contract and/or non-disclosure agreement. You need to set standards for the team to follow, and you need to put everything in black and white. The stipulation that they are a dedicated team working only for you and no other client should be clearly indicated in the contract. You should also ask the development team for their inputs.
  • Failing to meet with the team before signing and sealing the contract. Get to know the team first before anything else. If you can?t meet in person, you can have several video calls.

Following the tips and tricks above will help you find the right dedicated enterprise app development team that can work with you in realizing your business goals.

About the author: Ryan Wabe - Operation Manager

After spending 10 years in the ESL industry, Ryan joined Startechup team as operation manager. In charge of HR ( part of the following processes: screening, interviewing, recruitment), manages company Social Media accounts - creating content, posting. And more. View on Linkedin