Do Not Outsource Software Projects in India, Choose Philippines

February 19, 2021

The competition in the software development community is so intense. As we progress more in this digital era, software development companies need to work harder to cope with the expansions in technology. The industry has to meet the demand imposed by clients as well as the pressure to be the best in the field. How can you level up your projects and manage to keep your promises to clients? Which is better: software outsourcing company india or outsource software development philippines?

Outsource Software Development Projects– A Vital Move

Most companies today outsource manpower to meet clients’ expectations. This is a vital move if you are understaffed and the clock is ticking for a project to be finished in a quality manner. Outsourcing is a business method of hiring outside parties to assist in accomplishing a certain task. The question is, where can you outsource your projects? What are the factors to consider in outsourcing? Which is better: software outsourcing company India or software development company Philippines?

What are the Factors to Consider When You Outsource Software Development Projects?

We have listed several factors you can consider before outsourcing your software development projects.

  • Ease of communication. The English language serves as the bridge among software engineers across the globe. English is the primary language in software development courses. Having this in mind, outsourcing developers who speak the English language efficiently is an advantage.
  • Extensive knowledge of software engineering. If you are building an application or a computer program and want it to pass quality checking, outsourcing software engineers with extensive knowledge in the field will surely be of great help for you. To illustrate this, if you want to have a dining table along with chairs, you will preferably hire a furniture maker or a woodworker. The same is true in software development projects, hire someone knowledgeable enough.
  • The pay is fair to the value of the project. Workers often ask for high upfront charges but deliver poor quality products upon delivery and after submission. Given this, you need to evaluate the capacity of the outsource service provider. Doing this will help you get a good product at the correct price or at least fair.
  • Quality over quantity outputs. Errors in delivering a software program has no room. You cannot release a product that is full of bugs. The best option is to outsource your project to a company known for producing high-quality software programs.

The English language serves as the bridge among software engineers across the globe.

Where Can You Outsource Software Developers?

The four factors listed above will in some way determine where to hire efficient workers.

As regards ease of communication, Filipino developers are better compared to outsource software development india. Filipinos are known worldwide to speak the English language fluently. It is considered the second language in the Philippines. Considering this, Filipinos are easier to grasp instructions and work on them more competently. Aside from that, most English learners across the world come to the Philippines to study English. Online English tutorial courses and platforms hire Filipinos as English teachers.

Of course, speaking the English language does not automatically qualify one for software development projects. Good outsource software development Philippines allows their employees to improve. Sadly, it seems that India-based IT developers have weak internal management among their developers and are influenced a lot by hierarchy. This makes Philippine-based IT software developers particularly StarTechUp more equipped as they focus more on building strong ownership for their clients.

While it is true that there are great software engineers in India, communication barriers have always been an issue. The Philippines made sure that more than half of its population can communicate English fluently (or at least conversational) – one of the best decisions that educational institutions in the country have made.

Signs That You Are At The Right Outsourcing Company

While knowing where is the best place to outsource your project is essential, looking for the best company to partner with is another thing. What are the signs that you are working with the right outsource software development Philippines and what makes them different from outsource software development India?

StarTechUp, an outsourcing service provider in the Philippines is owned and managed by European IT professionals. That is way different from IT outsourcing companies based in India. As we all know, European management is more advanced, and integrating them with Filipino developers gives them an edge.

Moreover, a company with several outputs already has been exposed to technological challenges which gives them a better method of dealing with technical issues they might face for your project.

Indeed, hiring third party companies in the Philippines is the best choice you have instead of Indian-based outsourcing companies. Quality software products are the focus of Philippine-based software developers. They do not prioritize closing deals, but, focuses more on enjoying their passion for IT.

Filipino software developers, though, fun people, always know the place of respect to their fellow software engineers most especially to their leaders.

Qualities of Filipino Outsourcing Companies

  • Easy to adapt and learn. Their fluency in using the international language makes them adapt easily and learn faster. Their positive attitude has been a contributing factor in producing quality software development projects.
  • Curiosity. Technological advancements make Filipinos curious. Their curiosity helps them devise ways and methodologies that can make their work simpler and better. Most software engineers in the Philippines are learning day by day. Of course, the more you are curious about something, the more knowledge you gain.
  • Filipinos are honest software developers. Their honesty makes clients hire them more often. This quality allows them to deliver results that are essential to their clients. Additionally, software developers in the Philippines mostly work at home. But, still, their clients trust them as if they are working alongside each other.
  • Filipinos are friendly individuals. They also possess qualities such as hospitality, amicability, and being goof natured. Having these persons in a project will make the environment’s mood better. Filipino software developers, though, fun people, always know the place of respect to their fellow software engineers most especially to their leaders.

To sum up, while Filipinos and Indians are both talented, there are some edges that the first excel makes them the best option to work with.

About the author: Ryan Wabe - Operation Manager

After spending 10 years in the ESL industry, Ryan joined Startechup team as operation manager. In charge of HR ( part of the following processes: screening, interviewing, recruitment), manages company Social Media accounts - creating content, posting. And more. View on Linkedin