How to Start Your Own Android App Development Company

October 7, 2020

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Starting your own Android app development company is more than just about having the right business concept or idea. It’s more than just about having enough financial resources and the drive to turn visions into reality.  Starting an app development company is not just about registering and thinking of a good name for it. More factors are involved.

To help you follow the right path, here are some tips and tricks to consider as you work on creating your own Android app development company.

1. What’s your idea?

Every project begins with an idea.  If you already have one, find time to improve on that idea by doing some research. Ask yourself, “Has anybody come up with a similar idea?” or “Is there an app like this in the market?” Then go through another brainstorming session – by yourself or with your core development team – and try to think of ways to innovate your idea.

Also, don’t forget to align your app concept with your target market (and vice versa). Focus on building a company that offers one app first instead of releasing a slew of products all at once.  

Most important of all, have an expert Android app developer analyze and validate your business and product.

2. Do a thorough research of the Android market.

What are consumers looking for nowadays? Is your product’s concept a viable one based on Android market trends? Your research findings will help determine if there are aspects of your business that should be improved or if an entirely new concept is better.

Likewise, this process will also verify how the Android platform can help you build your app development company.

3. Assemble your team.

Now that you’ve had your business and product ideas validated and you’ve studied the current Android market, it’s time to create your team.

The first thing you need to look for is a partner – or partners – someone who’ll help you put the company together. If you already have a team, then the next step would be to look for developers, designers, coders, and all the other important individuals who’ll help realize your plans.

Be sure to take the hiring process slowly, one at a time. It is vital to choose people who are not only highly-skilled and experienced but who also share your visions for the company and its product. 

If you do not yet have the resources for a full-time technical staff or a complete office, you can always consider outsourcing services.

4. Create an illustration or wireframe for your app.

Now that your Android app development company has a team, it’s time to start working on creating the product. Since you came up with the initial app idea, you should make an illustration or a wireframe of the application so you can show it to your development team. This will give developers and designers, and everyone else, a visual idea of what you expect from them. Be sure to ask for feedback from your group.

After presenting the wireframe, the team can then start working on the app.

5. Launch only the minimum viable product (MVP).

Your goal when creating your initial app is to come up with a high-quality product that can blow off the competition. If you focus on launching a full-featured app, you’ll be racing against time and will be forced to sacrifice quality. Build the minimum viable product of your app, including only the essential features, so you can give your consumers the best user experience.

Launching your Android app development company is just the start of the road for you. Prepare for the many hurdles. Managing an app company requires a lot of work – including additional financing, market updates and research, competitor studies, technology advancements, and of course, continuing app development. If you’re determined to make your company succeed, you’ll have to give it your full attention.

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