What are the 6 Characteristics of Top Mobile App Development Companies?

December 14, 2020

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Picture this: you’ve been thinking of doing something that can help push your company ahead of the competition. So, you decided to build a mobile app. You’re giddy with excitement, but you don’t know where or how to start. The best solution would be to hire a development team. The problem is you have no idea how to choose the best one from the top mobile app development companies on your list.

To help you decide which of the top mobile app development companies to choose, here is a list of the top six characteristics you should look for.

1. Market and platform experience

Even if you already have an idea about your customers and target market, it is still highly important for the development company you’re going to hire to have significant experience in what your customers and target market needs. A team that knows how to connect with the audience is vital in ensuring the success of your mobile app.

Additionally, when looking for top mobile app development companies, you must also consider their experience working in different platforms. If the dev team is well-versed in both iOS and Android, flexibility won’t be an issue for you. Do you want an iOS mobile app? The team can build one. If Android is your first choice, the team is ready to help in an instant.

2. Has a clear-cut development process

The ideal mobile app development agency has a clear-cut process, and sticks to it. By strictly following a set process, the team adheres to the strategy built around the project. Every team member knows what to do, where to go, and how to achieve their individual goals. This is to ensure that the goal is met. Without a process, teams go around with no direction.

A typical mobile app development process goes like this:

  • First phase: Meet with the developers (discuss the project’s background and idea)
  • Second phase: Meet with the client
  • Third phase: Create a PSD UI mock design
  • Fourth phase: Client feedback and approval for mock design
  • Fifth phase: Initial coding phase
  • Sixth phase: Testing, QA, and app deployment

Top mobile app development companies know how important it is to have a similar process, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

3. Diverse skills and well-defined roles

Experience is not enough when it comes to mobile app development. Find an agency that can give you a team with diverse skills. For instance, you want to find skilled Android app developers when you’re building a mobile app for Google Play Store. You can’t build an Android app if everyone in the team is not a knowledgeable Android app developer, right?

Similarly, if you’re developing an iOS app, you also need good designers and a reliable project manager, among others. The more diverse the mobile app development team’s skills are the better for your project. Just make sure that they work well together, and that they’re comfortable working with you as well.

Teamwork is easy even if a team has a diverse skillset. It’s especially easy if every member knows his or her responsibilities. As such, you need to choose a mobile app company that clearly defines all roles in the team. This will enable developers and designers to easily identify their specific tasks.

The project manager or lead developer must be familiar with each team member’s expertise, so it will be easy to choose who to assign to UX/UI design, data integration, security, and QA app testing, among others.

4. High coding standards

Coding is an essential part of every mobile app development project. Thus, you must make it a requirement when choosing from top mobile app development companies you want to work with. Basic coding skills are okay, but a team that follows high coding standards is ideal. More importantly, a team that’s familiar with and confident in using different programming languages will do your mobile app projects a lot of good. You’ll have experience, skills, and flexibility on-hand.

5. Clear and Open Communication Channels

Communication should always be free and open between you – the client – and the development agency. The world’s top mobile app development companies know this, and you should, too.

Choose a dev team with open and easy-to-reach communication channels. It’s not enough that you can freely email one another; you also should be able to call the team when the need arises. Other ideal communication channels include chat, video conferencing, and even SMS.

Constant communication allows you to stay updated with the development status of your app, web, or software tasks.

6. Passion for and Dedication to the Project

If you want the best mobile app development company, find one that shows passion for what they are doing. You can ask for feedback from previous clients or developers the agency has worked with before. This will give you an idea of how the team approaches the projects they do, as well as how they deal with their clients.

A company or team that is passionate about and dedicated to the project takes every step necessary to ensure that its members understand the customers’ goals. The team cares about the technological aspects of the project. It also gives the same level of importance to satisfying the client by empathizing with him or her, and creating a product that satisfies or maybe even exceeds expectations. In other words, the best of the top mobile app development companies does not only work because of profit or success, but also because it values its clients.

Even with the six characteristics listed above as your guide, choosing the best one from the top mobile app development companies in the world can take time. So, don’t rush things and take it one day at a time. Research, explore, and observe. Don’t make rush decisions. Choose not just one but two or more probable top mobile app development companies so you can compare and come up with a sound decision. Remember, this is your mobile app project you are investing in. Capitalize wisely by choosing the best mobile app development agency to help you build your app.

About the author: Baptiste Leroux - CEO

After several years in the corporate world, I create my first Web startup as a social enterprise. Working with talented people, excellent software development skills, good communication, and a competitive pricing, we shifted our focus to web & mobile outsourcing projects. View on Linkedin