Artificial Intelligence in Tech: The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your AI Projects

November 27, 2021

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a relatively recent development that has been hailed as a potential game-changer for both businesses and individuals from an operational point of view and a source of innovation.

AI (artificial intelligence) has been around since 1950 as an academic field, but its meteoric business development is relatively recent. Companies have embraced artificial intelligence (AI) to automate internal operations and assist business intelligence as technology has advanced.

With the ever-increasing amount of data available, innovative technologies assist in extracting vital information while also allowing organizations to increase employees’ output through automation.

According to the “AI adoption in the enterprise 2020” survey research by O’Reilly, 85 percent of organizations are currently using or evaluating AI for business projects. In addition, many other data demonstrate a great deal of interest in AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) among businesses, as these technologies provide numerous benefits.

However, for an application to succeed, it must be completed by experts who understand data processing and model development. Not every company has the resources to hire in-house teams of machine learning and AI professionals.

Outsourcing an AI project to an outsourcing artificial intelligence development company or consultant is a viable approach to deploying an AI project within your company. However, this blog post will discuss the benefits of outsourcing your AI project and how to successfully outsource your AI expert so that you can focus on what matters – running your business.

The significance of well prepared “make-or-buy” decisions

The question of whether to keep vital functions hiring in-house or outsource them has moved to the forefront, as organizations are under increasing pressure to reduce expenses while still delivering a profit. The significance of well-prepared make/buy decisions for IT and technology departments cannot be over-emphasized.

According to The Entrepreneur, most businesses had problems with their AI projects, with a fifth reporting a failure rate up to 50%. The definition of a make-or-buy decision is quite simple: it involves the decision between making or buying something, and in the specific use case of artificial intelligence, the options are as follows:

Make: Implementing machine learning models from the ground up on personal data that has never been used before is the first stage. This includes developing neural net architectures, creating custom algorithms, employing other ML methods, and creating APIs to serve the results.

Buy: Pay for the usage of existing APIs/Customized software and connect with existing services to meet business goals — this includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS AI services for CV, NLP (natural language processing), and some other applications.

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Why is artificial intelligence (AI) outsourcing important now?

One of the significant concerns among companies considering launching a machine learning application have is whether to develop an in-house team or employ an external AI team.

In the same manner as creating in-house AI solutions, establishing an in-house team for machine learning projects has certain disadvantages:

  • There is a severe shortage of trained machine learning experts. According to the Global AI Talent Report 2019, the worldwide number of AI experts was only 22,400 at the end of 2018. Data scientists and AI professionals are in high demand, but supply does not continue. 
  • Big data are required for better performance in machine learning and especially deep learning. The process of data discovery and cleaning might be time-consuming. Even if your firm has access to clean, large-scale data relevant to the model, working with big data is time-consuming and requires expertise.
  • Hiring and training an in-house experts is time-consuming, and the process may take months
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The benefits of outsourcing your AI projects

Hiring outsourced AI development experts or AI developers will give you cost-effective yet high-quality services, as well as a larger pool of competent developers and machine learning professionals.

Hiring an outsourced AI development team is a sound solution to implement AI technology fast and efficiently.

Hiring an outsourced AI development team is a sound solution to implement AI technology fast and efficiently. Using a proven, easy-to-implement model, you can deliver better results and smooth collaboration while saving recruitment and operation costs.

The following are the significant benefits specific to AI outsourcing to consider as part of your risk mitigation strategy:

Access to high level and cost effective data scientists and other tech professionals

Implementing AI solutions necessitates a significant amount of knowledge and expertise, both required for their complicated constructions. These problems may be too complex for your in-house staff to address, and because of this, they lack the resources and competency required to solve them.

These skills are tough to come by these days. To accomplish these projects, you’ll need the assistance of knowledgeable data scientists who have access to cutting-edge technology. This is a rare and costly skill set that requires the involvement of an expensive skill set.

Working with an artificial intelligence engineering outsourcing company that can meet your needs, especially for data science projects, will be more beneficial and easier. Economic arbitrage should be a significant factor in your risk management strategy for equal talent, developing countries.

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Reduced development time and cost

Neural networks are machine learning that enables computers to carry out complex operations such as categorizing data, making judgments, and forecasting future outcomes. These are some of the time-consuming and challenging AI projects that require the input of outsourced AI developers to help speed up the process of neural network development.

Hiring an outsourced AI team will help you quickly create the team and scale it up as needed. You may also take advantage of the cost savings from using suitable equipment and AI software partners. You will save time and money, and you’ll be able to focus on core business activities instead of maintaining your lead nurturing strategy.

There’s a possibility they’ve already built comparable models and have the necessary knowledge and resources. This helps businesses avoid the trial-and-error approach that results in expenses and waste of time.

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Better resources to ensure accuracy of AI algorithms

When it comes to developing predictive algorithms for decision-making, data science outsourcing companies devote significant effort. In-house teams that operate entirely within the corporation may have a hard time finding data science tools because they lack the expertise to deal with machine learning errors.

Outsourced teams typically have access to various libraries and tools for collecting, analyzing, formatting, and displaying data. This will essentially reduce the learning curve for your in-house team and avoid costly mistakes at the post-release stage.

Hiring an outsourced artificial intelligent team will provide you with all of the resources and research you’ll need to get the job done.

The in-house team may also lack time to enter all of the data necessary to train AI-based software. Thus, hiring an outsourced artificial intelligent team will provide you with all of the resources and research you’ll need to get the job done.

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Better data management and safety

A practical and skilled outsourced AI development team will handle the appropriate and systematic management, organization, and storage of big data on several platforms. Working with the right outsourcing AI company will guarantee that your artificial intelligence projects keep sensitive information about your company’s data secure.

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Higher flexibility

Different AI applications necessitate diverse skills, and outsourcing enables you to meet the demands of your project. The development and execution of many AI projects will require time and effort from in-house teams.

Instead, you may choose to work with various outsourcing companies for different AI projects depending on their skills. Furthermore, outsourcing companies may provide a variety of engagement models.

For instance, if a project calls for different collaboration between data scientists and other teams, external outsourcing organizations can create a group that would operate as an internal team for the project’s duration.

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Things to consider before outsourcing your AI development team

Outsourcing has grown very popular, and it is not only for small companies. Google, WhatsApp, and Slack are among the biggest organizations in the world that outsource. AI can provide significant benefits to companies; nevertheless, AI-related jobs are hard to fill as the technology is still in its early phases.

If you’ve decided to outsource AI talent, it’s most likely because of one of the reasons mentioned earlier. However, it is essential to understand the reasons for outsourcing an AI talents. Still, it’s even more crucial to understand the ins and outs of the process so that you can outsource AI talents successfully.

How to successfully hire your AI team

Research the team

Because you’re delegating a significant portion of your company’s operations to an external party, the individuals must be competent. Ensure to find out the past projects the team has completed and what results they got.

Ask the team for a portfolio, where the details of past accomplishments are thoroughly documented, such as the problem, solution, and outcomes. You may also research the team members and their professional histories on your own by utilizing LinkedIn and Google searches.

Make an appointment for a consultation call

Another fantastic strategy to get to know a company is a consultation call once you’ve studied them online. This step should not be overlooked since it allows you to explain your problem. Inquire with the team about their thoughts on your AI project idea and whether they see any potential risks related to it.

Not only will the consultation call assist you in learning more about the team’s professional history, but it will also demonstrate how communication will happen. Is there a language barrier? Or perhaps a cultural mismatch?

If you’re hiring a team from another country, make sure the communication language is appropriate and that both parties are clear on each other.

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Technology skillset

Remember it was mentioned earlier that AI experts were difficult to outsource? AI is a demanding field and becoming a professional demands considerable expertise and intellect. You don’t want to risk any AI team since you want to outsource a portion of your business operations; you need to make sure they’re real professionals and that your project is in good hands.

Inquire about their full technical capabilities and discover whether they specialize in things like building and implementing machine learning models, planning and executing an AI project on time, and understanding the characteristics of a successful data science team.

Ideally, your executive leaders should work with the AI team crosswise to determine where artificial intelligence may bring value to your company. To complete the project, an engineering director and project managers are required so that all phases are carefully planned out and go as planned.

In terms of additional team members, it is determined on the project. Still, in general, ML (machine learning) engineers, data scientists, data engineers, and other specialists are frequently involved in AI initiatives.

Project Management process

It’s crucial to keep an eye on how your project is progressing from beginning to end. This is essentially true if you’re dealing with your first outsourcing artificial intelligence development company.

On what basis are decisions being made? What is the current state of the project? Are the deadlines being met? Is there enough money in the budget to complete the project as planned?

To keep up with these concerns, you must maintain constant communication with the outsourced team. The project management tools, such as Jira, Asana, Trello, etc., are an effective way of keeping track of things. The devices will allow you to view more information about each task and assigned to it, deadlines, advanced reports, and much more.

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Before you begin a business relationship with someone, make sure you have all of the required legal documents in place to safeguard your company. Do not provide your project information and your data to unknown outsourcing (AI) artificial development company until a contract agreement between the two parties.

In most cases, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is used to establish confidentiality between partners. However, check with your lawyer to ensure you have all the documents you’ll need to safeguard your company.


Artificial intelligence is becoming more popular than ever before, with organizations utilizing it to automate internal processes and improve business intelligence. It’s difficult, time-consuming, and costly to recruit an in-house team of machine learning Engineers and AI experts.

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